Nexus 6, Nexus 10, 2, Nexus 8 Release to Happen at The Same Time After Lenovo-Motorola Deal?

Rejoice Nexus fans; Google may deliver all your favorite nexus devices together. The rumor mill is abuzz that Nexus 10 2, Nexus 6 and Nexus 8, all three devices will be hitting the shelves at the same time.

Reportedly, Nexus 6 will be a Lenovo offering and Nexus 10 2 and Nexus 8 will be manufactured by Asus and HTC.

With Lenovo-Motorola deal, not only the users are expecting a better successor to Nexus 5 but also better Google products r in the future.

An Apple insider recently revealed that Lenovo’s purchase of Motorola mobility has proven to be extremely profitable for Google. The tech giant has received $ 3 million for selling Motorola and also a 6% profit share with Lenovo.

In all probability Nexus 6 will carry a Lenovo-Motorola branding and also with Lenovo manufacturing Google’s phone, the latter will get a larger hold in Chinese market.

Lenovo is known for its high-quality products and has an established market in China. Google’s move of giving Nexus 6 in Lenovo’s hand, will give an added edge to the device above other android phones especially in China.

Meanwhile, as far Nexus 10 2 and Nexus 8 are concerned, the reports are that Asus will continue making compact Google tablet and HTC is all set to produce high end Nexus tablet in 2014.

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