Over 225,000 Apple Accounts Compromised- KeyRaider Malware Steals Information From Devices

More than 225,000 accounts of Apple users have been stolen by malware KeyRaider. Though the news is sure to raise eyebrows, it will be wrong to point fingers on the makers, as the devices were jail broken. Apple is always known for offering high end security on their devices and the credentials were stolen only from the people, who decided to do away with the inbuilt security settings.

 Over 225,000 Apple accounts compromisedMalware steals confidential information

Many users compromise with the inbuilt security of the handset for installing free apps and in turn allow malware to access their accounts. Weiptech, a Chinese developer group along with Palo Alto Networks security firm revealed that the iOS malware has hacked the purchasing receipt, private keys, certificates and account credentials from the phones. It has also been reported that the credentials were misused for purchasing apps in other devices.

 Devices with inbuilt Apple security safe from theft

The reports also claimed that users, who have not opted for jail breaking their devices will not have to worry about the security of their credentials, as those will not be affected by any malware. With a few days left for the much anticipated iPhone launch, the news of this security issue has shocked every Apple admirer. 

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