Best Buy Deals On iPad Air

best buy ipad dealOnline retailer Best Buy is offering discount deals on US-based technology giant Apple’s 16GB WiFi-only version of the iPad Air. The online retailer is presently offering a discount of 25%, selling the device at a price of just USD399. The offer is available for a limited time only.

Interested buyers have the option to choose from either the silver or space gray iPad Air at a discount of a whopping USD100. However, the deal is only applicable on the 16GB WiFi-only model.

US-based supermart Target offered its customers a USD100 store gift card on the purchase of an iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina display at full price. This resulted in lowering the price of the two tablets to USD399 and USD299 respectively. The deal started in July and is applicable on all models in the line-up.

Apple’s annual fall event is around the corner where the company usually announces the launch of a new iPad model. The iPad Air 2 and the new iPad mini with Retina display are likely to be launched by the company soon and they would be introduced in a slightly new look along with Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The company has so far launched five iPad versions, and has continuously worked towards refreshing the line every year. Several reports have emerged online regarding the release of a second iPad Air. However, Apple is still to make an official announcement over it. Several other retailers are also offering good discount on the devices.… Read the rest

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BBM For Windows Phone: Yeah, That’s The One

bbm on windows phoneBlackBerry has finally launched its BBM for Windows phone in partnership with Microsoft. This will enable users to get BBM on their smartphones running on Windows 8 or above. The company is done with its testing period for the Windows Phone version of the BBM and now this has enabled all users of Microsoft’s mobile platform to access beta version of the app.

The BBM app has already been launched Android and iOS by the company before the invite-only beta even began on Windows Phone. There have been large requests by the users to bring this messaging service to Microsoft’s small, but growing, mobile platform.

John Sims, president of global enterprise services at BlackBerry, has been quoted saying that “As the popularity of BBM continues to grow, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to expand its availability to the Windows Phone community. The BBM app for Windows Phone shows our commitment to supporting cross-platform capabilities, and we are excited to be working with Microsoft to deliver a new level of collaboration to the Windows Phone platform.”

Meanwhile, Bryan Biniak, vice president and general manager of developer experience at Microsoft, said that “We are intent on bringing the most popular application experiences to Windows Phone, and with BBM, we are pleased to bring many of its top features to the Windows Phone platform. BBM on Windows Phone brings our customers the secure, easy-to-use messaging experience they demand, and we expect that new features will roll out in the months to come.”… Read the rest

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India Beware! Bladabindi Virus Could Attack Your Windows OS: CERT-In

Many Bladabindi virusIndian computers have recently been attacked by a Bladabindi virus that affects one’s Microsoft Windows operating system. This has been reported by Computer Emergency Response Team-India (CERT-In), who have alerted Indian computer and Internet users. This multi-identity virus has been hacking secretly. It is capable of stealing sensitive personal information that will perhaps be used for nefarious purposes.

CERT-In has said that this virus can spread through removable USB flash drives and via other malware.

“It has been reported that variants of malware called Bladabindi are spreading. This malware steals sensitive user information from infected computer system. Bladabindi could also be used as malware downloader to propagate further malware and provide backdoor access to the remote attacker,” the agency to counteract phishing hacking CERT-In has said.… Read the rest

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Natural Language Processing To Start a New Era: Are You Ready for Self-Driven Cars and Voice-Activated Doors

With the development of technology and the invention of latest operating systems, users are allowed to send voice messages. On the other hand, works are ongoing related to self-driving cars and voice-activated doors, lights and elevators. This clearly shows that the future lies in the spoken, not written.With the development of technology and the invention of latest operating systems, users are allowed to send voice messages. On the other hand, works are ongoing related to self-driving cars and voice-activated doors, lights and elevators. This clearly shows that the future lies in the spoken, not written.


This major transition is the result of how we interact with our surroundings is natural language processing, which allows computers to understand the meaning of our words and recognise the habits of our speech.


Users likely to have already experienced this technology in the Xbox One and the Samsung UE65HU8500, all thanks to Siri and Google Now.


Charles Dawes, Global Strategic Accounts Director at Rovi, has been quoted saying that “Magic words have caused these technologies to rely on structured menu systems in which voice command simply replaces traditional inputs. These do not provide a satisfactory experience, forcing users to learn how to talk to the device and causing speech to become stilted and unnatural.”


