It’s Android Smartphones or iPhone 5 for Marissa at Yahoo!

Marissa Mayer, CEO, Yahoo! and ‘the cool boss’ recently announced giving each and every employee in the US office a latest smartphone. The list of phones Mayer sent, offers her staff a choice of picking up either Android-powered phones or an iPhone 5 including Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X, HTC EVO 4G LTE, a Nokia Lumia 920 or Apple’s iPhone 5.

What’s very clearly not in the list? Yes, a BlackBerry!

Mayer, it seems did not want to include a BB in the firm’s list of corporate phones. However, there’s reasoning for her decision. Let’s see what the memo read.

“A few weeks ago, we said that we would look into smartphone penetration rates globally and take those rates into account when deciding on corporate phones. Ideally, we’d like our employees to have devices similar to our users, so we can think and work as the majority of our users do.”

It looks like with RIM ship drowning in the sea of various competitive smartphones, the Canadian phone maker is losing ground in consumer’s mind. Following Mayer’s decision, the stock of RIM plunged and opened at $7.17 per share. In mid-morning trading, RIM’s stock traded at $7.23.

Lately in June this year, RIM slashed around 5,000 jobs.

However, RIM hopes to lash out in the market with its latest BlackBerry 10, which is expected to roll out early in 2013. With so much of competition from Apple, Samsung, Android phone makers, Nokia and Windows Phone, RIM really needs to hit off with a mark to attain its foothold in the mobile market.… Read the rest

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Get Ready for a Smaller Version of the Sony PlayStation 3 or PS 3

A smaller version of PlayStation 3 video game console is in the making, announced Sony at the start of the Tokyo Game Show in Japan, which the firm hopes to launch by the fall this season.

Sony PlayStation 3, famously known as PS 3 has been a hit ever since its first launch in 2005. Now Sony is in plans to launch the smaller version of PS 3 in three models, one with a 12GB flash memory drive, another with 250GB hard disk drive, and a third model with a 500GB hard disk.

Sony is designing this latest version with 25 percent less weight and 20 percent small volume of its predecessors that had 60GB hard disk drive. Designed in a curved style, the new PlayStation 3 will have a sliding disk cover.

The smaller console from Sony will go in sale in North America this fall. The 500GB version will hit the shelves Oct. 30 for a price of $299. The 250GB console will be launched earlier on Sept. 25 for $249, or for $269 in a special bundle.

Sony will unveil the flash memory version only in the European market and Hong Kong for a price of 229 euros on Oct. 12.

In Europe, the 500GB version will cost 200 euros and will be in the market on Sept. 28. In Japan, the 500GB version will be on the shelves on Oct. 4 for 29,800 yen and the 250GB for 24,900 yen.

Predecessors of this smaller version were made with hard disks of 160GB and 320GB.

The latest in the series PS 3, made with a 12GB flash memory device is thought to be an entry-level console, which even novice gamers can indulge in at lower prices.

Sony will also offer users a choice to increase the memory over time by fixing a 250GB hard disk drive, which will be out as an accessory for 89.99 euros, starting Oct. 12 in Europe. This latest and smaller PS 3 console will weigh about 4.7 pounds.

Sony also informs users about more than 3,300 Blu-ray PS 3 games available and another 4,100 downloadable games.

Offering gamers a fun playtime since last seven-years, Sony is now giving the same fun in a choice of classic white color. This version will be out in Japan, starting November.

Sony also plans to sell a vertical stand, which users can use to prop the machine up vertically. This stand will hit the shelves for $14.99 in North America, 14.99 euros in Europe, and 1,800 yen in Japan.

This fall seems to be the hope for Sony, who will penetrate more into the gaming market with lot of new and latest consoles. Time seems to be great for all gaming fans as Nintendo Wii U is also scheduled to hit the US market this November.… Read the rest

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The 007 Virtual Experience: Coming Soon

Here’s some great news that will make all fans of James Bond rejoice. The classiest, most suave and sexy spy is coming soon in the form of a video game, giving everyone a hand at going undercover in a stylish way. Designed as a first-person shooter game, 007:Legends is expected to launch on October 16, and will be available as a PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 game.

