Google Adds New Feature to Its Kitty: To Notify of Product Availability You Searched Online

Google has expanded its offering with the addition of another feature related to the product searches you do online. The feature enables Google to remember what you have searched online and will notifying you when a product is available nexus 10 release date

The search giant has been improving its services on a regular interval, with Google Now receiving a neat treatment recently. The company recently updated its Search app for Android devices with the addition of new abilities, such as working while offline or finding your car if you forgot where you parked it.

You search for ample of products online and generally forget about majority of those. But Google Now will not forget about the product you searched for and will notify as soon as you pass by a store that has said product in stock.

The new feature can only be accessed through the Android version of Google Now at this point of time, and it is also likely available only for users in the US, with a potential expansion to follow later on. Very limited information about the feature is available currently as the company has not yet made any official announcement about the same.

The new feature by Google is likely to receive mixed reactions from the users as there are people who don’t mind sharing everything with Google’s personal digital assistant, but there are also people who are likely to feel embarrassed by notifications regarding their recent product searches.  There is a high probability that the users will have the option to to turn off this functionality if they so prefer.

Google Now was initially launched on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and it was termed as one of the most valuable features of that OS version. The latest update can now be downloaded from the Google Play store that will assist you in shopping by keeping track of your product searches.

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Snapchat Likely To Get Multi-Party Conferencing and Screen Sharing Features

Messaging service Snapchat has managed to get hold of some interesting and exciting features, including the ability to have real-time conversations with live video. This is entirely attributed to the recent acquisition of AddLive.art_snapchat-620x349snap

The messaging service was launched in 2011, and since then it has made some noticeable improvements. The latest improvement was introduced just a week ago with the launch of text messaging and the ability to video chat live for real-time conversations.

The recently introduced video chat function is impressively fast and it makes users activate video chat between any two devices within mere seconds, even across different platforms.

Snapchat has not made any official announcement until now regarding the acquisition of specialized company AddLive, but has confirmed the acquisition to The Verge. It is not clear when the acquisition took place, but this happened sometime in the past few months.

Snapchat has been quoted saying to The Verge that “We are excited to welcome the AddLive team to the Snapchat family. We have no further comment at this time.”

AddLive is an expert in the field of video communication in the browser space. The company is dependent on WebRTC, a powerful project that enables browsers to communicate in real time using simple JavaScript APIs. AddLive managed to won the “Best WebRTC Tool” award at the 2013 WebRTC Conference and Expo.

AddLive also has an expertise in multi-party conferencing and screen-sharing, fueling speculations that Snapchat is likely to include video group chat options or even interactive Snap screens.

At this point of time, it is highly appreciated that users are able to have real-time conversations via Snapchat instead of having to use a different service. It has not been officially confirmed that Snapchat will introduce additional features with the support of AddLive, but it would make great sense.

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iPhone 6 To Release Soon As Production Starts In China

The upcoming flagship smartphone of Apple, iPhone 6, is expected to be launched soon as reports have claimed that its production has already initiated in China. It has been reported by GSM Arena that the company is hiding the fact that the upcoming smartphone is already in the production stage in China, while UBS Research sources claimed that the sapphire screens have already been shipped for the new iPhone on the assembly line in China.iPhone 6 Big Screen: What it Means For Android Kings Samsung And Sony?

Analyst Matt Margolis has been quoted saying in the report that “approximately 100,000 to 115,000 sapphire screens could be produced from 2,200 kg of sapphire ingots. It was estimated that GT will sell the sapphire screens to Apple between $8.50 and $10 as the first wave of supply from GT Advanced to Apple suppliers was worth around $1 million.”

Apple is scheduled to release two versions of iPhone 6 this year, with one having a 4.7-inch display and the other boasting a 5.5- or 5.7-inch screen. However, it is reported that the company will first manufacture the 4.7 inch version, while the bigger version is rumored to be postponed.

The smartphone is likely to be equipped with Apple’s next OS version, iOS 8, and it would be more scratch resistant as compared to the screens of the current iPhones. The smartphone is also expected to sport several other features, including 64-bit mobile processor, a clock speed of 2.6GHz and improved RAM.

Some recent reports related to the design of the Apple’s next-generation flagship smartphone claim that it would be equipped with rounded edges and a cover glass, unlike the straight edges seen on the earlier iPhone 4 and iPhone 5S models. Meanwhile, other reports have claimed that the company is looking for a USD100 price increase for the upcoming smartphone.

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iPhone 5S vs OnePlus One: Most Powerful And Affordable Phone Yet?

