Refrigerate your food without using electricity!


Mitticool refrigerator offers a perfect opportunity to refrigerate the perishable items without using electricity. It may sound surreal that such thing exists on earth which lets you keep your veggies and fruit refrigerated without using electricity but for Mansukhbhai Prajapati, a craftsman based in Gujarat this idea has worked wonders.  Mitticool is an alternative way of keeping your food items chilled; the innovative fridge is made out of clay and is easily affordable.

Those of you wondering how this clay wonder works,so to tell you, the functioning has been derived from evaporation principle. Water from the upper chambers drips down the side, taking heat from the inside gets evaporated, leaving the chambers cool.

If you are looking for an easy on pocket option to keep your food items chilled then don’t look beyond Mitticool refrigerator.  It will keep the taste of fruits, veggies and milk natural for days.

Mitticool   ‘fridge’ has a 10-litre water tank at the top while the lower part has a chamber which can be used to store vegetables or other eatables that need cooling. Manuskhbhai Prajapati’s  innovation not only helps sustain the environment but also provides a better way of consuming fresh food. The novel idea is being supported by NIF and GIAN.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Hits US Market for $499!

A market leader and winning producer of electronics, Samsung Electronics Co. announced the release of its much anticipated Galaxy Note 10.1 in the US market. A direct completion to Apple, Samsung has made this device with a digital pen and a faster processor. This tablet has added features and even more that the Apple offers with the same price tag!

Galaxy Note 10.1 hits the shelves across the US at authorized retailers August 16, 2012.

Currently, there will be only Wi-Fi version available with starting price offering of $499 for the basic model of 16GB and $549 for the 32GB model, expandable with an external memory card.

Apple’s latest iPad is also offered at the same price. But it is noteworthy that the Note 10.1 is built with some features that the iPad doesn’t have! Designed to unleash new levels of inspiration, this device marks to be Samsung’s first Android tablet that is equipped with a digital pen and two applications that can run side-by-side on a screen divided in half. However, it is also to be noted that the screen resolution of Note 10.1 is lower than that of iPad’s.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 that make it easy to handle without missing a beat include split screen, the quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. With this, taking notes while watching a video or surfing the Internet becomes a smooth task for users. Analysts believe this capability of the Note tablet aims to attract business and education customers, a strategy that could be more efficient against the iPad, which already dominates nearly 70 percent of the worldwide tablet market.

In the last two years, Samsung has come up with about half a dozen Android tablets under the Galaxy Tab series. However, none of those tablets were as popular as the iPad. Many analysts mark horde of applications and higher price to be the reason why Android tablets remain less successful.

The South Korean company aims to redefine users’ experience with the Note 10.1 that they believe targets corporations and schools despite the iPad’s rich pool of applications and sharper screen.

Samsung, however, is known to release plethora of products with variations in prices, sizes and hardware system every year as opposed to its competitor Apple, which makes one new model for the iPhone and iPad every year to meet consumer demands.

This strategy has definitely been a boon for Samsung in terms of its smartphone sales. But it hasn’t as yet paid off in the tablet area, probably because Samsung’s previous tablets were almost as same as iPad.

Samsung’s 2Q market shares in the global tablet market plunged to nine percent. And it was reported that nearly seven out of 10 tablets in the market were Apple’s.

However, it is also believed that innovative features such as multitasking, note-taking and other tasks using a digital pen can help users prefer the Galaxy Note 10.1 over the iPad. If smoothly carried out, these features can soon attract professional artists, educators and businesses.

Samsung’s hope to deliver functionality and precision of a pen and paper using S Pen that can mark its worth and unleash new levels of inspiration in the company’s tablet sector.

Around 30 applications for sketching and note taking along with Adobe Photoshop Touch come pre-loaded in Galaxy Note 10.1. The device also has games where S Pen is helpful as compared to touching the screen.

The firm also has plans to increase the list of applications that sustain multitasking, which is currently limited to six, reported a company’s official.

There are many other features in this tab that indicate that Samsung developed the product keeping the education and corporate markets in view. The updated S Note app can identify handwritten math formula, geometric shapes, English alphabets and Chinese characters, letting the digital pen to function as an input device in the absence of a physical keyboard.

