Missing Malaysia Airline Flight MH 370 Update – Where is the Plane? Location Found?

It has been 10 days since Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 got disappeared 40 minutes after it departed from Kuala Lampur to Beijing, China on March 8 2014.

Investigative agencies, officials and aircrafts from 26 countries are involved in the search operation for the missing flight, which had a total of 230 people, including 227 passengers and 12 crew members.

Lots of reports have been coming from around the around, speculating the location of the missing plane, but no substantial lead has come so far that can help agencies and officials in racking the plane.

The Thailand military said on March 18 2014 that it noticed radar blips that were likely to be from the missing plane but it did not report as no attention was paid to it.

The failure of Thailand to immediately inform about the radar signals has invited comments from security experts worldwide. The experts believe that the radar signal would have saved time and effort that officials invested in searching the South China Sea, which is located several miles away from the Indian Ocean.

Meanwhile, Malaysian officials initially believed that the plane had backtracked toward the Strait of Malacca, located just west of Malaysia. However, it took a week for them to confirm Malaysian military radar data suggesting that route.

On the other hand, the Malaysian police are considering hijacking, sabotage, terrorism or issues related to the mental health of the pilots or anyone else on board behind the incident. However, they have not disclosed the progress made so far in this direction.

Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya has mentioned that some technical issues aboard the plane can also be the reason, but he noted that the plane was still intact enough to transmit a signal to a satellite several hours later.

This search operation has been termed as the largest in the aviation history, and we can only pray that the officials soon able to uncover the biggest mystery. … Read the rest

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Top 10 Best Mobile Phone Brands And Their Smartphones: Apple vs Samsung vs Huawei

samsung vs apple vs HTC vs huwaei vs nokiaSmartphones have become a  way of life for us. What a luxury just a decade ago, they have become a necessity for everyone today. The emergence of many manufacturer companies in mobile phones has made it easy for people to buy them. Improved operating systems and many associated applications make them truly spectacular. Lets take a look at the top 10 best mobile phone brands over the last decade.

10. LG: This South Korean multinational company gets credit for being the 4th largest electronics company globally. Even though this is a popular brand for consumer durables, it has not gained much popularity when it comes to cell phones. It gained most popularity with the Chocolate flip phone they had launched in 2006. Some of their recent popular phones include the Nexus Series, Optimus Series and Lucid Series.

9. ZTE: A Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment maker, ZTE is the 4th largest cellphone company measured by the sales. Their most popular cellphone models include V Series, Blade Series, PF Series and Grand Series.

8. Huawei: This is a Chinese multinational company that manufactures some goodlooking phones at reasonable prices. They have partnered with companies like Motorola, Vodafone, Portugal Telecom, Talk and Bell Canada to produce some stunning models. Their most popular cellphones include Ascend Series, Ideos Series, Huawei Series and G Series.

7. Motorola: This US-Based company has produced some elegant cellphones. Their popular series of cellphones included Z, W, WX, V, RIZR, ROKR and RAZR series.

6. HTC: This Taiwan-Based company is widely known for its range of tablets and smartphones. Their smartphones and tablets are generally based ont the Windows or Android OS. HTC One Series is their most popular series, followed by the Desire, LTE, Butterfly and Windows Phone 8X.

5. Sony: Based in Tokyo, this company has excelled in the manufacture of tablets and smartphones as well. Their smartphones have gained popular because they are extremely sophisticated—Xperia Acro, Xperia SX, Xperia GX, Xperia TX, Xperia Z, Xperia S and Xperia LTE Series.

4. Blackberry: Research in Motion Limited, popularly known as RIM is known for manufacture of BlackBerry smartphones. These started as popular business phones and were available with QWERTY keyboards. If you are looking out for a cellphone with excellent email and push mail features, this can be the ultimate choice for you. The popular Blackberry smartphones include Curve series, Bold series, Storm series, Pearl series and Torch series.

3. Nokia: A popular cellphone maker for years, this Finland-based company dominated the cellphone market for many years. With their latest technologies and easy-to-use features, they remain popular among people even today, despite the fall in sales. Nokia N Series phones, Nokia E Series phones and Nokia Lumia Series are some of their popular phones.

2. Apple: Founded by Steve Jobs, this is a modern smartphone company with extreme focus on design. Most popular for their iPhone, iPod and iMac products, Apple smartphones are based on the iOS. The renowned Apple smartphones include iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S iPhone 3G and iPhone 5. iPhone sales are possibly the highest seen in recent times. Apple Sold 33.8 million iPhones, 14.1 million iPads and 4.6 million Macs In the last quarter of 2013.

