Windows 8 App Development, Bengaluru Plays Host To 3000 Developers

By now, it’s pretty well established that the launch of Windows 8 is going to be huge, in many ways, for Microsoft and for the rest of the world. As the firm gears up to roll out Windows 8 to millions of PC users worldwide, Bangalore played host to over 3000 developers who gathered to develop apps for the upcoming Windows as Microsoft attempted to set a World Record for maximum participants in a single event for app development.

Obviously, the infrastructure requirements were massive, and putting together a venue that could host as many developers, provide power and internet for the developers was no mean feat for its crew of about 500 people. The 18 hour event wasn’t all about just the infrastructure; it was regulated by strict rules like not letting participants leave the venue for more than 60 minutes, using only systems with Windows 8’s RTM version (release to manufacturing) and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, and qualified computer graduates only being eligible to develop apps.

A representative from Guinness was also present at the venue to conduct random screenings of the developers busy coding in a bid to set new records. The sheer scale of the event further brought out the level of enthusiasm among the developers gathered and the air was abuzz with coding minds tapping away on their laptops.… Read the rest

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Microsoft Attempts To Enter Guinness Book Of Record Prior To The Launch of Windows 8

Friday morning, Microsoft tried its shot at entering the Guinness Book of World Records with more than 3,000 developers, who gathered at the KTPO grounds in Bangalore to write applications for the firm’s latest offering- Windows 8. With this, Microsoft has set the record for the largest ever single app development event.

According to a Microsoft spokesperson, “The work involved in getting the venue ready was substantial. The ground was uneven – it had to be leveled. Then the infrastructure – we have 63 generator trucks standing by. We had to put in place 4,000 power connections. I think there’s around 60,000 feet of cabling that had to be laid. Then there was Internet access to be provided – 2 GB of bandwidth. We have something like 500 people working as crew.”

The session lasted 18 hours with certain rules set for participants, who were developers, designers, and programmers.

Paul O’Neill, Vice President, the Guinness Book of World Records monitored the participants and said, “Participants cannot step out of the premises for more than 60 minutes. They need to have a background in computer science or computer engineering or the sciences. The final number will be the number of developers present at the site at 8:00 am on Saturday.”

A video message was sent out by Steven Sinofsky, the president of Windows and Windows Live at Microsoft, wishing all participants luck.

Microsoft initiated this fest to create excitement among developers and users prior the launch of Windows 8 on October 26.

The event saw participants from all over India, who clumped together all laptops running Windows 8 RTM and Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2012.

Guinness’s Paul O’Neill reviewed random participants for credentials. He said, “We have screened around a 100 participants so far. They have been extremely enthusiastic about the event. We are optimistic that a record will be made today.”

Joseph Landes, General Manager of developer and platform evangelism, Microsoft India says, “The biggest thing about India is the scale of things. He added, “Abroad, we get 100-200 developers at these events, here we have thousands participating.”

The event saw developers with lot of enthusiasm and zest. The first app – a Web Radio app – was finished in about less than 6 hours following the launch of the event. The AppFest was launched by Jon DeVaan, Corporate Vice President, Windows Development.… Read the rest

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Nikon D600 vs Canon EOS 6D : The DSLR Kings Lock Horns

Comparisons can rarely get as big as this. Today, we compare two of the most popular versions of full-frame DSLR cameras, from the biggest DSLR makers – Canon and Nikon. Now we’ve always loved pitting Canon DSLRs against Nikon DSLRs, but we assure you that the war is just as interesting even in these basic DSLR entrants.

The Sensor: While both models are fitted with the full-frame sensors, we have to lean towards Nikon for its 24.3 MP resolution sensor within the D600, when compared to Canon’s 20.2 MP sensor. Now it depends on which side of the boat you prefer to be on – while some argue that too many megapixels could reproduce images with too much noise, we feel it’s always safer to have more resolution so that you do not lose out on quality even when cropping the image.

The Processor: Both Canon and Nikon have gone all out in bringing the very latest and best processor technology to their respective models. The EOS 6D is powered by Canon’s latest Digic 5+ image processor and the D600 has an Expeed 3 processor. But in terms of sensitivity, Canon takes the lead offering a range of ISO speeds from 100 all the way up to 25, 600, that can be expanded up to ISO 50-102,400. The D600 lags in this regards offering ISO 100-6400, expandable till ISO 50-25,600. So if you are looking to click pictures in low light settings, we suggest going with the EOS 6D for better compositions.

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Video: With cameras today offering HD video recording, it’s becoming far more convenient to use the same device for capturing still images as well as videos. In this regards, both cameras score pretty well, supporting full HD video recording capabilities. However, for that extra convenience, the D600 comes with a HDMI output for its video files, making it a better option for professional photographers.

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The Extras: In terms of memory options, the EOS 6D has 1 SD card slot, while the D600 has 2 SD card slots, making it more convenient from a storage perspective. The D600 also has a slightly larger 3.2 inch screen, when compared to the EOS 6D’s 3 inch screen. Even in terms of viewfinder, we have to say that the Nikon model offers 100% coverage as opposed to Canon’s 97% coverage.