Tim Baxter, President, Samsung Electronics, America said in a statement, “The S Pen offers both active content creation as well as passive content consumption.”

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which is a Samsung Life Insurance and its affiliated insurance company, has started giving the Note 10.1 to sales people, who plan to switch to tablets instead of paper. The firm has recently given around 600 Note tablets to eight schools in South Korea for educational use. South Korea is currently working on to roll out a $2 billion project to encourage people to swap paper books with digital texts.


Find more about Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 here the rest

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Penta T-Pad WS802C Now Available in Market @ Rs 14,699

Manufactured by Pantel Technologies, Penta T-Pad WS8o2C, is the newest 8-inch 3G tablet from the company. Launched on August 2, the tablet can be availed from retail stores by paying a price of Rs. 14,699.

In order to lure more customers, the company has tied a deal with BSNL wherein the buyers will be given a number of options to choose from the range of data plans that the company is offering. But BSNL will be giving a 3G data plan of 2GB valid for 60 days to all customers, who will be buying the Penta T-Pad.

BSNL Penta T-Pad is designed of the latest Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. It has an 8-inch capacitive touch screen and supports a 1GHz processor and 512MB DDRII RAM. The tablet holds the capability to run 1080P HD videos via HDMI. The tablet comes with a built-in GPS, 3G SIM slot, and Wi-Fi option.

Some of the additional features of the tablet are that it comes pre-loaded with several games such as Angry Birds and Wow Fish, and applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Talking Tom, Google Maps, Skype video calling, and e-book facilities.… Read the rest

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Hulu Plus finally becomes a part of Apple TV


In a recent development of its TV set-top box, Apple on Tuesday announced that a new app Hulu has been added to its software.

 But with OS X Mountain Lion’s new Mac Airplay feature, Apple TV had no option but to introduce Hulu to its customers.

In order to have access to Hulu on your Apple TV, you will have to pay a premium of $7.99 every month to enjoy the service. But in order to give customers the feel of Hulu Plus, Apple has offered a free trial subscription of one week to all Apple TV owners. However, what needs your attention is that Hulu service will not offer all content that is available on Apple TV app. The reason behind the same is that many programs have web-only streaming license.

One of the major benefits that users will have from this new App is that they will be able to sign up for Plus directly through Apple TV. Customers can use their iTunes account to make payments.

There are no doubts about the fact that Apple takes a certain percentage on every subscription that is paid through a person’s iTunes account, but no one is sure about the percentage. Probably this is also the reason that Apple took so long to introduce Hulu plus on its Apple set-top box TV. Furthermore, if we have a look at the losses that TV show purchases are having on iTunes, you will understand Apple’s hesitation in introducing the new app.

 … Read the rest

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Google Postpones the Launch of Nexus Q, Gives Device Free to Customers Who Pre-ordered

Google, who announced the release of Nexus Q a month back at its Google I/O developer event has now taken a step back and has decided to postpone the launch the device. The reason behind the same is probably the cost, which Google suddenly feels is not justified.

“The industrial design and hardware were met with great enthusiasm. We also heard initial feedback from users that they want Nexus Q to do even more than it does today,” Google wrote in an e-mail to pre-order customers. “In response, we have decided to postpone the consumer launch of Nexus Q while we work on making it even better.”

The $300 device offered some unique features such as it allowed users have access to play media from their Android devices on TV sets and external speaker systems. The users could also socialize through their music playlists and could have access to YouTube videos from their mobile devices.

Some of the things that bothered the company about Nexus Q were that the device’s OS was such that it required an Android device running Jelly Bean to work, this means that the device could not be used on its own. Furthermore, the device did not offer support for third party media services and video games. Last but not the least, the price at which Google was offering the device was much more compared to devices of other companies.