The natural language engines are presently being used in several companies like Barclays Wealth uses it to verify an account holder, JetBlue is using intelligent voice advertising, and Ford is using natural language for drivers to control in-car systems such as the phone, music, temperature, navigation and traffic updates.


Once it has been recognised that what someone is saying, then its all about context, and disambiguating similar terms.… Read the rest

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Unlocked Version of Nokia Lumia 930 Now Available in the US

The latest Window-based smartphone from Nokia, Lumia 930, can now be purchased unlocked in the US. This signals that the customers who are interested in the purchase of this Windows Phone powerhouse can now get it even if they do not want it on the Verizon Wireless carrier.

Unlocked Version of Nokia Lumia 930 Now Available in the US
Creative Commans/Havarhen

The Nokia Lumia Icon has grabbed lots of eyeballs as a result of its high-end specs and features, but its exclusivity to Verizon put the company on the back foot in terms of its initial success. Nokia then decided to release a global version of the Verizon-bound smartphone, naming it as the Lumia 930 variant.

The Nokia Lumia 930 can be purchased at a price tag of USD699.99 with no carrier ties. The unlocked device is available at Expansys in the options of black, green, white and orange color.

The Nokia Lumia 930 is equipped with a screen size of 5 inches with ClearBlack OLED display having a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080. The device is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.2GHz, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage capacity.

The smartphone is not offering a microSD slot for additional memory, means you will only get 32GB memory. Some of the other specifications include a 20MP rear camera with PureView technology, a 1.2MP front shooter and a 2,420mAh battery. In terms of connectivity, it offers 4G LTE, Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC options.

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Improve Smartphone Battery Life in 10 Easy Ways

It can be so frustrating to struggle with the battery life of your smartphone the moment you have to look up an important venue on GPS, make a secure payment or even make an important phone call. It’s interesting how we’re using our smartphones for so many ways than one. So, how can you improve smartphone battery life?
The downside of this fabulous discovery is the struggle one has to make to keep a smartphone’s battery alive. If there were an opinion poll on what part of technology do you hate the most, poor battery life is likely to surface as the winner irrespective of the handsets in question.
The editors at have been inundated with this question time and again. That’s when we decided to create a list of the top 20 ways in which one can enhance battery life.

how to improve smartphone battery life1.    Turn off your hardware radios
Smartphones these days have given us a lot of flexibility. You are able to get connectivity almost anywhere and anyhow you want. However, you don’t need them all the time, right? Keep things like your LTE, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth switched off when you don’t need it.
2.    Dim your screen
Lowering the brightness of your screen can save immense amounts of battery life. A righter screen consumes a lot of battery. And it is not something that you need.
3.    Playing games
Cutting down game time on your phone is a great way to save battery life. Instead, play games on your tablet or PC. Games on phones are also smaller and strain your eyes.
4.    Keep a check on apps
It’s important to keep a check on apps running on your phone. Figure out the ones that consume a lot of battery. Keep them turned off for as long as you don’t need them. Do you know which app that we use famously but is a bitter pill for battery life? Your GPS. So use is judiciously.
5.    Use the application manager on Android phones
If you have an Android phone, look for the application manager. Swipe to the right to see running apps. There would be many apps that you don’t use. Simply uninstall those.
6.    Keep notifications limited
Mail, news, messages. These functions constantly play on your phone. You can set them up to receive messages less frequently by accessing settings. You would have seen a drastic drop in battery life during FIFA matches. It’s because of the many notifications and updates you receive on apps and social networks.
7.    Don’t leave it to the cloud
Using cloud services can drain battery life. Try to keep it under check by either downloading locally or uploading while you are on Wi-Fi.
8.    App for battery
You can download apps that help you save and manage battery life. They check what is consuming battery life, kill one’s that are not in use or by helping you manage radio connectivity.
how to improve battery life9.    Turn off background refresh
For those who use an iPhone, visit Settings > General > Background App Refresh. With this facility, apps are able to refresh their information when over Wi-fi or internet access. This is not usually required. Turn it off if you feel this is not something you need. It only means that the next time you access these apps, they will take slightly longer to refresh. That shouldn’t be such a problem!        
10.   Buy an extended battery
If you are constantly on the go, it’s a good idea to keep with you an extended battery that would aim you with extra change at times when you really need it.… Read the rest

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Android TV Makes Official Debut At Google Conference 2014

The Google I/O 2014 developer conference started on June 25 2014 and as expected with some interesting and exciting announcements. One of them was Android TV, which is third attempt by the company to take over the living room.

