Apple To Introduce Force Touch On MacBook Pro 15-Incher Soon, Work On 27 Incher Desktop Too On In Full Swing

We have been awaiting scoop if the widely hailed Force Touch feature will make it to the 15-incher MacBook Pro from Apple. Apple is set to release a revamped Macbook Pro 15 incher featuring the track pad with Force Touch, according to MacG and 9to5Mac. The main reason this patented spec is being awaited is because it will help Macbook understand different types of touch and pressure intensities. While touch screens are nothing novel, a touch-sensitive track pad that understands the pressure level is totally unique.

Apple To Introduce Force Touch On MacBook Pro 15-Incher SoonThe spec will also offer tactile feedback as per the task that got performed due to a tap or touch. As far as we know now, we could not garner the fact that Force Touch track pad will come with four sensors. Even the topmost edge will have touch response capacity so the slightest push could give you lots to show onscreen.

Besides this wow spec, get more beef with the revamped Intel Core processor on the MacBook Pro 15 incher, as revealed by 9to5Mac. The source also points to the addition of a developed graphic unit.

Also, other than the MacBook Pro, Apple is reportedly dabbling with the iMac Desktop with massive 27-incher screen size, says 9to5Mac. We have no official line but we expect one very soon.… Read the rest

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Apple MacBook Vs Apple MacBook Air Vs Apple MacBook Pro: Which MacBook Is The Best For You?

Apple has rolled out several new products this year and Apple MacBook is one of the most noted releases. Though all MacBook models are equally impressive, buyers often cannot decide, which is the best best buy among Apple MacBook (12-inch, 2015), Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 2015) and Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display (13-inch, 2015). While the 12-inch MacBook has attracted several buyers for its performance and design, users have also complained about the missing features like lack of connections or ports, poor battery and exorbitant price.

 Packed With Multiple FeaturesWhile the 12-inch MacBook has received mixed opinion from users, MacBook Air 13-inch is a good choice for people, who wants to experience MacBook features at a price of only $999.

According to CNET, this device also needs praises for its battery life but it is not a worthy choice for all. The wide bezel and the less impressive screen resolution has garnered negative feedback from many buyers.

 Third and the last model introduced so far, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is surely the ultimate choice for anyone. Its low weight and thin build makes it the perfect portable laptop. Not just that, it also boasts of high-screen resolution, multiple connections and ports as well as a long battery life. Buyers will also surely praise the looks of the device.

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Technical Preview Reveals Spartan And IE 11 Browser

We brought you news about the Windows 10 Technical Preview sometime back. Microsoft has finally released the same to the Windows Insider users last week. Latest buzz focuses on the Microsoft Spartan browser for smartphones. However, this Spartan version is still in its nascent stage. There are still certain issues around stability and more de-bugging needed before the preview is sealed.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Technical Preview Reveals Spartan What caught our fancy was the build 10051 bit of the Technical Preview. This allows addition of a partition stitching spec. With this feature, the Preview will be able to run on most Lumia handsets. However, owing to issues of screen scaling, the Preview will not be supported on the Lumia 640 Xl, Lumia 930 and the Lumia Icon.

Microsoft is also working on a better Internet Explorer version—IE 11 besides the Spartan. While the latter will be the default browser, users can always access the IE from the Start Menu itself. Other  new specifications that Microsoft has promised in its Build preview are-

  • New Outlook Mail App and
  • Revamped Outlook Calendar
  • Connectivity to Office 365 and Gmail, Yahoo and similar accounts
  • New Messaging App
  • Quick Call access button

Besides new features, the maker has improvised the Cortana resolution, keyboard placement, Microsoft Band Sync and photo app. Top issues that Microsoft is working on are Camera Roll auto uploads Office Hub removal, Cortana-Bluetooth interaction and SD card app launches.

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Xiaomi Plans To Strengthen Its Position In Indian MarketRead the rest

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Apple New MacBook Impresses With Looks, Screen Res And RAM

Apple has recently been under the scanner for their ability to innovate, especially since the demise of the founder Steve Jobs. They proved critics wrong with the launch of the Apple Watch, and the New MacBook launched on 9 March could be their second bet.

Must Read: Apple Watch vs Samsung Smartwatch: It’s a War of the Titans

On first look, we were floored by this 12-inch notebook. The thinnest MacBook seen so far, it is also the lightest at 2 pounds. Going deeper, the most impressive bits of the New MacBook are its Retina display, easy-going keyboard and the Force Touch track pad. Not to forget, the USB C port as well as the battery design.  

Apple Launches Its New MacBookBuilt using aluminium, just like its elder cousins Macbook Pro and Macbook Air, this laptop has a sturdy but lightweight design. The metal deck of the keyboard and the track pad made from glass are incredibly great specs.

Add to this, it has a 2304 x 1440 resolution to its Retina display, which comes out in the fact that viewing from any angle brings out crisp results.

