Windows 10 Set to Arrive; Expectations Soar

With Windows 10 all set to arrive soon, expectations are already soaring. The new Windows 10 Set to Arrive; Expectations Soaroperating system from Microsoft will be an exciting mix of the old and new as it will have the elegance of Windows 7 and the best of Windows 8.

Windows 10: a new beginning

Microsoft always knew that Windows 8 had not gone well with users, hence the urge to come up with Windows 10. This version of Windows is being promoted by Microsoft as a unique innovation in recent times and technology enthusiasts are looking forward for the launch.

Start menu

The Start menu has been put forward in the front and on left side of Microsoft user interface. As this start menu opens, it splits into two columns, the traditional list and the app styled icons.

The size and shape of start menu can also be manipulated by the user. Additionally, command prompting has also gets quite easier with Windows 10. Previously, the function was performed after opening context menu and hitting paste, in Windows 10, the same function can be performed by using Ctrl+V.


Multi desktop is another unique innovative feature that Windows 10 will have. This is one of the most eagerly awaited features of Windows 10 as task view allows users to access multiple desktop screens. This feature will be of worth where multiple apps are in use.

Mini screens as these are known will crop up on bottom of interface.

Virtual desktop

Virtual desktop feature has been added to Windows 10. With this feature at hand, users can switch between many desktops. Windows 10 can also change modes in case when no keyboard is attached. Improved snap feature is another unique innovation in Windows 10. Windows can be tiled horizontally and vertically.

Windows 10 will be an innovation in the real sense and has created a buzz among technology enthusiasts who are eagerly awaiting the launch.… Read the rest

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CES 2015: Tech Gadgets That Truly Fascinated Us

The much awaited Consumer Electronic Show 2015 is over but it has left us wagging our tongues even today. Held at Las Vegas, the show was a complete delight for Appliances to watch out in CES 2015technology enthusiasts from the world over as they gathered to get a look at some regular launches and some interesting releases.

Here are what we think are some of the key appliances and categories seen at CES 2015:

Cheap Televisions

Time has come when you should be saying goodbye to your standard 1080 pixel television. CES 2015 saw the latest technology in televisions as one saw 4K as well as 5k televisions that will change the way we have seen television. Apart from that, there was the release of 3D screens. All of this gives a truly interesting visual experience to the viewer. For the layman, a 4K television refers to images that stretch 4000 pixel wide and give you an incredible resolution.

Connected Home Technology

Ces 2015 interesting gadgetsMany interesting things were launched for home. While most of them were concepts, it got homemakers smiling for how easy life could get very, very soon. Apart from launching a wide range of smart cloud products, Haier has launched the Air Rubik, which is a modular product meant to provide many functions simultaneously–humidification, purification, freshening, and dehumidifying. LG also made an interesting launch-a washing machine that can be controlled with a mobile app.

Energy Management Appliances

CES 2015 saw a special range of energy management appliances such as refrigerators and thermostats designed to help you intelligently manage energy and give maximum output with minimum endeavor.

Wearable Health Gadgets

Health has become a priority for people today and there are many apps and gadgets to help us do that. This time round too, there were some interesting launches in this line at CES 2015 such as the Fitlinxx Ampstrip glue-on heart-rate monitor that can be placed on the ribs to constant monitoring. There was also a Gymwatch that came from Germany. It works as a self coach that helps in self training.… Read the rest

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Google Wants HTTP Sites To Declare Themselves Safe

HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol) is generally considered useful while navigating the web and the assumption is true to a certain extent. But it’s equally true that this is an insecure system prone to intrusion by hackers and other notorious elements.Gigabit-Internet service in Austin priced for $70 per month by Google

To tackle this problem, Google has decided to come up with a radical solution. It is asking all HTTP websites to declare themselves unsafe so that developers use the secure and encrypted HTTPS.

By promoting this endeavor, Google wishes to showcase to web users in general that HTTP is not a safe way to browse the internet. Google’s proposal, if implemented, will bring a radical change in the way the internet is used. Three site classifications: a) Secure or fully functional HTTPS systems; b) Dubious or functional HTTPS with authentication errors; and c) Non-secure or standard HTTP and HTTPS with outdated protocols will be the order of the day.

However, it does not mean that Chrome will disallow users from accessing such sites but will indicate that sensitive information should not be transmitted here due to third party intrusion being a real probability.

If adopted in the real sense, this proposal of Google could bring a drastic change in way the internet is being used currently. Details of this project have been posted on The Chromium Projects website for internet users to check the viability of the proposal.