1. Samsung: This South Korean manufacturer has gained a lot of popularity recently with their Galaxy range of products. They surpassed iPhone sales in the fourth quarter of 2013 as a record 86 million Samsung smartphones were sold.… Read the rest

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HTC One 2 Leaked Variants: AT&T Variant to Have Killer Features


A recently leaked video of HTC’s upcoming flagship smartphone, “The All New HTC One”, has given us a fair idea of how the smartphone will look like and what would be its technical specifications. The leaked video shows us a black AT&T variant of the All New HTC One, which is exactly similar to the one that we saw earlier in a different color.

 However, the original uploader committed the mistake of revealing some IMEI numbers, which were very much visible on the backside of the handset. This resulted in disclosing much information about the device, like which carrier has received a particular phone).

 Jeff Gordon, an HTC communications executive, has a word with the uploader, who has been recognized as Roshan Jamkatel, according to reports by UnleashThePhones. The revealing tweets have already been deleted, and Jamkatel is saying that the phone is ‘fake.’ This can be seen as an attempt Jamkatel to save himself from the fury of HTC. Gordon has said that HTC is presently carrying out investigation about the leak.

HTC is scheduled to launch “The All New HTC One” on March 25 2014. The company recently launched a teaser video on YouTube mentioning the metallic body of the new HTC One. HTC earlier also released a teaser video in February on YouTube targeting towards an enhanced BoomSound feature in the All New HTC One.

 … Read the rest

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Beware of Fake Samsung Galaxy S5: New Version Has Mettalic Body And New Tease of the Phone Released

Samsung is officially set to unveil its Galaxy S5 in some weeks from now. Just before this big day, we spotted an image of some GooPhone S5 doing viral rounds. Samsung has competition from the giants as well as the newbies since most makers look upto the Korean giant for inspiration.

Our source for such conjecture is that Into Mobile has dug up reports of this GooPhone S5 priced at  $299.99. The best part is that its external body looks very similar to the S5 and so does its internal feature. With an official promise to deliver 48 hours standby time and 6 hours for talk time, the GooPhone S5 sports:

  • 5-incher display
  • 2GB RAM
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • Main Snapper Of 13-megapixels
  • 2Ghz octa-core MT6592 processor

In fact, so much is the globe besotted with Samsung that close to 250 handset in Germany purported to be fake Galaxy S4 models, have seen seizure. And guess what the originating country for these poor copies had been? Hong Kong is where your answer lies.

Coming back to the original Samsung Galaxy S5, rumors about the handset sporting an all-metal body is rife. While the maker is sticking to the statement that it will pick plastic over metal, we sniff a probability of some metallic tale.… Read the rest

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Woman ‘Assaulted and Robbed’ For Wearing Google Glass

google glass Sarah Slocum attackedA woman wearing Google Glasses was attacked at a bar in San Francisco, California. It has been reported that the Google Glass owner Sarah Slocum was ‘verbally and physically assaulted and robbed’ on Saturday because she was wearing the google glasses. 

The consultant reportedly regrets her decision of visiting the bar late night. The police is investigating this case.

Read about the Google Glass Etiquettes here.

The Google Glass is the latest gear, popular among tech lovers. For now, it allows them to surf online, record videos and do a lot more.

Slocum posted on her Facebook page that “she had things thrown at her because she was wearing the glasses and later her glasses were also stolen.” Fortunately, she got back her Google Glasses. … Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Release: Killing Features To Battle Out iPhone 6?

There is certainly no doubt about the fact that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 is gradually emerging as one of the most anticipated smartphones for 2014 and every new report that emerges seems to be pulling curtains off a new feature for the much hyped device.

Not too long ago, a new leak has emerged which apparently has revealed the yet to be officially announced Galaxy S5 might be coming with a no-bezel display. If this is true, then this will be the first ever device in the Android lineup of Samsung phones that will not feature any rim around its screen. A media report that has surfaced online is claiming that the much speculated fingerprint scanner will be seen at the bottom left or the right side of the S5’s display panel and this is much resonant with a previous report that had hinted that the fingerprint scanner is being incorporated in the display of the Galaxy S5. The earlier report had also mentioned that this fingerprint scanner is being deployed in such a manner that the sensor remains on the device’s screen.