The OnePlus One has emerged as one of the most powerful yet affordable smartphones available in the market. There have been several reports comparing the features and specifications of OnePlus One with other high-end premium flagship smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S5, the HTC One M8, LG Google Nexus 5 and the Sony Xperia Z2. But we will now compare the features of this smartphone with Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone yet, the iPhone 5S.

iPhone 5S vs OnePlus One

The iPhone 5S has a compact size, making it easy to hold smartphone. It gives expensive and premium look as a result of its solid aluminium back and metal frame with chamfered edges. On the other hand, OnePlus One does not look expensive owing to its plastic body.

The iPhone has a 4.0 inch LED-backlit IPS LCD display with a pixel resolution of 640 x 1136 and a pixel density of 326 ppi. Meanwhile, the OnePlus One is equipped with a much bigger 5.5 inch IPS LCD having a pixel resolution of 1080 x 1920 and a powerful pixel density of 401 ppi.

Apple’s iPhone 5S is powered by the company’s powerful A7 chipset and a 64-bit architecture, resulting in stellar smartphone performance. On the other hand, the OnePlus One runs on the latest quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5 GHz along with an Adreno 330 GPU as well as 3GB of RAM.

The OnePlus One is equipped with a 13MP Sony Exmor RS sensor along with a 6 parts lens with an f/2.0 aperture, and dual LED flash. The smartphone has the capacity to shoot 2160p video. The smartphone also has a 5MP front facing camera. On the other hand, iPhone 5s features a state-of-the-art 8MP sensor with bigger pixels, a larger ƒ/2.2 aperture and True Tone flash.

There is no doubt that Apple is a market leader as a result of its latest and advanced features, according to several experts. But OnePlus One is a good buy keeping in mind that it is offering powerful hardware at an affordable price point. 

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Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 Receive Xperia Z2 Apps

The flagship smartphone of Sony, Xperia Z2, is now commercially available and can now be purchased from retailers as well as Sony Mobile Stores in the UK. The premium waterproof smartphone is equipped with a range of new software features and apps.

Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 Receive Xperia Z2 Apps
Own work

These premium apps can now be installed on the fourth and fifth generation smartphones of Google – Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. This is majorly attributed to senior XDA member Jishnu Sur, who shared downloaded zip files featuring all the apps from the Xperia Z2. The app file has been taken from the system dump by CDA developer, Chainfire.

Some of the premium Sony Xperia Z2 apps are Home, Walkman – Fixed, Album, Movies, Easy Home, Notes, Sketch, Smart Connect, Social Life News, Xperia Lounge, Social Life News, Tools Widgets, Walkman Widget, Weather Widgets, Sony Xperia Z2 LWP, Calender, Sony Select and Facebook Integration.

The key points to be taken care of while downloading these apps are the Nexus phones are required to be rooted and should be custom recovery pre-installed, must have a Android version 4.4 or above, and have nearly 250MB of free system partition space.

Here is the list of steps to install the apps – 1) Download the Xperia Z2 apps, 2) Transfer the downloaded zip from computer to internal storage of the phone, 3) Reboot the phone into recovery mode, 4) Install the zip and perform Wipe cache-Dalvik cache, 5) Restart the phone.  

The Sony Xperia Z2 is available in a screen size of 5.2 inches having a resolution of 1,080 x 1,920 pixels and good viewing angles. The smartphone has 0.32 inches of thickness and a weigh of 0.35 lbs. It runs on a 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core Krait 400 processor along with 3 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory. The Sony Xperia Z2 is powered by Android 4.4, and is equipped with 3,200mAh battery. It also boasts a 20.7MP camera with 4K recording support, and is available in black and white shades.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Leaked? Support Page Pops up on Company’s Official Website

The news is official or is it not? This question might strike your mind as you scramble through the Finnish website of Samsung. News about Samsung coming up with a Galaxy S5 Mini has been posted on the website recently.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini support page pops up on company’s official website
Flickr: Samsung Galaxy S5

Interestingly, it is Samsung which has come up with the concept of a large flagship smartphone and following it with a mini version of the same. This trend started in 2012 with the launch of Galaxy S3 and the concept has now become a benchmark with Samsung.

Though the company is not revealing much as on date, but the Galaxy S5 Mini is expected to have many trademark features common to Galaxy S5. The website page too does not reveal much about the technical specification of Galaxy S5 Mini. The phone however is expected to have a 4.7 inch display along with 720p resolution and a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor.

You can expect 16 GB of internal storage capacity, a mciroSD card slot along with an 8 megapixel rear camera and 1.5 megapixel front facing camera. This new launch from Samsung is expected to be water resistant making it another unique innovation from Samsung.

Galaxy S5 Mini is set to make its debut soon and we will be back with more information as and when the phone makes its debut.

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Steve Jobs Depicted as Sexy Animation Girl By A Japan Line of T-Shirts

Late Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple seems to be enjoying his share of admiration, high up in the heavens. He has been portrayed as a star for a Japanese fashion line. This fashion line has portrayed Steve as a sexy anime girl on its range of t-shirts.

