Google Set To Release Android 6.0– Christens It Marshmallow; Packs In Three Solid Specs

The latest generation for Android OS is finally set to hit marts and has interestingly been named Marshmallow. Currently, the platform is in its beta phase but a preview build release had been made available to developers last week. Around Fall this year, the final versions could be made available but it could be a little longer before these are updated to compatible handsets. We had known that Android 6.0 was set to arrive, back in May during the Google I/O Conference; this had been known as Android M then. However, going with the name of Marshmallow Google has kept its trend of using sweet treats as name for its Android update names.

Google Set To Release Android 6.0Top Three Marshmallow Features

Users of Android will barely see much interface-based differences between Android Lollipop 5.0 and the upcoming Marshmallow. The interfacial changes were already reduced by Lollipop sometime back. The major revamps are intrinsic and aim to enhance stability as well as performance. New and interesting specifications of the Android 6.0 platform are features focused on six main areas. Three of these areas stand focused on security and user experience. A brand new system for permissions will allow users to have total control over what parts of a device apps can access on Marshmallow. The system will be similar to how iOS works given that applications will now need permission based on case-by-case. Earlier, users had grated all permissions at once. Therefore, there had been share-ability issues for information along varied app platforms.

A welcome upgrade with Marshmallow is the new app linking feature that allows one application to directly connect with another using a single link or button. Earlier versions saw a pop up dialog box that asked the user if he/she wanted to open another application. Marshmallow will erase this.

Marshmallow also seeks to enhance battery usage with a brand new feature called Doze. It works by using in built motion sensors of phones for detecting if a device has actually been used. After a set time span, Android will cut down all background activities that will help reduce battery life. While some might question the effectiveness of the new feature, David Burke, VP of Engineering said that Doze could almost double the standby span for Nexus 9 tabs. This was published in the Verge.

Wrapping Up

Besides these main areas, Google will now focus on smaller enhancement such as improve copy-paste feature, volume controls and USB-C induced faster charging. In spite of these brand new functionalities, the upgrade bit to Marshmallow could still be challenging. First comes issues such as device compatibility and slow update releases from carriers. Perhaps these reasons justify why only 18 per cent android handsets had been running on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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Google Not Prepared To Launch Project Ara; Testing Newer Design Alogrithms

Google has been trying to stand out of the regular crowd with its Project Ara. However, things have taken a turn such that too unconventional a thing could lead you into hot water.  According to inside scoop, the latest upcoming phone from Google might just allow you to swap all its main components. Despite its best design algorithms, this is one thing the maker is finding hard to achieve.  A latest tweet from the Project Ara team at Google says, “No more electro-permanent magnets.”

Google Not Prepared To Launch Project AraThis concept is a challenge now and the maker is working on redoing the entire framework of Project Ara such that it can join all the modules together. More so, Google needs to create a phone that does not fall apart when it hits the floor.  Therefore, the durability factor is something at stake here.

The creators of Project Ara say that they are in process of testing the signature experience for attaching its modules. While there is no clarity on what this means we know that Ara will debut much later.  There is no official launch date yet. Keep watching this space for more updates.

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Smartphone Diseases- The New Danger Spread By Doctors In Hospitals

A Tasmanian study has showed  that Smartphones used by doctors in hospitals could be the source of diseases. Let’s see how.

Danger from smartphones

With augment of technology, these smart devices have changed the networking and Smartphone Diseases- The new danger in Hospitals spread by doctorsoperations of working in hospitals because these devices are now largely taken into use for accessing laboratory results or ti know about the well-being of the patients who are admitted in the hospitals.

However, excess use of these devices can be a reason for putting the health of the patients at risk. The study, which was conducted, stated that nearly 50% of the Smartphones used in hospitals are having one species of bacteria, 40% had two variants and nearly 3% had three other categories of bacteria. Further stated in the report that one of the kind of bacteria known as “Pathogenic” known for spreading infections is found on the Smartphones that are being used by the doctors in the hospital.

What experts say?

Dr. Chao has stated that even though these bacteria are mild, they are harmful enough to cause blood infection in patients suffering from compromised immune. According to Dr. Chao, the mobile devices that are used so frequently in the hospital premises should also be cleaned through a disinfectant similar to the way cloths and hands are cleaned. It has also been seen that only nearly 5% of medical professionals do it regularly. Even though there are protocols for sterilizing equipment used in hospitals, nothing such is followed for the Smartphones, hence the same should be developed for the betterment of the future.

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How to Undo Sent Mail On Gmail

There are many of us who often send an e-mail with a typo or wrong content. However, this situation becomes extreme when you send an e-mail in a moment of anger and regret it later. Well, we can easily escape these types of situation by simply enabling undo send feature in Gmail. Many mail providers offer this facility to the users but Gmail uses it differently. Undo send feature of Gmail work in a different manner by waiting a few seconds after you have sent an e-mail. An option of undo sending is also available to the user of you want to cancel the sending. 

