Apple To Introduce Force Touch On MacBook Pro 15-Incher Soon, Work On 27 Incher Desktop Too On In Full Swing

Apple iOS9 Release May Coincide With New Handset From The Company

We have been awaiting scoop if the widely hailed Force Touch feature will make it to the 15-incher MacBook Pro from Apple. Apple is set to release a revamped Macbook Pro 15 incher featuring the track pad with Force Touch, according to MacG and 9to5Mac. The main reason this patented spec is being awaited is because it will help Macbook understand different types of touch and pressure intensities. While touch screens are nothing novel, a touch-sensitive track pad that understands the pressure level is totally unique. The spec will also offer tactile feedback as per the task that got performed due to a tap or touch. As far as we know now, we could not garner the fact that Force Touch track pad will come with four sensors. Even the topmost edge will have touch response capacity so the slightest push could give you lots to show onscreen. Besides this wow spec, [+more]

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Play ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ On PC- Beware of ‘Angry Planes’ Mod

Play 'Grand Theft Auto 5' On PC- Beware of 'Angry Planes' Mod

The enticing game, “Grand Theft Auto 5” now can be enjoyed on PC and the loyal fans can now try their skills on different mods released by its makers. Yet, there is word of caution before you install the mods as the “Angry Planes” mod seems to carry virus, which cannot be detected during the installation process.  The virus on this mod easily passes any anti-virus scanning, making it a big threat to the computers. Once the mod starts operating, the player becomes the target of every other aircraft in the game, ruining the total fun. Not just that, it may also create malware affecting the PC security. Makers of the game now recommend to uninstall the virus affected mod to play it safely, as deleting the mod will not ruin GTA fun in any way. Yet, the reports of PC Gamers hint that the GTA forums have been successful [+more]

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Mario Kart 8 DLC News: Nintendo Confirms Another Release In The Works

Nintendo has hit bull’s eye in terms of profits and sales, thanks to new innovations such as amiibos figures and new add-ons to Mario Kart 8. All Nintendo 3DS fans and Wii U enthusiasts can be happy with the confirmation that new releases and spunked up versions are on the maker’s cards. Nintendo is eyeing to introduce fans to the world of additional content download for games such as Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U and Mario Kart 8. Better news is that upcoming titles in the genre include New Nintendo 3DS/New Nintendo 3DS XL,  Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and Rhythm Tengoku. In terms of Wii U, expect new titles such as Splatoon and Yoshi’s Woolly World along with the Mario Maker. The giant from Japan has confirmed support to Mario Kart 8 as well as Super Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U via extra DLC releases.  So this teases fans with possibilities [+more]

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Apple MacBook Vs Apple MacBook Air Vs Apple MacBook Pro: Which MacBook Is The Best For You?

Packed With Multiple Features

Apple has rolled out several new products this year and Apple MacBook is one of the most noted releases. Though all MacBook models are equally impressive, buyers often cannot decide, which is the best best buy among Apple MacBook (12-inch, 2015), Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 2015) and Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display (13-inch, 2015). While the 12-inch MacBook has attracted several buyers for its performance and design, users have also complained about the missing features like lack of connections or ports, poor battery and exorbitant price.  While the 12-inch MacBook has received mixed opinion from users, MacBook Air 13-inch is a good choice for people, who wants to experience MacBook features at a price of only $999. According to CNET, this device also needs praises for its battery life but it is not a worthy choice for all. The wide bezel and the less impressive screen resolution has garnered [+more]

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Mortal Kombat X for PS4: How to Unlock Jason Vorhees on Sony Console?

Mortal Kombat X for PS4

‘Friday The 13th’ franchise fans will get loads to feast on while they play Mortal Kombat X (MKX) roster on their PlayStation 4 now. However, it is just as likely that you might be able to see Jason– the latest character addition. This can be fixed with these easy steps and barely eat up much time. Check out the process outlined in six easy steps- Step 1: Begin with downloading Jason Voorhees, the Kombat Pack and Horror Pack from Playstation Store. Once you select Mortal Kombat X, choose the game page and click on Add-Ons. Step 2: Boot the game, making sure you downloaded Horror Pack and Jason Voorhees separately. Step 3: Select either the Training Mode or Single Fight before selecting two characters with a stage. Step 4: As your fight sequence boots, select PS button and flick  the Netflix app open for suspending MKX. Step 5: Get back to MK [+more]