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Some Tips To Find The Best Laptop For You

how to identify a good laptopWith so many laptops available in the market today, it can be quite a struggle to find out the one that is just right for you. Since you don’t have the option to make your own configurations in the laptop unlike the desktop and they are usually not upgraded by the company. So it becomes all more important to pick the right one so that it gives you all the features and specification at a justified price.

Purpose of the laptop

The first and foremost thing is that you have to identify that for which purpose you are buying the laptop. For business-cum-travel needs you need lightweight laptops, while for home and official use you require something midsized. If you are engaged in graphic designing, then you may require a big screen laptop. In fact, there are some laptops that are specially meant for gaming enthusiasts such as with better processing and picture quality. So they can pick up gaming laptops.

Identifying the features

It is important to look at the key features of a laptop before taking any decision.

  • The battery life of a laptop is of utmost importance, especially when you need it for travel and business purposes.
  • The other thing to take care of is that the laptop should have the good build quality and durability.
  • The machine should ideally have high-end specifications such as a good processor, sufficient number of USB and other ports, and storage space.

Some of the other required features to consider are screen quality, heat production, webcam, upgradability and warranty.… Read the rest

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Cloud Note-Taking App Notability Finally Makes Its Appearance On Desktop

Notability has been seen as one of the most desirable app for students who want to record audio of their lectures along with taking notes during the class. The app has been available on both iPhone and iPad for the last few years, and it has now finally made its appearance with all the same functionality on the desktop.

notability for deaktopThe app was developed by an outfit called Ginger Labs, which also helped the hearing impaired people by developing an app called soundAMP. The app is flexible and can be synchronized with several inputs, thus it acts more than just a simple app to save text-based notes.

This app enables users to save notes in iCloud that can be later accessed across devices. The users also have the option to export the notes to the supported file formats, including PDF as well as share with others who are also using the same app.

The app’s desktop version carries a price tag of USD9.99 to download, which is higher than the usual price of USD4.99. The app is presently available on a 40% discount for mobile at a cost of just USD2.99.

Notability is presently the top app on the Apple App Store for iPad, and now it is likely to add some more users in the list.… Read the rest

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What Is Main Ideology Behind Google’s Push For HTTPS

US-based tech giant Google has recently announced changes in its search ranking What Is Main Ideology Behind Google’s Push For HTTPSalgorithm. In a latest, they will now be considering whether a website has the HTTPS or not. Is this a signal to switch the site to HTTPS or is it just a political jousting without any relation to search?

HTTPS is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and it is the extension of the popular HTTP that we see on all web addresses. The code helps to transfer web pages across the web. The S in the HTTPS adds a security layer by encrypting the data. Google has been pushing hard for the last several years for improvement in on-site security.

A precursor to this move was seen a few years ago when the company started encrypting search referral terms for logged-in users. Now the company has initiated another step by offering website that use the HTTPS, a boost in rankings.

HTTPS would be much like a modifier. Across the internet, 99% searches will take place without HTTPS even being looked at. However, in the instances when there are two search results with the same parameters, the one with HTTPS is likely to take the lead.

HTTPS will be beneficial for websites that gather and consume personal information such as bank portals, e-commerce websites and even social networks. They should have HTTPS in order to protect consumers’ sensitive information. But when it comes to blogs, news sites and company websites, HTTPS does not come handy.

The switch would involve money, implementation of additional resources and would also slowdown your site. It is recommended that you should only switch to HTTPS only if users are sharing their personal information on the site. It is a sure shot thing that the switching will not affect your rankings at all.… Read the rest

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Evleaks Parting Ways With Best Moto X+1 Leak So Far

Evleaks has released the best leak so far about the upcoming Moto X+1 by showing a Evleaks Parting Ways With Best Moto X+1 Leak So Farbest quality leaked image of the device. The smartphone is likely to be released by the company on September 5, 2014 with a lot of advanced features and specifications.

Twitter leaker @evleaks is parting ways and has given a gift to followers by releasing the best image of the Moto X+1 that we have seen so far. Evan Blass, or @evleaks, has recently announced his retirement from providing leaks about upcoming devices.

The Moto X+1 is likely to boast high-end specifications and features in every respect. It would be having a new 5.2-inch screen with a pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080. It would be powered by a faster Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM and 24GB of internal storage capacity. Meanwhile, a higher 64GB version would be equipped with a microSD card slot not found on the regular model. It would also sport a 12MP rear sensor coupled with a 5MP front snapper.

We recently announced that the company is scheduled to release 9 devices in the period of the next four months. However, not much information has been provided by the company till now. The company is likely to remain silent on the new devices until the September event.