The story of the game spans across Bond’s entire career, and features missions from across numerous Bond flicks, including Goldfinger, Die Another Day, License to Kill, and even the yet to be released Skyfall. A sneak preview into the Goldfinger mission reveals young James Bond as an investigator into the villain, Auric Goldfinger, and his plan to irradiate all the gold held within Fort Knox. The mission even has memorable characters from the original movie like Oddjob and Pussy Galore making appearances.

You can even have multiplayer options, with up to 12 simultaneous players participating as James Bond or one of the numerous villains. 007:Legends isn’t exactly the first installment of the world’s favorite spy in a game format – in 1997, Nintendo had launched the Goldeneye 007 game, which became one of the pioneers of the first-person shooter genre among games. But yes, we’re definitely more eager to get our hands on this latest James Bond game!… Read the rest

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Services To You Tube Taken Down By Pakistan Government

Services to Google’s YouTube website have reportedly been taken down by the government of Pakistan following the former’s refusal to remove a movie video made in the US, which is a spoof on the life of Prophet Mohammed.

Enraging the Islamic world, the anti-Islam movie, called ‘Innocence of Muslims’ was termed ‘blasphemous’ by Pakistan officials and was seen as a possible medium for a deadly attack on the US embassy in Libya and protests in Egypt, India and Bangladesh.

In a statement by Raza Parvez Ashraf, Prime Minister, Pakistan, he said “Blasphemous content will not be accepted at any cost.” The site was blocked following orders of Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA).

Users in Pakistan who tried to visit the famous video-sharing site were welcomed with a shut down message that said the website contains ‘indecent material’.

The access to the movie clip, which caused a rage, is now blocked in Egypt, Libya, India, Indonesia and Afghanistan, which has more than a quarter of the world’s Muslim population of 1.6 billion.

Trying to clear its stance on the matter, Youtube said the video was made inside the community guidelines. The firm also said that due to the sensitive situations in Egypt and Libya, the access to the movie clip was voluntarily blocked.

However, the governments of India, Malaysia and Indonesia asked Google to block the video from YouTube. People trying to access the video in India get a message ‘This content is not available in your country due to a government removal request’.

YouTube services are also blocked in Afghanistan. However, YouTube made no comment on its domain being blocked in Pakistan.

Following the protest over the website, thousands of Pakistanis took the streets, burning effigies of Barack Obama and the US flag. As many as 40 students were arrested. Many Muslims also protested near the US Consulate in the northwestern city of Wari on Sunday, where at least one demonstrator was killed, while several others were wounded. Till now, a total number of 19 people have died in violence over the anti-Islam movie.… Read the rest

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Should You Buy Samsung Galaxy S3 or Wait For S4?

When Apple is hitting the news for all good reasons, how could Samsung lag behind? Achieving the mark of two million pre-orders for iPhone 5, Apple has proved its success, yet again. And now Samsung says it’s my turn! A lot has been going on in the rumor mill regarding Samsung launching its next-generation smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February next year.

So will we see a new Galaxy S4 in 2013 or is it just a rumor to confuse consumers to wait for few months until they decide which smartphone to splurge on?

The news was reported in The Korea Times on Sunday, though the source of the news was unnamed. As per the report, the successor to Galaxy S III will hold a 5-inch display, slightly bigger than the latter’s 4.8-inch screen. It also said that S IV or name still unknown will hold some of the best features Samsung has offered so far. It will also boast all features of Galaxy S III, which reached the shelves in May this year. The S III has been a hit with around 20 million units sold so far.

