HCL’s New Ultrabook Ultrasmart ME 3074 to Cost Upwards of Rs 51,990

HCL has taken the covers off its first ultrabook, Ultrasmart ME Series 3074. Powered by 3rd generation Intel-core i3 processors, the price range of this ultrabook will start Rs 51,990 onwards.

With a sleek and stylish look, Ultrasmart ME Series 3074 will hit the retail stores next week.

This smooth and thin Series 3074 ultrabook is made with metal casing that’s less than 18mm in thickness. HCL offers it with a 39-month warranty.

Ultrasmart ME Series 3074 is a lightweight ultrabook, which is designed with future technology. It has 4 GB RAM, which is upgradeable to 8 GB. With this ultrabook, users will also get internal hard disk storage of 32 GB.

There’s also 1.3 MP VGA camera, bluetooth and integrated Wi-fi capabilities.
With a backup of up to seven hours, this latest ultrabook is designed with a superior responsive system that has an auto resume feature of less than five seconds.
HCL also announced a latest marketing campaign, with focus on print and digital media for the ultrabooks. Nargis Fakhri of Rockstar will be the brand ambassador for HCL ultrabooks.

HCL also announced launching three new next-generation devices in the next three months.

At the launch of its ultrabook, Princy Bhatnagar, Vice President and Head Consumer Computing, HCL Infosystems said, “Though ultrabooks are a niche category now, but the numbers are witnessing significant growth. We expect that from about one per cent share of the notebook sales, ultrabooks will grow to contribute about 10 per cent in the next six months.”… Read the rest

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Wi-Fi Bug in Apple iOS 6 Displeases Users

Apple is again in news, but this time it’s not hullabaloo about its latest iPhone 5, but about some reportedly Wi-Fi bug in the latest software by the firm iOS 6. As Apple customers all over the world upgraded their devices to iOS 6, they got a mixed taste of pleasure with displeasure.

There have been lots of complaints going around on the web, saying that once users launched and installed the latest iOS 6 on their devices, it refused to connect to the Wi-Fi.

There is a long thread of complaints on the discussion board at the Apple site, where users have grumbled about the failed system. Here is the link- https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4310121?start=0&tstart=0

The basic pattern of complaints seems to be simple. Once users install the software on their devices, the Wi-Fi works all right at first, but then eventually it gets disabled. Users tried to get it connected again, but then remained unsuccessful and got redirected to a login/404 page on the Apple website.

Following the complaints, Apple seems to have fixed the bug now. But were you among those who upgraded their software to iOS 6? How was your experience? Share it with us…… Read the rest

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Aakash 2 Launched at US $35, Has 3.5 mln Bookings

The cheapest of them all, the Aakash 2 tablet is all set for an October launch in India. This tablet will cost US$41.15, but after a subsidy from the Indian government, it will cost $35 a piece for students. This means, it will cost approximately Rs.1960. The tablet’s commercial version Ubislate will retail at $63. This will be available for the India public. A higher-end version of the modest tablet will also be on sale in the U.S. for $79 (pricey) but only next year.

While the previous version of the Aakash did not receive much appreciation, Aakash 2 has impressed reviewers. They say it is a much improved version of the first Aakash in all categories. The looks are better and the use of Android 4.0.3 makes it more responsive. So you will be able to access your apps much after. Where the previous version had a RAM of 256MB, the tablet now has a 512MB RAM.

Aakash 2 will come with a USB port, a card slot, 4GB on-board storage, on-board speaker, microphone and front-facing camera. This camera, however, might not be able to support video chat. The commercial version of the Aakash has a sim card slot alongside.

Officials at DataWind, makers of the Aakash 2 are thrilled with the reviews they have been getting. This tablet was built in close cooperation with IIT Bombay and the company has already lined up 3.5 million booking orders. While this number is exciting, will the company be able to deliver the number it promises?… Read the rest

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HTC Launches Two New Smartphones Using Windows 8 Phone

Smartphone maker HTC launched two new smartphone models on Wednesday—Windows Phone 8X and the Windows Phone 8S. These smartphones will use the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 software and they will be available in the market by November. Set to be available through multiple wireless service providers globally, this launch pitches HTC against key Microsoft partner Nokia. Like Nokia’s recent Lumia launch, HTC has also launched colorful Windows phone models.