Korean handset maker will not be creating a lot of hype when it finally launches its much anticipated new flagship phone. The report also suggests that the Galaxy S5 will enable users for interacting with the new device while wearing hand gloves. A previous report had also highlighted that Samsung might be including multi-hovering touch technology for its upcoming flagship phone. Synaptics is said to be working on the multi-hovering touch technology.

 … Read the rest

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Nexus 6 Release Date: Top 5 Killer Features to Look Forward to

The speculations Nexus 6 release date is getting ripened day by day. Fresh reports suggest that this new offering from Google will sport killing features, which may give the major android players a run for its money.

The buzz is that after Lenovo – Motorola deal, Google will provide its users with a state – of art device in Nexus 6. Lenovo is a known PC maker and with its good will and sound technology knowledge, it will lend Nexus phones a new lease of life.

Nexus 6 could boast of full 8-Core chip. Octa Chip was first seen in S4 last year and if Nexus 6 want to win the break-neck competition of smart phones, it may crack a deal with Samsung for octa core chip.

Last year most of android phones boasted of 3 –GB RAM. However, with the rise of rivalry this year, 4GB RAM is minimum a phone would need. In all probability Nexus 6 should vouch for a 4 GB RAM.

Nexus 5 had more than 4.99 inch screen and going by the big screen craze, nexus 6 will nor measure less than 6 -inch.

Nexus devices have always impressed with their camera quality and this time again the analyst are predicting the Nexus 6 camera range will be anything between 8mp to 20 mp.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs iPhone 6 : S5 Killer Features will Bog Down iPhone 6?


Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple iPhone 6 will go head to head in the months to come and if speculations and gossips are anything to go by then S5 is emerging as a winner in the face –off.

 Galaxy S5 is rumored to see the light of the day in next month at MWC and according to analysis report released by KDB Daewoo Securities, Galaxy S5 has more endearing features.

 Though Apple is speculated to release its first phablet in the face of iPhone 6 , Samsung Galaxy S5 might steal the show with its two version. The buzz is that in its wake to capture a bigger, Samsung Galaxy S5 will be offered in two versions—budget and high end.

 Reportedly, S5 will also have better resolution and display properties as compared to iPhone 6. It will sport a 5.2- or 5.25-inch AMOLED display with WQHD resolution with 2,560 x 1,440 pixel density whereas iPhone 6 may come with IGZO screen and pixel density of 2272×1280 (510 ppi).

 Other features of Samsung Galaxy S5 include 2 GB / 64 GB / 128 GB storage options, 3 GB RAM, 16 MP primary camera, 3.2 MP front camera plus and a 3200 mAh battery.

 iPhone 6 is also rumored to come in two variants; one with a bigger screen size (more than 5-inch) and one with a 4-inch screen.

 However, if analysts and rumored specs are to be believed then S5 might win the battle from iPhone 6. For further updates on stay tuned.

 … Read the rest

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The Best Of 12th Auto Expo India-Its A Car And Bike Fairytale

It’s good news for car lovers once again. The 12th Auto Expo at Greater Noida’s India Expo Mart will be territory to prowl on for car enthusiasts. At a time of economic recession, the car market was expected to crash down and there were severe anticipations on the same. However, despite such shadow of the dark clouds, the auto expo has hit the right mark.

There are were a good number of brands including the Renault, Honda, Datsun and Maruti that showcased their various features. Mahindra also showcased its new sports car called Halo. Sedan cars such as Hyundai Accent and Tata Manza are now set to rule the market. Ford Figo has also achieved immense fanbase. 2015 is set to unfold newer designs and features on the Ford creations. Importantly, the Expo isnot only about economic or sedan cars. SUVS such as Quanto and Ecosport have also joined in the party.

Now coming to luxury or premium cars, Audi A3, BMW i8, Mercedes-Benz CLA compact luxury sedan and the GLA compact SUV has definitely grabbed the spotlight. Jaguar follows then with its F-Type Coupe, which could soon be launched in India.

Along with the best of cars, there were a number of bikes as well that stole our attention. Pulsar 400 from Bajaj, Hastur from Hero and Mojo from Mahindra are the bikes set to be launched in the near future. The Honda CBR 650F, Activa 125 and three scooters – – Dash, Dare and ZIR are expected to attract attention galore. Some other sports bikes that scored well are T5 Sports from Vardenchi, Street 750 from Harley-Davidson and Hyosung.

The Expo also showcased innovations such as electric rickshaws from Lohia and Terra, trucks from Volvo-Eicher or Mahindra and many more.




. … Read the rest

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