Tech and Media to Add New Fronts to Piracy Policy Post Discussion

Antipiracy legislation has become a matter of concern among world’s biggest entrepreneurs. Of lately, world’s largest media companies have been talking a lot about mistakes they have made in the past to pass antipiracy legislation.

Tech and Media to Add New Fronts to Piracy Policy Post DiscussionThe technology industry that includes big names such as Google, Facebook, and Wikipedia revolted against … Read the rest

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Facebook’s Social Privacy Protector: Working towards Better Online Safety

Facebook continues to face heat over privacy concerns for its users. From letting out personal information without users’ knowledge, to recently changing all e-mail addresses to IDs, FB has been facing a lot of flak. Add to this, the rumors about relaxing the age limit to13 years for its … Read the rest

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Samsung Rolls Out Galaxy Chat: Android 4.0 ICS-based QWERTY Smartphone

Samsung’s new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-based smartphone called Galaxy Chat is dedicated to those addicted to texting and social networking.

Samsung has added a new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich based smartphone to its assortment. Named Samsung Galaxy Chat, this phone is dedicated to all those who are addicted … Read the rest

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Samsung’s Tablet Design Does Not Match Ipad, Not as Cool Says British Court

Samsung must have been very happy as the British court announced the result in its favor; ruling that Samsung’s tablet design does not infringe with that of iPad’s. That over rules the Apple’s request of importing ban in the nation. However, the reason that the judge gave was that Samsung … Read the rest

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