Google Nexus 7 Vs Microsoft Surface Pro Vs Kindle Fire HDX 7: The Best Christmas Gadget To Gift

With Christmas just a few weeks away, there are many gadgets which you could consider as a gift for the occasion of Christmas.  Ranging from smartphones, tablets, headphones to gaming consoles as well as laptops, the options are just limitless.

Below here are listed some of the best renowned gadgets … Read the rest

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Apple Inc (AAPL) Stock Derails; Is China Mobile Deal Off For Ever?

Apple (AAPL) was unpredictable on Thursday. While once it went to $577.25 and it market closes with it, it will be the greatest Apple stock cost since 6th Nov, 2012.  The gush came from Wall Street Journal that someone familiar with the condition, the condition of the closure of … Read the rest

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Nelson Mandela Dead: As The World Weeps, Terrorist Send Hate Remarks on Twitter

Nelson Mandela, previous president of South Africa has been confirmed dead at the age of 95 on Thursday. While the world weeps for the great loss, few netizens fire negative tweets excusing his work as a terrorist leader

 Mandela is regarded as a political icon for breaking the racist system … Read the rest

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Death Hoax Victims: Paul Walker , Rowan Atkinson; Why Is The Trend Catching Up?

In the past few years, celebrity death hoax have become much common in the cyber space. The latest stars to have fallen a victim of this phenomenon are Rowan Atkinson and  Paul Walker.

Popularly known as ‘Mr. Bean’, Atkinson was proclaimed dead by various social media platforms in the previous … Read the rest

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Social Media Hoax: Paul Walker of Fast And Furious Fame Becomes a Victim Before His Tragic Death

A hoax that involved Paul Walker of The Fast And Furious fame swirled around the social media circles just a day before his death in a fatal car crash.  In what was proclaimed as a hoax by Walker’s publicists went on to become true yesterday when the Porsche was in, … Read the rest

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