Steve Jobs depicted as sexy anime girl, because Japan can

This unisex range of t-shirts is now available in the market and the credit for bringing out this unique concept designed t-shirt goes to illustrators of Infinite Stratos and Xenosaga series. They perhaps took the idea from Chocolate Apple which is a manga biography of Steve written way back in 2011.

In his manga biography, Steve switched over his gender and appeared as a sexy Japanese girl. It was Choco, a Manga artist who created this unique concept and thereafter, the name Chocolate Apple went viral.

Despite all his admiration for Japanese culture, it is perhaps difficult to interpret as to why Steve agreed to be portrayed as a female character in his Manga biography. Though it is a reality that an attractive female depiction would have helped sell the product easily but the female personification of Steve did surprise his fans then, as it is doing now.

Much interesting news is still to follow as Steve is all set to appear in various forms on other merchandise. Meanwhile, if you need to purchase the “Jobko” t shirt, the same is available for $35. You can view the images here.

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New MacBook Air vs. iPad Air: Closer than you think

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New MacBook Air vs. iPad Air: Closer than you think

With Apple unveiling its latest MacBook Air, it is perhaps the appropriate time to compare the same with iPad Air. Here is a fair assessment of the two and if you are considering buying iPad Air in the coming days, this reality check can help you choose the best among the two.macbook air vs macbook retina pro

Consider the Size

The good news is that both of these, ie MacBook Air and iPad Air are virtually similar in size and both of these could be a great choice for any regular traveller. However, iPad Air at 469 grams or 1 pound is much lighter as compared to MacBook Air which weights 1.08 Kg or 2.38 pounds.

The Price Aspect

This is one aspect in which iPad Air scores over MacBook Air. At $799, the entry level iPad Air is $100 cheaper as compared to MacBook Air which costs $899. However, iPad Air has scored a point over MacBook in the sense that you can have the 4G/LTE option in iPad Air. With this addition, the price of iPad Air has gone up to $929 which is only marginally above the $899 mark for MacBook Air.

Battery Life

Traditionally, iPad has always scored over MacBook in the battery life but this time around the story is different. MacBook claims that the device will have a battery life of 9 hours which is pretty much close to the 10 hours of battery life which iPad Air is offering.

Both the devices are similar enough is various quality parameters and a perspective buyer will find it tough to point out the best among the two. Take your pick and make an intelligent choice.

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‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ trailer drops, boasts high-tech world with Kevin Spacey (VIDEO)

With Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare scheduled for May 4 release, Activison has already come up with a trailer. The homepage of Call of Duty has been aptly designed keeping in view the latest release. A distorted image much likely of a soldier along with a countdown timer which reveals the May 4th pointer is the highlight of the homepage.CallofDuty-bo2

Interestingly, the May 4th concept of Call of Duty has been designed by Sledgehammer Games. This is the same team which had successfully designed the 2011 Modern Warfare 3 along with Infinity Ward.

This time around, Sledgehammer Games has decided to take the plunge alone and is expecting to put up a good show. On its part, Activision too has decided to give three players a chance in framing the Call of Duty series. Sledgehammer, Black Ops creator Treyarch and Infinity Ward would be vying with each other in future to design and put through Call of Duty series.

The series which goes by the name of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been set in coming future. The high tech warfare laden series will witness Kevin Spacey take on multiple challenges, even as he emerges victorious in this single player campaign.

Keep watching this space as more interesting revelations will be coming soon.

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Shut Up Already: Twitter Rolling Out New ‘Mute’ Feature

Feeling annoyed from a disturbing tweet of your colleague? Need not any more. Twitter is reportedly coming up with a mute feature, applicable on its iOS and Android apps.twitter new look

The mute feature will serve multiple purposes. All the tweets and re tweets of the person whom you wish to ignore will be hidden from your timeline. Secondly, the person whose tweets you have hidden will not feel let down as they will never know that it is you, who has done it. This is indeed social innovation and Twitter has taken a lead among social media players with the likely introduction of this feature.

Twitter has recently come up with numerous changes in its platform and this one is sure to get appreciation from one and all. However, this is not the first time; Twitter has tried something of this kind. Twitter clients and apps like Tweetdeck and tweetbot allow users to set timed mutes which expire on their own in the designated time. This way you could easily enjoy your favourite movie or catch up the action in the football game without worrying about the nagging tweets which keep coming up every other minute.

With the launch of tweet button in its main application, Twitter has scored a point over other social media sites, as its Facebook like layout and timeline ads concept did not score much with users.

Keep watching this space for more as Twitter is likely to come up with this feature soon. Any updates will be posted here!

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