Since the popularity of Samsung and Apple phones has picked up, HTC has been under fire to generate stronger sales. While HTC has been using Android-based phones in the past, it will now be able to benefit from marketing the phones are Windows based. HTC global head of sales Jason Mackenzie has said that they will be marketing the smartphones as ‘signature’ Windows Phone 8 smartphones. He said this at the company’s New York launch event, where Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer was also present.

“Consumers are going to love these phones, and we’re committed to reaching them in a manner that’s clear and direct,” Ballmer said. HTC shares rose 2 percent in early trading in Taipei. HTC says its two new phones would go on sale at 150 operators in 50 countries around the world.

However, as the market share for Microsoft’s OS is tiny, it will be interesting to see is HTC will be able to generate stronger sales in the fourth quarter. Independent analysts say that HTC’s performance will be average this year because the phones lag behind Samsung. This will also be an important race for Microsoft, with Apple and Google picking up the smartphone software market.

Gartner analyst Michael Gartenberg said HTC and Nokia were smart to distinguish the appearance of their devices from iPhone with bright colors as it could make them stand out to customers who want an iPhone alternative.… Read the rest

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Zynga CSO Nils Puhlman Resigns

Dark clouds seems to be hovering over social gaming giant Zynga with the latest news of resignation and departure of Zynga chief security officer Nils Puhlmann.

Over the last couple of months, Zynga has seen the exit of various top level executives and managers as the firm’s stock plunged around 70 percent after it went public.

This news was reported in Techcrunch, which quoted several sources familiar with the matter.

Puhlmann, joined Zynga three years back in 2009 as CSO until he resigned yesterday. However, details regarding his resignation are still unknown.

The San Francisco-based social game company was trying to keep up its foothold on Facebook network and now laid emphasis on mobile gaming.

Zynga saw departures due to weak earnings report, when many executives decided to leave the firm and venture out on their own.

Various executives who left Zynga over the recent months include John Schappert, Chief Operating Officer, Allan Leinwand, Infrastructure Chief Technology Officer, Mike Verdu, Chief Creative Officer and Jeff Karp, Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer.

Zynga has also seen the departure of various other general managers and vice presidents.… Read the rest

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Two Techies Top Forbes’ Billionaires List, Social Biggies Take a Hit

The new list of top Forbes’ Billionaires in the United States is out and there have been some alarming revelations. Where Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates has maintained his position as the richest man of the United States yet again in the Forbes Billionaires list, social media magnets have taken a hit.

Two big names—Mark Pincus of Zynga Inc. and Eric Lefkofsky of Groupon were eliminated from the list entirely. Another surprise came with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, whose ranking dipped from being 14 on the list last year to 36 this year. Zuckerberg was the biggest dollar loser in Forbes’ latest ranking of the 400 wealthiest Americans. With the poor launch of the company’s IPO in May, the company has seen a drop in market value. This resulted in the social media entrepreneur’s shareholdings being slashed to half of last year. This was a cut of $8.1 billion in net worth.

Where Gates has a current net worth of $66 billion, Zuckerberg’s net worth is an estimated $9.4 billion. Investor Warren Buffett has maintained his second position worth a total net worth of $46 billion. Another techie, Oracle Corp. co-founder Larry Ellison, is third in the list with $41 billion.

The magazine has said that 241 of the members got richer in 2012 and net worth for 66 of them fell down. Rising stock prices and rebound in real estate values are two primary factors for these changes, the magazine has suggested.… Read the rest

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StumbleUpon App Gets Makeover for iOS 6 Update

The launch of the new iPhone has seen a lot of apps being updated. One among these is StumbleUpon. A StumbleUpon vice-president Cody Simms says it is a reimagined app that makes stumbling more fun. The website, which also has an app in this name, gives users tips on online articles based on your interests. It’s revamped the app developed for iPhone and iPad to be able to meet Apple’s new iOS 6 update. The iOS 6 update from Apple offers 200 new features for both the Apple products. This includes a new map feature and Passbook feature to gather all your tickets, loyalty cards and boarding passes in one place.

