It’s Like the Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest: After Aakash Literally Disappeared in ‘Thin Air’, Please Welcome the New Brothers: 7+ and 7c for just Rs. 2,999

The hoopla of the cheapest ever tablet made in India began about a year ago. God forgive me for being so naïve that I believed that this 7” Android 2.3 will change the way technology is accepted in my country when it was all a little dirty prank. The technology … Read the rest

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Tom Hanks Animated Series Electric City to Debut on Yahoo! on July 17

Big news came from Yahoo!, a pioneering digital media company, as it announced that the most awaited animated series “Electric City” created by and starring Tom Hanks, will unveil its first look on Yahoo! screen on July 17, 2012.



 Big news came today from Yahoo! as it announced … Read the rest

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