Keeping all this in mind, the company has decided to make changes in the device and postpone its release. Don’t know if the company is happy about postpone or not. But we are sure that the customers who have pre-ordered the device must be happy as Google has decided to give the device for free to the customers who have pre-ordered as a reimbursement.… Read the rest

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Release Date of Microsoft Surface Confirmed, Coming on October 26

Microsoft is set to launch itself in the Tablet Battle.  According to the company’s annual report, the company’s much talked about Surface Tablet is coming on Oct.26, same day when Windows 8 hit the market.

“The next version of our operating system, Windows 8, will be generally available on October 26, 2012,” Microsoft wrote in the report. “At that time, we will begin selling the Surface, a series of Microsoft-designed and manufactured hardware devices.”

It is guessed that Surface will be an ARM- based tablet, which will run on a lighter version of Windows 8, Windows RT. One of the unique features of Microsoft surface would be the pre-installed Office feature, which will give the users an option of typing important documents anywhere anytime. The release of Intel-based Surface tablet running Windows 8 Pro will see the light of the day 90 days after the launch of ARM-based version with RT.

Surface Tablet is a brave effort by Microsoft who for the first time will be building its own PC hardware. Microsoft’s Surface can give a tough competition to Apple’s iPad and Google Nexus, which are at the moment ruling the roost.  The Surface is expected to win the hearts of million with its incredibly thin (9.33mm) body and a 10.6 inch display.  What we can’t wait to see is that how it will prove against its rivals…… Read the rest

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16GB Nexus 7 is Now in Stock at Google Play Store

It took less than a week for Google to get its in demand 16 GB version of Nexus 7 tablet back on sale at the Google Play store. After all how could they let their buyers wait for long!

Nexus 7 was launched almost a month back and since then has been of lot of interest among people. The 7-inch tablet has lured customers towards itself largely because of its exceptional features and the extraordinary price, $200 that it is being offered at. The tablet runs on latest OS from Google, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, is connected with Google Play store for music, movies, and TV shows, has 1 GB of RAM, a quad-core Tegra 4 processor, an inbuilt camera and a 1,280-by-800 screen display.

The 16GB version of Nexus 7 was so much in demand that Google Play Store declared it out of stock almost a week ago. Apparently, Google had no clue that its 16 GB version would be accepted so well despite it being costlier by $50 as compared to the 8GB version that is priced at $200. Last week even Google was not sure when it will be able to make 16GB version available again and was asking interested people to leave their email addresses so that they could get back and inform when it will be available for sale again.

However, Google Nexus 7 16 GB tablet is back in stores now and will be delivered in 3 to 5 business days.… Read the rest

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Kin’s of Amazon Kindle to Enter Market Soon, Says Report



If reports are to be believed, then Amazon is planning to introduce five to six tablets all of different sizes in a short span of time. Though nothing has been said about the sizes of tablets, rumor has it that one of them could be of 10-inches, similar in size to that of Apple’s iPad. The report also did not say anything about the release date of the tablets or if the testing was for new tablets that Amazon plans to launch soon.

The news of Amazon planning to extend its line of tablet has come as no surprise; especially after Kindle Fire, the first 7inch tablet from the company which was very well accepted by users. Now that the sale for the product has lowered it has become essential for Amazon to introduce new products. Not only that, Amazon will also have to come up with a better product that can bear competition from Nexus 7, Google’s new tablet that is priced at the same price as that of the Kindle Fire ($199) but offers more hardware features.

The new range of tablets will help Amazon enjoy a better position in the tablet market, provided it continues to offer its tablets at low prices. However, sources are of the view that the company should have no problems keeping its prices low as they can easily earn their profits by luring customers to spend money on Amazon with the fire, once the tablet reaches the desired hands.