Typing on the MacBook is a breeze thanks to its slimmed-down keys and the springy deck. Apple has picked the Core M chips to being us this comfort. Given the light weight and the no-noise fan on the new Apple laptop, the performance is slightly slower because Apple could not use the beefier i7 or i5 processors.

However, the 8 GB RAM more than makes up for better load time for apps and quicker multi-tasking. The battery life under optimal situations is 9-10 hours. There are two variants—one with 256 GB storage and another with 512 GB SSD. Both variants will have different processors–1.1GHz Core M chip and 1.2GHz CPU respectively.… Read the rest

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HP Sceptre x 360 Dissected: A 13.3-Inch Beauty With Lots of Potential

The purpose of technology today has become innovation. An example of that is the HP Spectre x360, which is a Windows 8.1 laptop with an interesting 360° flip. What is most credit worthy about this laptop is the transition that HP has taken in terms of its design. So you will find a lot of aluminium, less flex and rarely any parting line on the x360 from HP.

hp sceptre x360 reviewPhysically, it is beautiful and compact in design. Even slimmer than the Macbook Air, it works well for a modern lifestyle. At 3.26 pounds, the laptop appears very similar to Lenovo’s Yoga convertibles from certain angles.

The 13.3-inch screen is touch responsive and comes in full HD with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. However, just as you thought the x360 could be placed beside the Macbook, the display gives it away.

Review: HP Omen–Gaming Laptop with Intel iCore i7

Despite being sharp, it is no way close to being Retina crisp. Photos do come to life on the screen, but display could have been better in terms of angle views and brightness. The keyboard makes working on the x360 a breeze but the ‘ifs and buts’ begin with the track pad, which is not very helpful. LED keys make up for keyboard use and they can turned on or off, depending on the requirement.

A mid-segment model in the Sceptre x360 league comes with:

  • Fifth-generation “Broadwell”
  • 2.2GHz Intel Core i5 processor
  • 256 GB on-board storage
  • 8 GB RAM

The best Sceptre x360 model comes with:

  • Core i7 processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 512 GB SSD

In terms of performance, the laptop was never under trouble—multiple tabs, games, videos— everything works well on the HP Sceptre x360. Under optimal conditions, HP promises 12.5 hours battery life but then for a usual user, the battery lasts 6-7 hours on a round of charge. Nothing unique with this HP model but it is definitely utilitarian and if you can afford it—go ahead!… Read the rest

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Is The HP Stream 11-D023tu: Worth A Buy Or Does It Miss The Mark?

At a time when you have phablets, tablets, smartphones and mini-laptops, it is tough for an entry level laptop to make a big mark. So when a maker like HP decides to push the boundary with the HP Stream 11-D023tu, one is made to sit up and take notice.

In terms of physical looks, we so love this piece. While the color—a bright shade of blue—could be distracting for many, it has a funky feel to it.

The challenge with this laptop is that there are so many entry level laptops flooding the market that we need to actually weigh its pros against the plausible cons. Only then can we know if it scores a hit or a miss.

HP Stream 11For starters, we barely found any impressive hardware on the Stream 11. However, this is well made up for by the presence of the integrated 3G modem. Basically, this allows for smoother internet connectivity sans the worry of hotspot or dongles.

There are three ports and the usual HDMI output. However, all of these are on one side. The basic flaw we noticed here is the absence of any vent or fan. In fact, the speakers fire downwards being located on the lower lip curve of the device.

Moving in to greater details—there is no touch input support but then, the 11.6-incher screen is of poor quality and comes with 1366 x 768 resolution. The laptop is powered by Intel Celeron N2840 CPU.  Other specs around his niche are-

  • 2.16 GHz dual core processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 32 GB  memory
  • Flash support of only upto 32 GB
  • Windows 8.1, 34-Bit

While the full size keyboard is a good spec, we are let down with the pre-installed apps such as Connected Music, Trip Advisor and MySMS among others. The battery is beefy and offers 5 hours of activity post a single round of charging. However, this is just about it. For us, the HP Stream 11-D023tu misses the mark—big time!… Read the rest

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Asus ROG G750JX vs. Asus ROG G750JM: Getting To The Gamers

Asus rog g750jx vs. Asus rog g750jm- Which one to get!Looking for a powerful gaming laptop? Asus has come up with the Asus ROG G750JX, which is meant to provide high end gaming capabilities. 
The cousin of this laptop is the Asus ROG G750JM and they are constantly pitted against one another. It’s Asus ROG G750JX vs. Asus ROG G750JM as we check out how they are different!

 Asus ROG G750JX Specifications

Asus ROG G750JX operates the Windows 8 pro and comes with Intel Core i7 processor. This gaming laptop has a two-in-one card reader for added capabilities and comes with an HD web camera to help you stay connected. Being a gaming laptop, much attention has been paid by Asus towards its audio capabilities. Therefore, it comes with built in 2 speakers and microphone along with Maxx audio support. The keyboard is responsive and backlit which allows the users to play even when the lighting is dim and enjoy the effects of the game.