While earlier the app used information from your historical data, it will now be using new toolbars so that users are able to find information faster. The app also comes with a sliding feature where you can preview the webpage before you decide to get there.

About 25% of the website’s traffic comes from mobile phones and tablets. It is no wonder that the company decided to redesign their app after the iOS 6 update from the tablet and smartphone maker. The company has also said that they will further update it to take into account the new form factor of the iPhone5.… Read the rest

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Google Maps Will Now Display Virtual Showroom Entrances

Search giant Google is now going to give you a sneak peek into showrooms with the Google Map Marker. If you have not been looking up retail stores on Google Maps just yet, the application is set to get more fun. With this new application, users will be able to see virtual entrances to retail stories on their devices. The concept lies in the map markers, using which you can now easily see how to get

Google Maps always follows commands to your needs and with this service, it means not just roads and routes but also pictures and images. Various businesses participated in Google Maps services and offered Google’s photographers an invitation to do a photo shoot of their shops and location.

Using the markers on Google Maps, users get a good panoramic view of the company’s inside. Earlier, it was difficult to know as to which firm could be peeked in and which didn’t. But Google has now fixed that problem with an orange dot on the map that indicates places that offer panoramic business interiors.

Tapping on the ‘pegman’ or the little orange guy will take users directly to Google’s Street View, which will show the image. This is an interesting service as it gets easier to understand a place or restaurant by looking at its concrete image.… Read the rest

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Netflix App for iPhones is Smarter and Smoother

Right after the launch of the long-awaited iPhone 5, Netflix launched its revamped video application for iPhones. The video application from Netflix is now updated and it has the same smooth user interface as its latest iPad app. Now with this revamped version, finding, watching, and streaming videos will become a hassle free and easier for users on their iPhones.
The iPhone 5 is launched with a 4-inch display, which will give users an improved video experience. While enhancing the visual improvements, developers at Netflix are also working to optimize the app’s support for iPhone 5 display. With the iPhone 5 bigger display, users can enjoy watching high quality videos, clubbed together with fast 4G LTE speeds.

The updated Netflix app will present the most recent items watched at the top of the main screen and will also offer recommendations below that. With this faster and smoother version, users of iPhone 5 will also get more choices. Tapping on a title once will give enhanced information and double-clicking will start the playback right away.… Read the rest

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Latest Twitter Mobile App Seems to Have Failed

In an initiative to offer better user experience, Twitter just revamped its app for web and mobile. But alas! instead of going better, the app got butchered.

Just as everyone thought Twitter would roll-up its sleeves and offer users a more personal experience, what its updated version presented was feathery and flustered.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo introduced the revamped version on The Today Show Tuesday, only to disappoint users with Twitter for mobile that had no tappable clicks to URLs, hashtags or usernames in the timeline.

When asked to define Twitter’s purpose, Costolo said, “Twitter brings you closer.” And in trying to bring users closer to their favorite tweeting celebrities and personalities, the latest version of Twitter gave new profiles to all users and also remade its mobile apps, keeping pictures in mind.

The latest and upgraded Twitter now gives users a steady and no cluttered look, making way for enhanced user experience on web, iPhone, Android, and iPad. But Twitter users feel that with this new version, their original freedom vanished and a more open system got demolished.

However, there are also some good sides to the new version.

Twitter has entwined the popular culture in its latest update. Tweets add real-time color, commentary, and drama to political conventions, reality television shows, and sporting events. It does offer users a steady experience on the web as well as mobile. The new iPad app it released is just the same as its iPhone and Android app.

The new Twitter gives users a better chance to express with header photos that speak more than words. Also in this new version, photo streams on mobile now appear below a person’s most recent tweets in the iPhone, Android, and iPad apps.

With few positives, Twitter users however, cannot overlook the vulnerabilities.

The direct message (DM) inbox in the new version stays slightly hidden on web and mobile, which has not done well with users.  Also users who have multiple Twitter accounts, will find switching from one account to another a tedious job as it requires a lot of taps.

Latest Twitter for iPad app has also made interaction a knotty process. Twitter has also killed off the remaining pieces of Tweetie, the popular iPhone application it bought more than two years ago.

So what was Twitter’s way to provide an enhanced user experience wasn’t as enhancing after all.… Read the rest

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