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Moto 360 To Be Unveiled At Berlin IFA 2015

Moto 360 unveiled at Berlin IFA 2015

Motorola is all set to get a control of the smartwatch market by launching the new Moto 360 on Wednesday at the IFA 2015 hosted in Berlin. The new wearable comes with a premium look that is expected to compel trendy users to get it in their collection instead of the traditional watches. Available in cases of two-different sizes Keeping in mind the different types of choices, the watch is made available in two different sizes. One of which is priced at $299, while the other is priced at $429. The price will not just vary with the size but also with the type of band users select for their watch. Even though it is a unisex watch, the company has planned 42mm case design for women 42mm as well as 46mm for men. Yet, 42mm watch suits best on slimmer wrist. Apart from design, the makers are also careful [+more]

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Ralph Lauren ‘PoloTech Smartshirt’ Will Let You Keep A Health Check

Ralph Lauren 'PoloTech smartshirt”releases on August 27, Priced at $295

The popular fashion brand of Ralph Lauren is all set to introduce a smarter PoloTech shirt for the fashion lovers, who are equally conscious about their health. The new addition to the wearable technology product list is priced at $295 (19, 470 INR), which is a bit hefty apparently.  “PoloTech smartshirt” for better health Though the “PoloTech smartshirt”appears to  be bit hefty, it includes some of the most used smartphone applications to ensure healthy living. Once it is worn, it can provide accurate reports of heart rate, movement intensity, breathing depth, stress level, steps taken, energy output as well as calorie burnt by the wearer. Made of silver fibers, the crew-neck shirt is all set to be launched on Thursday, August 27 with the sensors are placed just next to the skin. However, it would not cause any negative impact on the wearer’s skin. The executive vice-president at Ralph Lauren [+more]

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Google Not Prepared To Launch Project Ara; Testing Newer Design Alogrithms


Google has been trying to stand out of the regular crowd with its Project Ara. However, things have taken a turn such that too unconventional a thing could lead you into hot water.  According to inside scoop, the latest upcoming phone from Google might just allow you to swap all its main components. Despite its best design algorithms, this is one thing the maker is finding hard to achieve.  A latest tweet from the Project Ara team at Google says, “No more electro-permanent magnets.” This concept is a challenge now and the maker is working on redoing the entire framework of Project Ara such that it can join all the modules together. More so, Google needs to create a phone that does not fall apart when it hits the floor.  Therefore, the durability factor is something at stake here. The creators of Project Ara say that they are in process of [+more]

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Drones May Be Used For Betterment Of Man-Animal Relation In And Around Forests

Technological advancement may soon make man-animal relationship even better. A recent report states that the scientists working at the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehradun are planning to use drone technology for checking the number of man-animal conflicts in the forest areas. Drones to track animals K Ramesh, project in-charge and wildlife scientist of WII told PTI that they are planning to fly drone in the areas located close to the forest so that they can easily track if any animals, especially elephants and tigers intrude the village areas. This will allow the forest officials to drive back the animal once again to the forest without causing any harm to the villagers. Samir Sinha, field director of the Corbett Tiger Reserve also found this technology of great use and said that it will make a huge difference. Pradeep Vyas, director of the Sundarban Biosphere Reserve also consider the drone technology [+more]

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The Bevel 3D Camera Is An Innovation In The Making

For those who are fascinated by photography, Bevel will be a leap further. This is a simple device which lets you take 3D images conveniently. Bevel can be attached , which comes with a 3D camera, to the 3.5 mm audio jack of his smartphone running on iOS or Android. And wella! A 3D photograph is on its way. Once you have plugged in the device, take a photograph using the companion app. The laser sight in the device allows it to measure the space between the object or person being scanned and the camera to make a full depth map. And what you get does not just look like a 3D image but comes with definite depth information, which is a necessity for augmented reality applications and 3D modeling. These photographs can be shared like normal pictures on social networking sites and other channels. This device can be charged [+more]

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NASA Researcher Launches Battery Saving Wifi Chip

Safe Defender

An all new wifi chip has been developed by Adrian Tang, a researcher at Jet Propulsion Lab at NASA, California and MC Frank Chang, professor at the University of California-Los Angeles. It will supposedly enhance the battery life for all wifi devices. The report has been published in Popular Science. More Details The report also reveals that the chip works by reflecting a signal constantly sent out via a personalised router. Therefore, in absence of an own signal, the chip could help devices last much longer than what we see now. Tang has gone on air saying, “Because you are only imprinting on a wi-fi signal, you are not generating it and do not need power.” Touching New Speeds The main issue that had been holding back such a chip mechanism was isolation of a fixed signal that was being reflected back since the original signal also underwent constant reflection. As for [+more]

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Top 3 Apple Products Rumored To Launch In 2015

Apple is one name that continues to floor consumers and tech-experts around the world. With awesome products, better specs and classy offerings, each Apple product gets better. While we have already seen the Apple watch and the New Macbook arrive earlier this year, there are three products that we are anticipating during the coming months in 2015. iPad at 12 inches: If rumors are to be believed, then Apple will soon release its iPad with a larger screen. With iPad sales having plummeted over the last few months, perhaps the rumored iPad Pro or the iPad Plus with 12+ inches screen size could change the game for Apple. Buzz is strong that this will be touted as a competitor to Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft. Expected release date: 2015’s third quarter Best rumor heard: The beefier iPad will be a collaboration product of IBM and the Cupertino giant.  Apple TV: [+more]

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