Reports have also hinted that Amazon is planning to step into smartphones. But experts are of the view that this may not be the right decision for the company as Amazon has never made cellphone hardware before. Not only this, experts believe that the cellphone market is way more competitive as compared to that of tablets and making a stand there would be very difficult as the company will have to face competition from numerous other low-price manufacturers.… Read the rest

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Google Nexus 7 sold out…



If you have your eyes set on the 16GB version of Google’s newest tablet, then you may have to wait for a while as Nexus 7 has gone out of stock.For the coming week ,the drool worthy tablet will remain available at the Google Play Store, especially its 16 GB version. All those who are interested in buying the tablet are requested to leave their e-mail ids so that the they can be informed about the availability of the tablet

The reason that more and more people are grabbing the  16GB version is that even at the price of $199, the Nexus 7 does not have option of expandable memory. Nexus 7 has been presented to people as a product that they can use to maintain the work and life balance. The tablet is especially meant for watching movies, reading, and having access to work files that are stored in the cloud. And,  people who wish to do all this on their tablet are want playing safe by going for the 16GB version

Nexus 7  only works  with Wi-Fi and has no additional port for any kind of external cellular network, there are possibilities that this may affect  the soaring sales of Nexus 7.  But Google has very smartly tried to cover this drawback in its first commercial for the tablet.

The commercial features a father and son, who are shown camping. The add displays all the features of tablet where the father son duo are seen using the tablet as a flashlight, a book reader, a compass, a mini-movie screen, a nature guide and a checkerboard on a rainy day.

Before it strikes you that Nexus 7 is only Wi-Fi, the commercial comes to an end reveals that all the fun happened in the backyard of the home with the help of the family router.

With this commercial Google has emphasized on the fact the Wi-Fi  doesn’t mean that the  all the fun with the tablet is only possible indoors.The company has tried to smartly cover up the loopholes in its latest offering.

Nevertheless, it has been noted that all these drawbacks have not stopped people from buying their new Google Nexus 7 tablet.… Read the rest

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Is the New Samsung Galaxy Device on Its Way?

Samsung is set to wow consumers yet again with its new Galaxy device. Unveiled earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress, Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is yet to make its debut. If the buzz is to be believed then the world will see its launch on August 15.  Samsung has already sent out invites for its new Galaxy device launch event to be held in US but it is still unknown that whether the new device from the Samsung’s cache would be a tablet or a smartphone?

The world recently got its hands on the Galaxy S3 smartphone and it is highly implausible that the manufacturer is planning another handset. If it does, then it will eat into the profits of S3, which makes the launch of a new Samsung Tablet highly probable. A report by CNET states, “The division that sent the e-mail, Samsung Electronics America, usually handles launches for non-smartphone devices, like tablets.”

If Samsung launches itself back in the Tablet game then undoubtedly the stakes are going to be higher this time. Google Nexus 7 has already created a stir in the market and a mini iPad is also on in its way. So the question rises, if at all Galaxy 10.1 is going to be a tablet then how would it defeat its rivals.

One of the unique features of The Galaxy Note 10.1 is going to be its ‘S-pen’ interface coupled with a stylus which makes writing or editing more precise. This 10.1 inch tablet comes equipped with a smart ‘S-Note’ feature which lets create your own personalized story boards by merging notes and sketches with the web content, images and other digital media. Another matchless capability of ‘S- Note’ is its ready-to-use templates such as meeting minutes, recipes, cards, diary and magazines.

If you have an artistic hand then you can also create hand-drawn geometric shapes which can be digitized by Shape Match function. This lets you craft more structured idea sketches and storyboards

Coming to the Tablet specifications, the 1.4GHz dual-core Exynos 4210 processor Android v4.0 OS (Ice Cream Sandwich) and 3G capabilities makes for a smooth browsing experience. The tablet also comes loaded with GPS and GLONASS.

Samsung has also added some fascinating features for students in this new offering. What turns this tablet into an interesting educational tool is its ability to live-stream the lectures while students jot down notes with S- pen. With Galaxy note 10.1 studies become fun for students as they can research college essays and read their text books online as they take notes digitally. Another neat feature introduced by Samsung is Formula Match which corrects and digitizes the hand written formulas. The new Note will also have Adobe Photoshop Touch and Adobe Ideas that will let you sketch ideas, choose from colour themes, and import images with the use of  S-pen.

As of now, the speculations are rife that Samsung will launch a tablet and  the possibility of  company launching a successor to their much popular phablet Galaxy Note II cannot be ignored …and if so then we are curious  …what will happen to the roaring sales of Galaxy S3?

 … Read the rest

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