Teen Girl Invents Device to Recharge Phone Battery in 20 Seconds

Eesha KhareWinner of Young Scientist Award, 18-year-old Eesha Khare is an Indian-American who has invented a device that can recharge your mobile phone in all of 20 seconds.

According to this young scientist, the device she has invented can last for 10,000 charging cycles of the cell phone as compared to regular chargers that last only for about 1,000 charging cycles. The efficiency of this device lies in its ability to store a high amount of energy within a minute. That’s how it can provide swift cell phone charging service.

She stood winner among the 16,000 participants from over 70 nations. The California-based teenager earned $50k in awards for her amazing work. Her rectangular-shaped super capacitor device can be installed inside the smartphone for complete recharge of battery within 20 seconds. Her frequently dying cell phone battery inspired her to carry out this discovery. She is going to utilize the award money to promote her studies at Harvard University.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Is Note 3 The Samsung Lover’s Diet?

It is tough to pinpoint Samsung’s strategy in going big this season. While the world considers slim as eye-candy, Samsung has changed the dimension of sexy by going really wide on a slim body. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could exemplify what we mean.

I call it a fab-let—oops – a fab Phablet.  Just some time back, I was lost in dreams of the Samsung Galaxy S4 knocking at my door. And now I have gone on to dream of another Samsung Knight—the Galaxy Note 3—this time it is in shining armour indeed.

While I though the Samsung  Galaxy Note 2 had caught on some rust, I found two good reasons why my relationship with it can still go strong —despite the Note 3 tempting me to betray my erstwhile partner.

Why would I abandon a partner how has stuck to my fingers as honey does to bees? Given that Samsung is packing in punches with new devices often, there just might rise the possibility of letting me down with the Galaxy Note 2. Remember how Apple mashed its pies with jet-paced releases?

No matter how addicted I am to Samsung, spending the moolah makes me think twice. The Galaxy Note 3 will be super-seductive, super-gorgeous and super-pricey. Period. Why would break my bank when I could get a lesser price with a longer wait?

Sounds convincing enough to stick to my Note2? I wonder, I muse…..… Read the rest

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HTC One Set To Enchant Smartphone Lovers—Will Samsung Galaxy S4 Escape Its Magical Web Or Get Spellbound?

The smartphone party is getting hotter. With HTC looking to snap at any counterpart coming close to its territory, the scenario seems justified. Now here is more news that escalated the HTC flagship avatar—HTC One – to a height most brands crave to reach.

Ever heard of popularity even before real-time availability? The HTC One breathes life into such a tag. A number of friends have already received notification from Rogers about the One set to be shipped in five days. The pre-order book has only stacked on more pages till date. Adding fuel to such fiery heat of the rumors that US stores have received stocks of the HTC One and customers would just have to wait until the official release date. Reminds me of the excitement I had while waiting in queue for the Apple iPhone and iPad way back.

The Super LCD 3 capacitive touch screen is set to captivate us with its 4.7-inch face. The HD phone with 1.7 GHz quad core Qualcomm APQ8064T Snapdragon 600 processor is a sturdy make that can tolerate all we want it to!

HTC has raised a chill down the spines of Apple and Samsung since that time it bagged the honor of being the best newbie armored for foray into tab territory. With the Samsung Galaxy S4 set to fly into the phablet sky, HTC One might well be in a hurry to conquer the crown before it sees worthy opponent.

The flagship offering comes with 2-UltraPixel shutter at the rear and a delightful front lens of 2.1-megapixel. At 5.04 ounces, the HTC One is indeed as easy to lap up as much as it is to flaunt.

Come what may it is we –the consumers—are in for a jolly good ride with top tabs from HTC and Samsung this season.… Read the rest

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Get Closer To The Samsung Galaxy S4 With Rogers And Fido- Fire Start The Galaxy Race Before Others Join

It was only a few days ago when we heard that various Canadian carriers had begun taking pre-registration for the Samsung Galaxy S4, but now Rogers and Fido have also joined the list and are taking pre-orders for those consumers who want the Galaxy S4 on the day it launches.

Nearly all Canadian carriers will be offering the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is expected to release by the end of this month – the exact date, however, remains unknown. You can pre-book the 16 GB Galaxy S4 model with just $40. As of now, the phone is available in two color options – Black Mist and White Frost.

Samsung will offer the Galaxy S4 in two versions – the 3G and the 4G-LTE version. One of them will be powered by the 8-core Exynos 5 processor while the other will come with a quad-core Snapdragon 600 chipset. While the exact pricing is yet not know, we’re expecting it to cost anywhere between $199 and $299 for a 3-year contract.… Read the rest

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Not Just A HTC One And Samsung Galaxy S4 Thing Anymore, Facebook Lord Is Coming With Stunner Of A Phone

It’s been a while since we heard about how Facebook was busy working on bringing out a whole smartphone of its own. Given how most of the activity on this popular social network comes via mobile devices, it’s not surprising that Mark Zuckerberg’s creation has decided to take the plunge into the technology space directly.

But in a world where Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile OS’s reign supreme and a bunch of others like BlackBerry and Windows Phone fight hard to occupy a distant third place, do we really need yet another smartphone that stands out so much? And as addicted as we are to Facebook, do we really need a completely dedicated Facebook smartphone? Or is an Android or iOS Facebook app more than adequate?

