Path-Breaking Gadgets that We Still Love to Own

Nintendo Gameboy


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Looks ancient but this was the first step in portable gameplay experience. This one sure made our childhood days fun.









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Walkman who? Apple burst onto the scene and changed the way we listen to music forever with the uber sleek iPod.







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How in the world would we Skype without this useful little gadget to project our mug on the screen? It’s becoming sophisticated with times but this one was so affable.








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Gone are the days of pouring over complicated roadmaps! This baby’s here to direct you every step of the way.






Samsung Galaxy Tab


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Is this thin gadget the one that will make bulky laptops obsolete? Definitely not! But they do come close.






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Can you even imagine the world functioning without Bluetooth? We certainly can’t!




Digital Camera



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When the digital camera was introduced, people heaved a sigh of relief. No more film rolls. No more development delays. It’s all so instant.




Tivo/ Sky+ HD 


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The ability to pause live TV. Detailed High Definition. Yes, it’s all real.








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The best quality of these can infuse extra vitality into you by rocking your world even on the most boring journeys.






Logitech Harmony 650 


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Equal in capacity to five remotes, this is the all-in-one remote we have all been waiting for.


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