Exclusive: TT Tries to See How Rootin Will Help Commuters

rootin train travel appNo more sweating in the Mumbai sun while waiting for your train. Mumbaikars can now know the real-time location of a train using the Rootin app.

Rootin product head Akshat Bansal tells us how Rootin will make the life of daily commuters easy.

How did the idea of Rootin come up?

Bansal: It was while waiting for a train at a station I realized, I wish there was something to tell me where the train has reached. Honestly, no one likes standing at the station for hours without any valid information. For how long will we depend on the announcements made at stations? They are passé.

 How will this app aid Mumbai travelers?

Bansal: It shows real-time schedules for all the trains. Not only does it help to find out when the train will reach you, you can also keep track of the locations as you travel. Check into the train you want to board and it will tell you all the destinations you stop at.

Even if you sleep during the journey, the app will wake you up when your destination arrives.

So no more missing out on the station if you fall asleep in the train?

Bansal: Yes! Absolutely. Rootin alarm will slap the sleep out of your system (laughs).

How many people have downloaded the app so far?

Bansal: 9000 and yes there is a lot of excitement about it as there is no app for local transport in Mumbai.

A peek into the future…

Bansal: We are planning to bring a gamefication feature where people will get points for checking in. They will also earn points for suggesting the apps to their fellow travelers.

And local trains is not the only avenue Bansal plans to explore. Local buses will soon come under the Rootin umbrella.… Read the rest

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Mad Catz Ready To Ship Rat Pro X And Launch Rat Pro S

Mad Catz has made two major announcements recently–that they will now be shipping the Rat Pro X and they have released the Rat Pro S. These are adjustable gaming mice that resemble the Transformers and also double up as accessories. You can also customize the Pro X with more features than the preceding versions.  

Mad Catz Ready To Ship Rat Pro X  And Launch Rat Pro SWhat’s New With Pro X?

With the Pro X, you get hands on a huge number of modular parts that allow you to choose between laser and optical sensors. These sensors come with in-built memory that let you to store up to nine profiles.

The Details And Pricing

The Pro X offers a rest area for your pinkie, apart from a swappable thumb design. There is also an adjustable pivoting palm rest and a number of different materials and textures for its feet. Mad Catz have also stated that the mouse is future proof.

Coming to the Pro S, buyers can get a cheaper mouse but without modular capabilities. At the same time, the Pro S retains some essential features from Pro X. Users can get a 5,000 DPI optical sensor and support for up to three profiles. The Rat Pro X will cost $200, while the Rat Pro S is priced at $70.

The Indian audience will have to wait for these devices before they make their way into India.… Read the rest

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What People Want From Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Google is all set to launch its new Android 6.0 OS on September 29. Termed ‘Marshmallow’ this time, there are a lot of expectations from the new OS. Invites for the event have already been sent out and expectations are high.

The most important question on everyone’s mind is, how will it differ from the Apple’s recently-launched iOS 9? Here are the improvements avid Android users would like to see in Android 6.0.

Apple iPhone 7 To Feature Sassy Slim Body: Analyst

Anuja Sharma, who has been using Android phones for a long time says, “I want muted and coral tones in the new Google OS. The brightness does not appeal anymore.”

Alisha Singh suggests it could do with some changes to the gallery. “I love how iOS 9 lets you hide your pictures. Why not bring this or something more to Android 6.0?”

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“Security, security and security, there is nothing else I need in Marshmallow”, says private professional Shreyans  Singh. “Dude I do everything on my phone. I am scared if it gets hacked.”

iOS 9 has enhanced its security features by enabling six-digit security passwords. “What I will really like in Marshmallow is one-tap copy past functions (sic),” says media professional Mahendra.

Nexus 5 Battery Drain, Camera and WiFi Problems and Fixes with Android 4.4.4 Guide

How will it hold up against iOS 9?

Android 6.0 really needs to up it game against iOS 9. We do expect it to make multitasking a priority, but what most people worry for is the security. Many android users face trouble with their phones being hacked into.

The latest Android OS is also expected to come with a battery-saving feature called “Doze”, much like the lower power mode in iOS 9.

While Marshmallow will come with Android Pay, iOS 9 already features Apple Pay. All of this makes competition tough for both the operating systems.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is due to release next week.

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Leaked Images of OnePlus Mini Suggest New Look

OnePlus had promised that they would be launching more than one smartphone this year. OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei even hinted in August that they could be introducing a handset around Christmas. However, this could come true sooner than you thought. Recently leaked images of a purported OnePlus device have hit the Internet with two cameras at the back.