Facebook is trying to expand beyond being just a social network that keeps you connected with your friends. With its active push for social media in the business space, it even lets you keep connected with your favorite brands and businesses. And now with the newly introduced Graph Search, looks like Mark Zuckerberg wants everyone to depend entirely on Facebook for all their online needs.

HTC is supposedly building the first Facebook phone, but we wonder if it can hold up against stiff competition from high-end phones like the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 or even upcoming smartphones like the Apple iPhone 6. After all, unless there’s something absolutely terrific about the phone beyond just Facebook, why would tech enthusiasts shun the likes of the iPhones and Galaxy S4 to switch to it?

The phone is expected to be based on Android, but will primarily focus on the messaging and camera apps, so it could be stripped down version of the world’s most popular smartphone OS. Also, Facebook is expected to offer apps through the Amazon Store instead of letting users download apps through Google Play. This considerably reduces the variety of apps users can access through the Facebook phone.

Now, it’s still too early to comment on the tech specs comparison of the Facebook phone against the hotter phones in the market like the HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy S4. And of course, there’s no word on the pricing either. But even if the Facebook phone’s as competent and also ends up being cheaper than the current range of flagship smartphones on offer, will these incentives be enough to lead us away from Apple and Android?

Of course, only time will tell if Zuckerberg’s strategy will succeed. But even if it does succeed momentarily, what will happen when users experience Facebook fatigue – something that’s already been happening to quite a high percentage of users who have spent enough time on the social network. And how will this affect our privacy, given that this has been one of the biggest bones of contention with Facebook to begin with?… Read the rest

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Google Map, Facebook, Instagram And Twitter: The Top 7 Apps You Can’t Live Without While On Android

Google Map: The best app present on Android and iOS to make your road travel a smooth and unforgettable experience.

Facebook: Undoubtedly this is your social savior and now with a mobile friendly version it has become all the more fun to be connected to  your Facebook friend on the go.

Instagram:  Most interesting photo taking app around. Must  have for the photo sharing addicts.

Twitter: If you sleep , breath and eat Twitter, then  you can’t do without this app

Pandora: A delight for those who crave for free music. Create radio stations as per your favorite songs.

Kindle : Lets’s you purchase books and even read them without much hassle.

Dropbox: If you are having  space issues in your phone, then drop box is here for your rescue providing you plenty of space for your music, photos and games.

 … Read the rest

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Acer Aspire M5 Vs Dell Inspiron 15 Vs Sony Viao: The Perfect Machine To Give Incredible Windows 8 Experience

A touch screen laptop with a less on pocket price, Acer Aspire M5 is an impressive Windows 8 device





For $699 Acer Aspire v5 seems like a best bet when comes to choosing windows 8 devices






Sony Viao E17 is a decent Windows 8  device without touch screen





An Economical windows 8 device… Dell Insipron 15

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As We Await The Debut Of Samsung Galaxy S4, We Look Behind At The Samsung Galaxy S3 And Other Android Wonders

One hell of a phablet, makes all the difference with a stylus in tow






HTC Driod DNA Is a looker and passes as a admirable Andriod Device





Stylish Motorola offering, Motorola Driod Razr Max offers the best battery life though camera fails to impress







Samsung galaxy S3 engages and kicks in the right Android spirit… Read the rest

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Google Goofs Up With Too Heavy Price Tag For Chromebook Pixel, Wonder Why I Broke My Bank!

Since the time I got hands on the Google Chromebook for $250 , I have been wishing for time to fetch me the sequel soon. And now that it is out, I am not too sure if all my prayers were worth it after all. My Chromebook gave me immense pleasure to surf like a breeze and all my cribbing for more disk space found oblivion with its awesome app support. With Google Chromebook Pixel- its younger sibling—the price climbed upped by about five times from the Chromebook, yes. But what does it actually bring for me? A stylish looking metal body for starters—sexy, slim and crisp. A great track pad, for the main course and the awesome light display as per wake or sleep mode—for the dessert! However, is that all I would get at the bank breaking tag?

On closer thought, I fell in love with its high resolution display bit—239 pixels/inch—wo ho—that could even beat the Retina Display from Apple. Before I forget, the Pixel comes with TOUCH. How could it not, no that we are in 2013! Honestly, this ups the funk quotient but reduces the functionality for users like me. I mean, with the websites as they are today, why would I drool on the touch feature for work purpose.  It merely adds to the weight. How I wish for a breezy laptop! The Pixel stands at 3.3 pounds. The bottom line remains that the Chromebook Pixel comes sans a DVD drive, hard drive et al. I just had to suffice with USB 2.0 ports at a time when most laptops have USB 3. For me the Pixel is not extravagant—it is flamboyant!

 … Read the rest

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Fall In Love With Samsung Galaxy S3 Not Apple iPhone 5 This Year: Declared The Best Smartphone By Global Mobile Awards

Samsung Galaxy S3: From all angles the best smartphone at Global Mobile Awards 2013.









Nexus 7: The sudden impact of power packed Nexus 7 was hard to ignore, gets best mobile tablet.







Samsung:Brimming with reams of innovation Samsung gets the  best device manufacturer of the year.


Nokia Asha 305: Quick on the entry level , gets best new entrant phone award… Read the rest

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