Samsung recently mocked at Apple in the former’s print ad comparing the features of iPhone 5 with Galaxy S III, proclaiming iPhone 5 to be no genius!… Read the rest

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Now Create Some Outstanding Photos On Google+ With Snapseed

The rivalry in the tech race seems to be getting better with each firm hoping to outdo the other. The latest to join the league is Google who following the Facebook-Instagram acquisition has now bought Snapseed, which is a photo editing-and-sharing app.

Following their own line of thought, the merge of search giant and iOS photo-sharing app was announced in a post by Vic Gandotra, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Google.

Here is the link to his post on Google+

Vic welcomed the Nic software and said, “We want to help our users create photos they absolutely love, and in our experience Nik does this better than anyone.” He also mentioned that Google+ now has around 400,000,000 users since its launch 12 months ago.

Trying to get one-on-one with Facebook’s social expertise, Snapseed will let users edit pics and add filters. Users can also share photos on Facebook, Flickr or via email, which is same as what Facebook’s Instagram offers.

With many digital editing tools, Snapseed is trying to be a success among photo buffs just like Instagram. The app was launched on the iPad in June 2011 and on the iPhone in August the same year. A year later in June, the app bagged around 9 million users on the iPhone. Instagram, on the contrary has around 22.7 million unique visitors per month, up from 16.5 million in just a month. This photo sharing site also got 80 million users in July, growing from 50 million in April this year.

In 2011, Apple named Snapseed as app of the year for iPad, though the title of most popular iPhone app went to Instagram.

Nik Software is since then working on to make Snapseed a famous app, by reaching out to a wider audience. The firm also launched the software for the Mac OS and for Windows earlier this year.

According to the information on company’s site, Nik Software is also working on to launch Snapseed on an Android platform.… Read the rest

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Post The iPhone 5 Launch,Apple Shareholders Rejoice As Apple Shares Transcend $700

All Apple stockholders are rejoicing as they all have joined the club of millionaires with enough cash stacked up in their accounts.

Following the launch of Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone 5, the Cupertino Calif.-based firm added more value to its already valuable stature with its stocks going over $700 per share in after-hours trading.

The iPhone 5 announced by Apple on Sept. 12th broke the all-time high record of the firm by topping sales record of two millions in just 24 hours. As the news hit the web, price of Apple’s shares saw an immediate rise.

Earlier in September, Google Inc. had reached that mark when its stocks traded at $709.98.

Opening at all-time high, trading stocks at $700 has evaluated Apple at around $656 billion. Stocks of Apple have been performing well even after Tim Cook revealed plans of initiating a dividend program, which took effect in July 2012.

Formerly, Apple had never offered shareholders dividends since 1995 and got criticism too as many thought it might lead to short sales of the stock. But now it’s without a doubt that following the iPhone 5 success, investors are now pleased with Apple’s continued hardware and software sales and strategy as they have enough cash piled up!… Read the rest

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iPhone 5 Emerges As A Smash Hit, Pre-Orders Surpass iPhone 4S’s 1M Record

It was just last week when news crammed up the web surrounding the much anticipated release of stylish iPhone 5 at the press event in San Francisco. And yesterday, in a press note, Apple disclosed that the new iPhone 5, broke the record of any iPhone model on the first day of its pre-order and over the weekend.

The much-created hype and exciting features of the stylish iPhone 5 led to the surge of demand, which made this model break all sales records that were earlier set by the iPhone 4S.

In a statement by Apple, the firm said the pre-orders of iPhone 5 topped two million in first 24 hours, more than twice the record set by the iPhone 4S last year, which was one million.

The Cupertino Calif.-based company said the demand of iPhone 5 exceeded its supply and although first few orders will be shipped on 21st Sept., many will be delivered in October.

Here is a link to what Apple posted-

Also in an announcement by AT&T, the firm mentioned iPhone 5 to have the “most successful iPhone launch ever.” AT&T said that the rush of customers who lined up at the online stores to order this model of iPhone was more than any of its earlier models.