Leaked Images of OnePlus Mini Doing Rounds on the InternetBeing dubbed as the OnePlus Mini by experts, this phone seems to have a design different than the previous two models. The images were leaked on a Chinese site and they show only the front and back panels.

It is to be noted that leaked photographs of the speculated OnePlus One Mini smartphone were all over the Internet late last year. However, the OnePlus images revealed recently are different from those seen earlier.

This time round, we prominently see a dual-camera feature at the back of the alleged smartphone from OnePlus. The images earlier showed a front panel with fingerprint scanner, that doesn’t surface in the recent leaks.

With such foggy information, it would be difficult to determine what the rumored OnePlus Mini would really entail. However, it is expected that more information would be available as we near the launch date.… Read the rest

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Draft Encryption Policy Withdrawn: 10 Reasons

Coming under tremendous public ire, the Indian government has already withdrawn its draft proposal that required users to share all the information they shared over online exchanges. If the proposal had seen the light of the day, it would have radically altered how people use social media, communication services like WhatsApp and Hike. Find out a 10-point cheatsheet to this huge story below:

I. IT Minister of India Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the earlier proposed National Encryption Policy was released to people for feedback without his knowledge. He also accepted that it was not done properly and that it is being reworked.

II. He also assured that any new rules would not hamper the lives of common people in any way and that the government is well aware of its duty to protect and promote freedom of the social media.

III. The draft proposal wanted apps and platforms to register with the government, the kind of encryption service they use or sign-up, and to use only those encryption services that are approved by the government.

IV. It must be noted that when a message is sent via services like WhatsApp, it gets automatically coded/scrambled and then decoded for the addressee.

V. The draft proposal wanted all users and businesses to save their communications through messages for 90 days and provide those to the government if demanded.

VI. After NDTV broadcast this news on Monday, a clarification note was issued by the government informing that the new National Encryption Policy would not regulate social media in any way.

VII. The new rules to unscramble data would not be applicable to e-commerce and Internet banking.

VIII. Experts even flagged the draft proposal saying the language was loose and could not be applicable for apps and message communication services.

IX. Some aspects of the proposal also suggested that services that do not register their method of message encryption with the government would be declared illegal in India.

X. In 2010, the UPA government had declared a ban BBM if BlackBerry did not give Indian security agencies access to snoop on their emails. Eventually, both of them came to an agreement that would let the government to intercept communications made on BlackBerry’s platform through emails or messages.… Read the rest

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Playstation 4 To Slash Prices In India, 1 TB Version Soon

According to reports confirmed by Gadgets 360, Sony is expected to cut the price of their PlayStation 4 for India. Expected to happen sometime in the middle of October, the price drop is expected to be at around Rs. 5,000. At present, the 500GB variant of PS4 stands at Rs. 39,990. If the price slash applies, the new price will stand at Rs. 34,990.

Playstation 4 To See Slashed PricesWhat Sony Is Planning?

Now before you get so excited, do note that Playstation will soon launch a new 1 TB variant in India as well as see limited supply on its 500 GB variant. The new 1TB model will come with a price tag Rs. 39,990. Sony will offer a bundle of games on the 1TB PS4. PS4 has been seeing heavy sales ever since its release in January last year but Sony seems to be working on newer and heftier versions.

Upgrade To The 1 TB Model

For shoppers looking to pocket the PS 4 500 GB version, you can easily add a laptop drive of 2 TB by throwing in about Rs. 8000. Therefore, for so little, you can actually upgrade to a 2 TB model without much ado.… Read the rest

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Uber Set To Roll Out UberPool For Bengaluru, Other Cities

Uber Taxi Services IndiaUber has announced that they will be launching a carpool service for the Indian market. Named UberPool, a beta testing of this service will be available in Bengaluru in the coming weeks. The cab-hailing company also confirmed that apart from Bengaluru, it will introduce the service to a select number of cities. Globally, UberPool services exist in Paris, Austin, Boston, New York and San Francisco. 

Details Of The Service

With UberPool, commuters will get to share rides to cut down on the cost. The company stated, “Move past car ownership, as taking Uber becomes less expensive than using and maintaining a personal vehicle.”

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Uber in India

Since India is a huge marketplace for Uber, it is focusing on further developments in the country. UberPool works as means to solve commutation issues such as congested road networks and traffic logs that urban cities are prone to.