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Google Set To Launch Nexus 2015 This October, Might Tie Up With LG For Nexus Design

Google Set To Launch Nexus 2015 This October

Google might release Nexus 2015  in October or November this year. With the slew of Android updates we are seeing currently and with Nexus 6 set to celebrate its first anniversary, insiders are anticipating the Nexus 2015 soon. Amid buzz that we might be get to see Android 6.0 ‘M’ or Muffin at the Google I/O 2015, rumors are rife about the giant choosing LG over Motorola to design the Nexus 2015. If this insider scoop is true, experts are predicting presence of a Nexus 2015 display on lines of what we saw on LG G4. The camera on the Nexus 2015 too could echo the shutter on the G4.  With no official confirmation around any of these rumors, you can only watch this space for latest updates on the Nexus 2015 front. Going by the trends, you can surely expect either a new flagship or a brand new Android version [+more]

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Mario Kart 8 200 CC Shortcuts Will Expedite Your Speed!

Mario Kart 8 200 CC has become faster with new shortcuts in every course. Yes, now you can easily speed through and expedite your race, only if you do not bang into the wall initially.  Axsel, a user on You Tube has made a special video via Reddit to display all the shortcuts that are recently included in the game. Now gamers do not have to use Mushroom-fueled speed boosters to take advantage of good speed. The video is quite handy for those who are finding it difficult to reach to the first position. Shortcuts are probably the best way to win the race than simply staying on the Rainbow Raod for at least five seconds or more than that. Mario Kart 8 200 CCwas released on 23 April with a free update and two of its DLC packs of premium range were also released on the same day. Also read: Mario Kart [+more]

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Release Date: Arriving This May With Freebies And Attractive Features

Dragon Ball Xenoverse arriving this May

May 2015 is the period slated for the release of all new Dragon Ball Xenoverse DLC 3. With a number of striking features and freebies like Super Saiyan God Vegeta, DLC 3 is all set to woo the minds of game lovers. It is available on PC, PS 3, PS 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Namco Bandai had already unveiled that the new DLC will have 8 master quests, 5 parallel quests, 14 new actions, 7 Z-souls and 2 costumes (Gohan’s Tracksuit and Turtle Hermit). Along with these exciting add-ons, the game will also offer Elder Kai and Jaco the Galactic Patroller as the 2 new masters. With Turtle Hermit set and Tagoma’s Scouter, gamers can enjoy two inventive accessories to make the entire pursuit extremely thrilling. Even the playable characters like Golden Frieza, Jaco, Super Saiyan God Super SaiyanVegeta and Saiyan God Super SaiyanGoku are coming to make [+more]

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Apple iPhone 7 Update: Series 7000 Aluminium Might Finally Change The Design Algorithm For Maker

Apple iPad Pro May Feature Digital Stylus

While Apple is tight-lipped about the release date for its much awaited flagship iPhone 7, latest news has revealed that the device will be constructed from Series 7000 Aluminium. We sniff similarity with the Apple Watch Sport model if this is to be true. Street Wise has made this information public recently. While some analysts have predicted the iPhone 7 to hit retail lines as early as September this year, leaks from Value Walk reveal that the date could be pushed back to early next year. Christened Liquidmetal, the Series 7000 aluminum is exclusively licensed for use by the Cupertino giant but not many know that Atakan Peker was the man who developed it. Knowing the main properties of this alloy, we can now dream of having an iPhone 7 that is as light as breeze and sleek beyond imagination. However, it is set to be way stronger than you can imagine [+more]

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Mario Kart 8 Receives Patches And Fixes With 4.1 Update, Race Head With 200cc With Ease Now

Mario Kart 8 Receives Patches And Fixes With 4.1 Update

Mario Kart 8 has come under scanner again thanks to latest patches that the game received recently. Amid concerns such as game crashes and slow booting, the game has got patched up from all bugs and issues. You can now get hands on a 4.1 version of Mario Kart 8. More so, the latest update has also removed a recurring problem of files getting deleted due to the game with the new fix.  For gamers, good news comes with arability of the unlocked Mirror mode with this latest update. In fact, you can now play on 200cc level. Therefore, you may forget the woe of not clearing 150 cc till date. With the latest pace, the game developers have dismissed all perks for participation in 200 cc Grand Prix. With this also comes a hassle free process of not having to release the speedy mode post patch installation.  Earlier, you could [+more]

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