Asus ROG G750JM Specifications

Less noise and more power accompanies the Asus ROG G750JM. This gaming laptop has copper heatsinks, which enhances efficiency and minimizes noise. A recent model from Asus, this one operates on the Windows 8.1 pro and has an Intel HM 87 Express Chipset. Both of these add to the graphics quality of the laptop and turn it into a wonderful gaming machine. Equipped with HD web camera like the Asus ROG G750JX, the Asus ROG G750JM has built-in speakers and an Array Microphone.… Read the rest

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HP Pavilion x360 vs Lenovo Yoga 2: The Better Choice

Looking for a worthy notebook? The market is full of choices and one can easily get HP pavilion x360 vs Lenovo yoga 2- which one to get?confused while choosing the appropriate one. HP and Lenovo are some of the worthy brands, you can look for. Below is a review of the pavilion x360 from HP and yoga 2 from Lenovo.

HP Pavilion x 360

Stylish and compact, the HP pavilion x 360 can make heads turn. This notebook can be folded away into a compact size and considering that it is only 11.6 inches, it can be carried comfortably. However, it does not compromise on functions because the Pavilion x360 has a 1366 x 768 display to enable multi-tasking.

Quick access keyboard is another specialty of pavilion x360, which is missing from most notebooks in this category. Battery life is average as the x360 lasts 3 hours and 43 minutes on a full charge.

Lenovo Yoga 2

Lenovo Yoga 2 comes close to the Pavilion x360 as it comes with a 4th generation Intel Core Processor and has a Windows 8.1 64 –bit operating system. Multi touch display is another specialty of Yoga 2 and it can easily flip back by 360 degrees.

The Yoga 2 comes in four distinct modes–tablet, tent, stand and laptop, which makes it a convenient work and play notebook. It can be used while at work, traveling or when at home. Lenovo Yoga 2 scores over HP pavilion x 360 in terms of battery life as it can last up to 9 hours on a single charge.

Both these notebooks serve the purpose of a compact and mobile solution. However, the Lenovo is certainly more convenient to use.… Read the rest

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Asus-G551K-ROG Review: Just Right For The Gamer

First thing’s first, the Asus G551K-ROG laptop is just right those who love gaming. It is, in fact, a gaming laptop with attractive keys, full HD display and turbo boost chip. Faster processing and enhanced graphics make this laptop popular among gamers.

Asus-G551K-ROGGet a load with some amazing accessories that are provided with this laptop, including a smart backpack bag a programmable mouse and cool headphones. About 3 cm thick and weighing just about 1.7 kg, the laptop is comfortably portable. It has screen size of 15.6 inch to support gaming along with real big vents that allow heat to disperse so you continue playing comfortably for long hours.

The laptop lid has a neat brushed metal finish for style with a “Republic of Gamers” logo. If you are used to doing a lot of work on your laptop, this one works because it comes with a Chiclet keyboard that has a well laid backlighting. LEDs are placed to highlight the W, A, S and D keys of the keyboard to appear attractive to a gamer.

Some of its fascinating features are:

  • Wide and Full HD display
  • 4th generation Intel core i7 processor
  • Turbo boost chip clocked at 2.5 GHz to go up to 3.5 GHz
  • 2 GB DDR3 dedicated graphic card from Nvidia GTX850M
  • 8 GB RAM expandable upto 16 GB
  • 64 bit Windows 8.1 OS

Trying playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare or Wolfenstein: The New Order on this laptop and you will be surprised with the effects.… Read the rest

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HP Omen: Gaming Laptop with Intel Core i7

Looking for a razor thin gaming laptop? It seems the HP Omen is meant to work for all those who enjoy a good gaming laptop. This 15-inch laptop comes with an 1080 p screen along with a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, which means you enjoy high quality picture quality along with high speed gaming.

Looks and Screen Display

HP Gaming LaptopDesigned with sharp edges that taper down to the edges of the machine, this laptop is the right fit for any gaming enthusiast. The laptop is under 2 cm thick and weighs 2.1 kg, making it easy to carry. Feature wise too, HP Omen can compete with the best in the market as it has four USB 3.0 ports, mini display port, headset jack and a HDMI port.

Screen of HP Omen is bright and colorful, enhancing the views and actions in your game. On top of that, the responsive screen makes it easy to make your moves. It has an easy touch because of which you enjoy greater performance.

Poor battery life

What an HP Omen user is going to struggle with is battery life. HP Omen gaming laptop has a poor battery because it lasts barely 3.5 hours with a full charge. It is accompanied by a clumsy charger, which is another disadvantage with this laptop.

Key specifications

HP Omen works on a 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 4710 HQ processor so you enjoy high speed and greater functionality. The gaming laptop has 8 GB of RAM meaning that some high performing games can be easily stored in this razor thin shaped laptop. It has a 15-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 p and has a memory of 256 GB.

The gaming gizmo connects through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 and can help you scrape through some heavy duty games with extreme ease.

HP Omen can be your perfect fit for the next holidays. Carry it along and enjoy your vacations to the core.… Read the rest

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