For the slight edge it has over Canon, the Nikon model is also slightly higher priced but we can hope that the prices would come down in some time in the market. If you are looking to pick up the D600, the good news is that it’s already out in the market, but if it’s the EOS 6D that you desire, you will have to wait until December for it to launch.


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Unlocked Version of iPhone 5 now Available with Verizon

Here’s some great news that will bring immense joy to all hardcore Apple fans all around the world. According to reports from iDownloadBlog, the latest iPhone 5 with Verizon is GSM unlocked, meaning that it can be used on any other telecom carrier like AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.

This means that you no longer need to pick up the iPhone 5 and run around looking for unlocking techniques, cutting up your SIM into a small size and sticking it into your phone with crossed fingers hoping that it succeeds. Apart from the freedom in selecting carriers that the unlocked iPhone 5 will provide, this comes as a great relief for travelers who frequently use multiple SIMs across their various destinations.

Some more news to cheer, all thanks to Apple, wouldn’t you all agree? So, who’s getting their hands on the officially unlocked iPhone 5?… Read the rest

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Asphalt 7 On iPhone5 Proves:New A6 Processor Twice As Powerful As The A5










We all knew the iPhone 5 would be faster than its predecessors. But we could never imagine just how fast it would be, not until now at least. Touch Arcade recently released a very exciting video comparing load times of Asphalt 7 on the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S. And just when we thought there was nothing surprising left about the upcoming iPhone, we’ve been left speechless all over again.

Asphalt 7, the car racing game, is rather heavy on graphics and of course is quite resource intensive, and surely takes some time to load on the iPhone 4S. But on the iPhone 5, it literally happens in the blink of an eye. The video demonstrates the sheer power of the brand new A6 processor and just how much of an improvement it is over the previous processors.

Not only did the game load twice as fast on the iPhone 5, according to the website, even the overall performance was pretty good. While the iPhone 4S experienced frames being dropped occasionally, the iPhone 5 managed a stronger framerate when running Asphalt 7.

Apple did claim that the new A6 processor would be twice as powerful as the A5, and looks like this time, they definitely lived up to their claims. Now, all we need to do is to get our hands on the actual baby and play Asphalt 7 and many more high performance games.… Read the rest

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Hands On iPhone5: It Was Almost Like Bumping Into My Superhero From The Big Screen

Writing about iPhone 5 last few weeks was fun and laying hands on the actual device was even better. It was almost like bumping into my superhero from the big screen. Standing in the long queue was totally worth it!

To start, not only could I relate my writings with the device, but it also sounded a lot more familiar.

Also I was smiling and was happy about joining the league of proud owners of an iPhone 5 with the latest iOS 6.

So, for those who stayed unsuccessful in grabbing the device the day-one, I could help solve the mystery by listing down some of the answers to your questions.

The world’s long-awaited iPhone 5 is surely a lot thinner, lighter, and brighter. Apple gave birth to A6 chip in its latest offering. The firm heavily marketed claiming iPhone 5 to be faster than the iPhone 4S. I kept both the phones on the same wavelength and tapped on to download the same data on the same Wi-Fi. And my latest iPhone 5 did download the webpage few seconds faster than the 4S. So the iPhone 5 surely stays ahead of 4S in terms of speed boost.

The only shortcome this phone got is in its new mapping app, which replaces the Google Maps. But that is okay for me as I don’t really rely much on maps apps.

Watching videos on iPhone 5 is also a lot clearer and smoother. Swapping in between apps is also quick and instant in it. The glass at the front looks strong, though the device is light. Apple claims it to be scratch resistant and I am hoping it will be durable as many users out there have already taken the drop test. I didn’t really try the drop test. Well, to be honest- couldn’t!

The phone has aluminum encasing, which does look prone to scratches as it makes the phone too light. So, I suggest it’s better to get a stylish cover that goes well with the device.

The 4-inch screen looks slightly bigger than the 4S’s 3.5-inch display. The display till the edges does give it a bigger look. But that doesn’t compromise on the comfort level. The phone has a good grip and is easy to balance.

Features such as enhanced camera and better handling of apps do make iPhone 5 a better choice. And about the new lighting connector that came along, it is definitely smaller, but doesn’t really charge the device any faster. Both the 4S and iPhone 5 took the same time to fully charge. The only thing that I liked about this charger was that it could be used upside-down.

One another notable difference, which I am sure all users will notice, is the quality or clarity of voice while making calls. The iPhone 5 got a very good speaker clarity, which is detectable while making calls, watching videos or listening to music.

This phone is surely a sleeker and smarter choice than its predecessor- the 4S.

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Make Your iPhone5 Look More Funky With These Amazing Wallpapers

Soon the web and the App Store will be cramped up with apps offering thousands of wallpapers for your latest iPhone 5. Trying to give your handset an added stylish look, here we got some of the best wallpapers we found on

Simply ‘Save the Image’ from this article on your device. On your iPhone 5, go to Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper > Change Wallpaper.






















































































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Disruption Of Services Comes At the Worst Time For RIM, Blackberry 10 Delayed

Reports of an outage causing inconvenience to BlackBerry users hit the web early Friday morning as the firm’s services got disrupted. BlackBerry users in Europe, Middle East and Africa were affected. However, Research in Motion (RIM) got the team investigate the matter and around three hours later, the systems went back up to function normally.