 … Read the rest

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#SkypeDown: Great For Other Voice Chat Apps

After facing hours of outage on Monday, Skype was finally restored for users in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Apart from frustrated users, this problem also led to many new video chatting apps raising their banners.

Video calling apps wrote some extra tweets

Skype downUsers regularly access Skype for personal and work purposes. They took to Twitter to express their concerns. Interestingly, many johnny-come-lately apps that offer voice and video chats also took to #skypedown to promote their services. Discordapp.com and rabb.it were some of the names that came up. They conveyed messages like, who needs Skype and it’s time to check out a new app.  

According to Statista, Skype had 300 million active users as of August 2015. This is the highest number of users among video calling social networks. The numbers suggest there is a vast market to explore but most competitors have not been able to make a breakthrough. Skype has become a synonym for video chats with its many subscribers ad ease of use.

After the long breakdown Skype witnessed yesterday, it remains to be seen if other video calling apps are able to make a little dent. If there’s someone determined out there, it could also be the beginning of a new phase for video calling.

Skype is not the first 

Skype is not the only big name to face such concerns recently. Last week, Twitter’s desktop client went kaput for over an hour. Over the weekend, Amazon Web Services also suffered a break down, which affected services like Buffer and Netflix as well.

What was the issue with Skype?

Microsoft, which owns Skype, said that they had “detected an issue with the status settings”. The status of many people showed “offline”, which restricted them from making calls. However, the issues was resolved about 4 hours back.

Skype had acknowledged the problem and they were constantly informing users about the status through their social media channels. In a further blog post, the company said, “We’re in the process of reconnecting our users, and focused on restoring full service.” The statement added that Skype for Business users was not affected yesterday.

Skype went down Monday morning, which caused a lot of panic among people who depend on it for various purposes.… Read the rest

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TechThirsty Unravels the Hidden Delights in iOS 9

Since the iOS9 was installed on our phones, we haven’t stopped experimenting. The latest OS has upped Apple’s innovative quotient by many notches. This time round, we spotted some features that lie hidden beneath the dapper sheath of iOS9. We’ve unraveled some of them for you:

iOS 9 hidden features


1. The Mail app’s hidden goody is the hand drawn signature feature. All you have to do is hold on to the attachment and a menu will pop up. Choose the Mark Up option and then Reply. Then, you can write and draw over the screen. Once you are finished, press Done and your signature or text will be inserted.  



iOS 9 hidden features (5)



2. You can now hide pictures on your phone with the iOS9. Just go to your Album, tap on Share > Hide. This locks away the files and can only be viewed by you upon further instructions.





3. The wow faciOS 9 hidden features (4)tor of iOS9 is that it lets you swap between WiFi and data connection easily. It basically gives you good Internet browsing experience by switching to the fastest connection at any given time. If your Wi-Fi is slow, it will automatically switch to your Internet data connection.






4. The settings now has a search menu so you can find anything that you need in a jiffy. … Read the rest

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Interview: NearGroup App Gets Neighbours Closer

While IIT Madras alumni Prashant Pitti was busy preparing for a marathon, he realized he needed company in the neighborhood. He was not motivated enough to run all by himself and was looking for someone who could train with him but struggled to find a neighbor to do that. Thus came the idea to launch an app that would connect you to people in the neighborhood–the Near Group app. NearGroup

Near Group app is a platform where people get to meet like-minded people. “We live in a digital world and there is no better way to interact, than in virtual groups,” says Pitti. This, the app makes socializing easy, he adds. Read on to know how Pitti thinks his new venture will bring like-minded people closer and make life easier.

What are the unique aspects of Near-Group app?

Pitti: It brings compatible people under one roof. In the times when everyone is leading a busy lifestyle, our app give you the opportunity to interact with neighbors who seldom step out of their houses.

How does it work?

Pitti: You can register on the app via Facebook. You can also request an invitation to the app on Neargroup.in. It allows people of the same location with similar interests become members of niche groups when they sign up.

How do users ensure that they are interacting with genuine people?

Pitti: No member can become the part of the group without going through a screening process. Their Facebook profiles are thoroughly screened before anyone is made the member of the group.

What you think of local businesses coming online?

Pitti: It is great that people are finally realizing the potential of digital media. Selling your products online is only a peek into the future.

What response have you got with Near Group app?

Pitti: The response has been tremendous. More than 15060 people have registered with the app till now.
 … Read the rest

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