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Google Adds Street View Tab To Maps; Plans To Integrate Delhi Routes

Google Inc Rejects Allegations Leveled By European Commission

Google has finally added some new features tagged to their popular Maps.  According to what we saw on the Android client for Google’s navigation and mapping offerings, you can gear up for Map previews besides offering a business shortcut. Last weekend, Google has started the test phase for allowing food related photograph uploads on Maps. What’s more — these new add-ons will be available for the Indian version too. What’s New? Google Maps saw an update to Android 9.13.0 version and will come enhanced with Street View option on the left bottom corner of the display screen.  Once you tap it, the entire Street View of the region pops up.  However, Street View has not yet arrived in India. Adding new businesses too is a much acclaimed feature. In case you can see a business that is yet to see a listing, you simply need to click on “add a missing business” button [+more]

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Moto G 3rd Gen Or Xiaomi Mi 4i- Which Is Your Choice?

Moto g 3rd gen or Xiaomi Mi 4i- Which is your choice?

With the increasing competition between the smartphone manufacturers, new handsets with high-end specifications are frequently getting introduced to the market. While the array of new smartphones offer a wide range of choices, it often creates a confusion regarding the best deal. The reviews of Moto G 3rd gen and Xiaomi Mi 4i has led to such a confusion and buyers are now looking for a comparison before making a decision.  A comparison  Both the phones have several features in common, including the 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. The phones are also priced at Rs. 12, 999 but Moto G 3rd gen offers better grip in comparison to Mi 4i. Though both the phones comes with non-removable battery, Mi 4i is much sleeker compared to Moto 3rd gen and sports a clean design. Not just lightweight, Mi 4i also offers better display with full-HD technology. Though it is not protected [+more]

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Project Juggernaut Alpha To Be Launched As New Microsoft Flagship Phone

Project Juggernaut Alpha to be launched as Surface Mobile

Rumors and speculations related to Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL have been doing rounds of the internet for the last couple of months. Now, the speculations have grown stronger as the phones are reported to be released at a grand event in October. A new report that surfaced now claims that the company is planning a new flagship phone with the name of Surface Mobile. The report also hints the phone to enjoy specifications similar to that of Lumia 950 XL Cityman combined with some other features. Microsoft flagship handset at a glance The upcoming flagship phone, which is code named as Project Juggernaut Alpha is also expected to be paired with an input device, Surface Pen, reports WMPU. Though there is no confirmation from the makers, reports indicate this to be a premium handset with 21 MP PureView Zeiss 6-lens camera at back. Noticing the increasing popularity [+more]

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Ralph Lauren ‘PoloTech Smartshirt’ Will Let You Keep A Health Check

Ralph Lauren 'PoloTech smartshirt”releases on August 27, Priced at $295

The popular fashion brand of Ralph Lauren is all set to introduce a smarter PoloTech shirt for the fashion lovers, who are equally conscious about their health. The new addition to the wearable technology product list is priced at $295 (19, 470 INR), which is a bit hefty apparently.  “PoloTech smartshirt” for better health Though the “PoloTech smartshirt”appears to  be bit hefty, it includes some of the most used smartphone applications to ensure healthy living. Once it is worn, it can provide accurate reports of heart rate, movement intensity, breathing depth, stress level, steps taken, energy output as well as calorie burnt by the wearer. Made of silver fibers, the crew-neck shirt is all set to be launched on Thursday, August 27 with the sensors are placed just next to the skin. However, it would not cause any negative impact on the wearer’s skin. The executive vice-president at Ralph Lauren [+more]

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Online Tickets To Enter Taj Mahal At Night May Come Soon

Online tickets to enter Taj Mahal at night may come soon

Viewing Taj Mahal at night is expected to become more convenient as tourists might be allowed to get online tickets soon. Many people often miss the chance to enter the Taj Mahal at night due to manual advance booking procedure. However, once the online ticketing system is started, tourists can get tickets till 3:00 p.m. of the same day.  Viewing Taj Mahal at night Mahesh Sharma, the Union Minister of State Tourism, when contacted by PTI said that they have already cleared the proposal in this regard and would soon issue an order to start the procedure. Yet, there is no update whether there would be any changes in the timing. Presently, night viewing is allowed for 30 minutes from 8:30 p.m. to 00:30 a.m. It is also restricted to five nights, the full moon night, two days before and two days after. However, there are proposals to allow tourist [+more]

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Google Set To Release Android 6.0– Christens It Marshmallow; Packs In Three Solid Specs

Google Set To Release Android 6.0

The latest generation for Android OS is finally set to hit marts and has interestingly been named Marshmallow. Currently, the platform is in its beta phase but a preview build release had been made available to developers last week. Around Fall this year, the final versions could be made available but it could be a little longer before these are updated to compatible handsets. We had known that Android 6.0 was set to arrive, back in May during the Google I/O Conference; this had been known as Android M then. However, going with the name of Marshmallow Google has kept its trend of using sweet treats as name for its Android update names. Top Three Marshmallow Features Users of Android will barely see much interface-based differences between Android Lollipop 5.0 and the upcoming Marshmallow. The interfacial changes were already reduced by Lollipop sometime back. The major revamps are intrinsic and aim [+more]

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