Android TV Makes Official Debut At Google Conference 2014
Creative Commans/Mazagnet


The company’s set-top box launched in 2010 as Google TV failed miserably, while its Chromecast, a streaming dongle, became quite popular.


Google has been quoted saying in a blog spot on June 25 2014 that “Now, in addition to Chromecast, Android TV brings all that you love about Android apps and games to your living room. Android is baked directly into your TV-watching experience, through a set-top box or as part of your TV. You can use voice search to find a live TV show, a good flick from Google Play, or a music video on YouTube. Plus, because it’s Android, you’ll be able to play your favorite Android games, reimagined for TV and with a gamepad. Android TV, which, like Chromecast, supports Google Cast technology, will ship with products from a single range of consumer electronics companies later this year.”


Android TV will be having a range of custom apps including Netflix, Pandora, Hulu as well as Google’s own apps such as YouTube, Hangouts, Play Movies and others. The device is likely to be commercially launched this fall. Android TV will also support gaming.

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Apple To Soon Roll Out New iOS 7.1.2 With Fixes

US-based tech giant Apple is scheduled to soon roll out new iOS 7.1.2, which will bring in fixes for iMessage, Lock Screen, iBeacon and other issues.

Apple To Soon Roll Out New iOS 7.1.2 With Fixes
Creative Commans/Apple Inc.

 The upcoming software update is likely to resolve several issues, including email attachment encryption and the much-talked-about iMessage issues that troubled users in the past who left iOS for another problem and were unable to separate their phone numbers from Apple’s messaging platform.

 The company earlier said that it is working towards resolving both of these issues and is scheduled to soon roll them out in a future software update. The new iOS 7.1.2 is seen as the first public update to roll out since the company made that promise.

 Apple-centric publication Mac Rumors has released a report claiming that the company is all set to roll out iOS 7.1.2 soon. The publication added that the company has asked carriers to sign off on the update by Friday, June 27. If this report comes out true, then the company would publically release the new iOS 7.1.2 as soon as the following week.

 The updated operating system is likely to address a bug that affects data transfer with third-party accessories, such as bar code scanners, along with bringing improvements to iBeacon connectivity.

 However, nothing is confirmed at this point of time, but the company will surely release the new firmware soon to address the aforementioned issues.

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Official Firmware For Android KitKat Update On Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 Rolled Out

Android 4.4 KitKat seems to be missing its presence on Samsung Galaxy S4 sets mostly.

Android 4.4 KitKat seems to be missing its presence on Samsung Galaxy S4 sets. Officially, the KitKat is not yet available for most Galaxy S4 smartphone models except the Galaxy S4 LTE-A and Sprint Galaxy S4.

However, SamMobile unveiled firmware yesterday that is available for Samsung Galaxy S4 handset for model GT-I9505. The rollout is a surprise given that the firmware comes fresh from 28 January.

The most exciting specs that the Android 4.4 update could pump into the European Galaxy S4 are:

  • Emoji keyboard
  • Wireless printing
  • White icons for the status bar

However, bugs too could come complimentary. Beware!… Read the rest

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Buy Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him: Apple MacBook Pro, Dell XPS 12 and Samsung ATIV Q

With Valentine’s Day lurking around it is a tough toss between choosing a worthwhile gift and a fancy item for your boyfriend.When you have a boyfriend you really adore or a hubby you want to pamper, what better time to buy gifts for hom than Valentine’s Day? This time round, gift him a laptop and watch him smile with glee.

Here are the top 5 picks for a 14 February gift:

Apple MacBook Pro: When it comes with fun with functionality, look no further than Apple MacBook Pro. Apple is set to offer “more power behind each pixel” with this 13-incher wonder. Armed with Retina Display and o         Dual Core and quad core processors from Intel, MacBook Pro is an apt pick for him.

Dell XPS 12: With Corning Gorilla Glass Display laced with a flip-hinge spec, the Dell baby is a wonderful pick for him. An ultimate name when it comes to convertibles, the laptop features 4th Generation Intel Core and boasts 9 hours-long battery life.

Samsung ATIV Q: Another top pick among laptops for this V-day is the Samsung ATIV Q. Spunked with multi-touch screen ad powered by Intel Core i5, the laptop boasts battery life close to 9 hours.

Get set to shower a superb surprise on your guy!… Read the rest

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