The reports were confirmed by the firm on BlackBerry UK Twitter account. The tweet said, “Some users experienced issues with BlackBerry services today. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. All services now operating normally.”

The outage affected a lot of people, though the number stays unclear. BlackBerry users couldn’t send or receive e-mails during the interruption.

The disruption of services couldn’t come at a worse time for phone maker. RIM had faced similar situation last year in October, when its services went down for several days in the US.

It also comes at a time when RIM is getting prepared for a developer’s conference next week following the sales of its tablet, the PlayBook.  RIM is also trying hard to keep its foothold steady in the smartphone market, dominated by Apple and Samsung. And looking at the hit of iPhone 5 on the headlines surely won’t be a boost for the company.

The Canadian company has already delayed the launch of its system, BlackBerry 10 twice.

Thorsten Heins, CEO, RIM, has defended his decision for the delay in release. He said he wants to ensure its smooth functioning before taking it out for customers. The BB10, however, is speculated to hit the stores in January next year.

As per reported in, Heins said, “I won’t give you a specific date, but it’s kind of like a one-two punch. You will see more than two devices, but I can also tell you that you will see us being much more focused in the product portfolio that we will be bringing out.”

RIM shares were trading nearly 2 percent down at the market’s open, at a price of $6.80 per share.… Read the rest

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Nikon D600: Now Capturing Pictures Means Drying Off Your Pockets!

A picture can speak a thousand words. And with Nikon D600, capturing moments now got fun and pricy. Aimed directly for photography buffs, Nikon has announced a full frame DSLR D600, uncovered at a sky-rocketing price. Made for serious professionals, this 24-megapixel camera has FX-format CMOS sensor that can give users some justified shots.

Nikon had announced D600 on Sept. 13th. Priced at $2,099.95, Nikon D600 offers images with stunning clarity along with cinema-quality 1080p videos. There’s also Nikon’s intelligent Scene Recognition System with 3D Color Matrix Metering II for clear video shooting.

With a price significantly lower than Canon’s 5D MarkIII and the 5D MarkII, this DSLR makes a great choice for all photography enthusiasts.

The Nikon D600 speaks for itself. The camera got superior low-light performance, blazing fast framing and burst rates, built-in HDR, wireless photo sharing and much more.

Being lightweight and compact, Nikon has made this HD-SLR for full-frame shooting and versatility.

The D600 also makes sharing easy as it’s compatible with Wi-Fi. There’s also an optional WU-1b wireless adapter available with the camera.

Made of solid magnesium alloy, the durable D600 can be used in all kinds of weather. It offers a comfortable grip that lets users take great shots.

The system grows as per users. However, there are also some loop holes users found. Uneven weight of the camera was one point. Reportedly, D600 tends to dip towards the left side quite greatly. There’s also no USB 3.0 and no CF card slot. But it does got two SD slot.

Nikon has also added an Android app to D600 to let users easily transfer data between mobile devices and the camera. Nikon is also working to launch iOS app on its D600 by the end of September.

To conclude, the Nikon D600 makes a great choice for all passionate photographers, who don’t mind shelling out few extra bucks on their profession or passion.… Read the rest

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Apple Takes Off The You Tube App From iPhone and iPad For Jasmine

Apple has made some reductions and additions in its iOS 6 software update. While a new Apple Maps app is added, Apple has taken off the YouTube app from iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches, which has been its staple since the very beginning.

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While iOS 6 users can easily download Google’s new YouTube app for the iPhone, Apple has also introduced a choice of a third-party alternative, Jasmine, which is a full-featured YouTube client for iOS.  Developed by Morrissey Exchange Pty Ltd, Jasmine is an app for iPhone and iPad.

With an even and receptive interface, Jasmine offers users with support to manage playlists along with other features that YouTube provides. Giving users the best mobile and tab experience, Jasmine can be downloaded easily from the Apple App Store, for free.

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Announcing the launch of Jasmine, Jason Morrissey, the developer says, “It’s a far lighter project than Alien Blue and doesn’t carry a lot of bells and whistles, but it may serve as a simple alternative.”

Alien Blue Reddit client apps for the iPhone and iPad was made by the same developer to offer users the best mobile solution.

Released just two days back, Jasmine’s main focus lies in searching and browsing for videos. It also offers users easy access to playlists, viewing history, favorite videos, and subscriptions.

Jasmine has a simple navigation and is user friendly.  It has a flower-shaped icon at the screen’s top, which when tapped on, lets users easily switch from a white background to black. The app requires users to upgrade system to iOS 6. Jasmine has great level of control and comes with options to determine video playback, appearance, parental controls, and more. The app has same user interface as Google’s YouTube and is simple to use.… Read the rest

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