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Also Read: Moto X+1 Expected Features
Also Read: Moto X+1 Expected Features… Read the rest
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Ebola Email Virus: Infected Ebola Messages On way, Please Beware

Symantec has released a new report in which it has stated that cyber criminals are now using Ebola virus email as their new phishing tool. The Symantec report revealed that cyber criminals are capitalizing on the Ebola epidemic in West Africa in order to steal passwords via emails.

The Ebola email virus is here as cyber criminals are sending fake emails in the name of the dreaded disease, which has raised an alarm globally. These emails are reported to aim and exploit vulnerable users.

Infected Ebola Messages On way, Please Beware
Ebola Alert

Symantec mentioned in its report that cyber criminals are sending fake Ebola reports as attachments to unsuspecting users. Users who download such reports receive the Trojan.Zbot malware.

Cyber criminals are using this malware to steal sensitive information such as passwords, payment information, delete files and folders and even record from the webcam.

Users can expect to receive emails such as this: “In the last two weeks there has been talk of Zmapp, a promising Ebola drug still in an experimental stage.” Symantec says, “The crooks entice their victims with an email claiming the Ebola virus has been cured and the news should be shared widely. The email attachment is Backdoor.Breutmalware.”

After clicking on such emails, users are being asked to log in on a Web page by entering their email credentials. Following that, hackers can gain access to their accounts.

This is not the first incident where cyber criminals have used such news to exploit personal information. It’s time to be cautious.… Read the rest

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A 4K Resolution Revelation: Not All UHD TVs are Made Alike

 A tip-off from Fox News has led to the discovery that not all Ultra High Definition Televisions (UHD TVs) can run Netflix 4K videos.

UHD TVs, UltraHD TVs, Netflix 4K videos, 4K resolution, HEVC, Panasonic UHD TVs
UHD TVs, UltraHD TVs, Netflix 4K videos, 4K resolution, HEVC, Panasonic UHD TVs

These UltraHD TVs come with built-in HEVC decoders and therefore are expected to play all videos with 4K resolution. High Efficiency Video Coding or HEVC, formerly called H.265, is a video compression standard, used to send 4K videos that occupy too much of space, via existing broadband networks with low speed of 15 to 16 Mbps.

The revelation included UHD TV sets made by some of the biggest television makers including LG Electronics, Samsung and Sony, which could play 4K videos such as “Smurfs 2” and “Ghostbusters” without a hitch. However, the stumble turned out on Panasonic’s TC-58AX800U, which couldn’t stream Netflix content with 4K resolution.     

Netflix passes on its own certification program to TV set makers so that they receive Netflix 4K videos. And the American Internet-media provider’s certification program considers certain factors such as the picture quality, presence of HEVC decoder and fact whether the TV and its HEVC chipset can support a wide range of colors or not.

Manufacturers can put up their TV sets on sale even before receiving a passed Netflix certificate as the software can be updated for 4K video streams. However, in case the certification fails, the televisions cannot play Netflix 4K streams.

The Panasonic’s TC-58AX800U TV set tested here holds an HEVC chipset, which doesn’t meet the Netflix’s certification requirements.

Later this summer, the Japanese TV maker Panasonic plans to launch AX900 series, hopefully with support for Netflix 4K videos.

 … Read the rest

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Yelp Review: Going Out? Don’t Forget Your Urban City Guide

yelp reviewFounded in 2004, Yelp is a California-based online urban city guide, developed by Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simons. Initially a web-based business review site, Yelp helps users find places to eat, shop, drink and unwind. This means, guides its customers through anything exciting that’s happening around in the city- be it great discounts, finding small businesses, exciting events or a new eating place that’s open now.

Available on Andorid, iPhone, iPad, amazonkindle and Windows Phone, the Yelp App offers inside perspective with access to millions of reviews, photos, tips and check-ins written by Yelpers.

Crossing the mark of 138 million users in the Q2 2014, Yelp has expanded its services to Europe and Canada.

With phone numbers and an address book, Yelpers can also make reservations directly from the app or website. Easy and simple as ABC, Yelp App can be downloaded free of cost. The travel app also has city maps for distances and easy directions.

Yelp has brought in a fresh wave of excitement in local businesses, helping both Yelpers as well as businesses. The firm earns its revenue via advertising, marked as Yelp Ads on the site. Users can write reviews, find friends, talk or have a chit-chat with other Yelpers. Filtering the search as per ratings, locality, distance and price, makes the app hasty and handy.… Read the rest

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