World’s Most Powerful PC GPU is here: NVIDIA TITAN V

TITAN V, as unveiled by NVIDIA, is said to be the first consumer Graphics Processing Unit. This powerful PC GPU is named TITANV and is grounded on NVIDIA’s new Volta architecture.

TITAN V is designed to transform PC into AI Supercomputer. The new card boasts of 110 Teraflops when … Read the rest

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Google Gifts 3 Experimental Photo Apps to iOS and Android Users

To help users explore the potential of mobile photography, Google, as a part of their “appsperiments” program, has launched three new photography applications: Storyboard, Selfissimo! and Scrubbies. These experimental photo apps are created as a part of Motion Stills app and will help users to try experimental stuff like person … Read the rest

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YouTube Reels – The Future of Storytelling

YouTube, the video giant from the house of Google, is planning to incorporate Snapchat’s popular story feature which has already seen the likes of Instagram and Facebook. Tagging it with an interesting name called ‘Reels’, YouTube intends to bring a slight variation in the feature by changing its position on
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5 Must-have Smartphone Apps To Upgrade Your Lifestyle

What if you can use an app to increase your knowledge and productivity? Many people already are using some most popular apps to stay up to date with the world around them or to make most out of their limited spare time during a day. We all carry smartphones today … Read the rest

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Facebook Messenger Kids App is Designed for Better Parental Control

Facebook recently announced its iOS Messenger Kids App for children under 13, the Android version of the app has to still come out. Facebook strict young children from using its social networking site, however the new app will let children use the Facebook Messenger to connect with their family and … Read the rest

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