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Now Subscribe Microsoft Office 2013 At An Affordable Price Of $99.99 Per Year

Microsoft is yet to announce the release date of its Office 2013 software, but the firm did reveal its pricing. Microsoft Office 2013- the latest to come out from Microsoft’s arsenal contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, which are touch- and cloud-optimized versions of standbys.

While the individual versions of the Office 2013 will still be available for use on a single computer, Microsoft has come up with a new subscription strategy for Office 2013 that will make it more affordable for home and business users.

For single subscriptions, Office 365 Home Premium package will cost $99.99 a year. This plan will cover up to five users or devices, and would come with an extra 20 GB of SkyDrive cloud storage (on top of the free 7 GB of space), 60 minutes of Skype calls per month, and a premium license that will guarantee automatic software updates. Along with these, users who opt for this package will get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access, and Publisher.

With this deal, Microsoft wants to give its users a 360 degree solution for a connected home.

In a statement, the Office team said, “Subscriptions open a host of possibilities, and subscribing to Office 365 will be the best choice for many — especially families, people with multiple devices and small businesses.”

Then there is another package- single person Office Home and Student 2013, which costs $139.99. Those who opt for this one-time price option won’t get software updates, but will get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

However, those looking for Outlook have to settle for a little pricier version- Office Home and Business 2013, which costs $219.99. And to top it all is the Microsoft Office Professional 2013 edition, which has everything included along with Access and Publisher. This version will cost $399.99.

For small businesses, Microsoft is offering Office 2013 on a subscription basis. Office 365 Small Business Premium will cost $149.99 per user, per year. This version will come with all the Office apps, 25 GB Outlook mailboxes, video conferencing features, and premium app licenses.

So, which version are you going to opt for?

 … Read the rest

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Google Fiber TV’s Big Additions: CNN, Disney, Turner & Cartoon Network

Google is working on to make big additions to its Google Fiber TV channel lineup, adding all missing stations to the service.

Just after adding several Disney channels, now the lineup has included major channels from Time Warner’s Turner Broadcast company such as Boomerang, Cartoon Network (Adult Swim), CNN, CNN en Español, CNN International, HLN, hTV, infinito, TBS, TCM: Turner Classic Movies, TNT, and truTV.

Earlier added Disney’s television stations include ABC Family, ABC News Now, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, ESPN, ESPN Buzzer Beater, ESPN Classic, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Goal Line, ESPN2, ESPNews, ESPNU, Longhorn Network, Ovation, SOAPnet, TBN, TBN Enlace, and Velocity.

Trying to shape-up nicely, Fiber TV is currently available only for those residing in Kansas City bundled with a 1Gbps broadband Internet service.

A truly competitive service, Google Fiber offers services at $120 per month. Certain complaints had lined up following the announcement of services, which included it being available only in the Kansas city and limited channels. But now that Google Fiber TV has taken care of adding channel lineups. It now has both Adult Swim and ESPN sports channels.

Google plans to add up more channels in future. The business has just started up. Earlier in the month, Google announced reaching over 50 percent of its goal for Fiberhood signups.

Although Google Fiber TV is doing well, some believe it offers no competition to other big cable companies. Irene Esteves, Time Warner Cable, CFO recently said that Google Fiber TV can’t really expand business outside of Kansas. She also said that the business model of Fiber TV doesn’t make sense. She estimates that a nationwide broadband network build-out could cost upwards of $200 billion all said and done.

She also said that what TWC is losing in terms of market share to Google in the Kansas City area is a drop in the bucket as well as how Verizon spent $30 billion on its FiOS network to occupy just 15 percent of U.S. homes.

Esteves, TWC, and other cable providers often mention the big “numbers” game when discussing the threat of competition from Google. They are expected do this as they know Google didn’t base its decision to enter the cable market on the numbers. It plunged as it saw a prospect to do better. Also, Verizon doesn’t seem to be interested in expanding its broadband business and maybe Google could one day buy it.… Read the rest

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