How to activate undo sending feature in Gmail But the users have to be quick in deciding whether they want to send the e-mail or not because Gmail only offers a few seconds delay with this feature after which the mail is sent automatically to the recipient. To enable this feature the users have to follow some simple steps:

  • First of all the users of Gmail have to click on the gear icon on the right side of the mail which will provide them access to the settings panel of Gmail.    
  • In setting panel, go to Undo send option and click on enable button
  • After this you can set the amount of time that you need to decide whether to send the e-mail or not
  • Finally, click on save changes option and this feature will be enabled on you Gmail account. 

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Nest Reveals New Nest Cam, 2nd Generation Nest Protect, Updated iOS App

Best Buy has seen huge sales and a final sell-out of Nest Cam. The maker has already laid the stage for a slew of new surprises. Especially, the 2nd generation Nest Protect smoke detector that comes in form of an app that runs both on iOS and Android. 

Here’s What The Nest Protect Offers

As for the latest Nest Protect, we got to know that it is an upgrade that comes with a brandNest Reveals New Nest Cam, 2nd Generation Nest Protect, Updated iOS App new split spectrum sensor. This uses a pair of two  light wavelengths that can help users differentiate between varied smoke types. So you can bid goodbye to quick fires and slow-spreading fires.

Learn Little Bit More On The Nest App

You can also get hands on a smoke chamber that is laced with a steel screen complete with small hexagon shaped holes. Another latest thing that is part of this is the App Silence spec. This will enable a user to silence an alarm using their smartphone. The latest Nest Protect will also test the speaker and the horn every month. 

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Why Android Pay Is A Better Option Than Apple Pay?

It might be very hard to believe that Google’s Android payment system is more rewarding and easy to use payment system than Apple pay.  There are more than one billion android users across the globe which means that we can see a substantial increase in mobile based payments.  Android Pay overcomes all the issues of Google wallet and offers better experience to the users; according to tech experts at So, why Android pay is a better option than Apple Pay: let’s find out.

Why android pay is a better option than apple pay?  More features and more rewards- Google play has already collaborated with coca cola so that’s its payment system can be used at vending machines. The company wants to help the world to buy Coca cola with their mobile devices. At Google I/O event, the company also stated that customers will also have the option to redeem coke reward points to purchase the soda.

Done away with multiple passwords– Google’s Android pay does not require the user to enter separate passwords for making payments. According to the website Android users can simply use the screen lock passwords or pin code for making payments. This makes it friendlier for the users as they do not have to enter their passwords multiple times.

High number of compatible devices– Android pay is compatible on compatible on high percentage of Android devices unlike Apple pay which only runs of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Google has also provided better support for other devices running on NFC chips and Android KitKat apart from its Nexus series. 

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Apple Might Release iPhone 7 In 2016; Some Probable Phone Specs

Apple has always enjoyed popularity due to its ability to roll out iPhone versions from time to time. While there have been goof ups, lurches and not so good gestures on each of these iPhones over the years, we still await a new model with bated breath.Ever since tech giant Apple launched the iOs 7, there have been many speculations about its jailbreak release.

The Apple iPhone 7, for instance, reinstates this claim. Industry insiders are pointing to a 2016 release for the iPhone 7, while this year might see tweaked versions of the iPhone 6 and  iPhone 6 Plus.

If job advertisements are anything to go by, Apple is looking for engineers who can work on the batteries for its line of gadgets. This means that Apple iPhone 7 could come with a beefed up and more efficient battery. We don’t believe this points to bigger battery size but it is expected that Apple will pump in a key software suite upgrade with its iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 expected specifications

Buzz makers are touting that the iPhone 7 will pack in 256 GB storage capacity. If this is true, it will make iPhone 7 the first smartphone to have such capacity. Newer ways of syncing the iPhone with other Apple smartdevices such as the Apple Watch will be in the making until 2016. This automatically creates scope for the iPhone 7 to have newer and more interesting ways of cross-gadget interactions.

If Apple chooses to work around public opinion, then we may expect a waterproof handset. As per latest news, Apple is already working on a patent called  Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition (PACVD) that can make the internal parts of the iPhone moisture resistant.

Image stabilization and a newer design are other features rumored to make it to the iPhone 7. As of now, this is all we can feed on, until the real iPhone7 manifests in 2016.… Read the rest

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Drone Cameras, Smartbelt And More At CES 2015

Possibly no exhibition sees the surge of technology releases that the Consumer Electronics Show held n Las Vegas enjoys every year. This time around time, news is already coming in about the interesting launches one will see at CES. We’ll bring you all the updates as and when they happen. Meanwhile, here are some of the interesting things we can expect to see:

Ring for your phone: When it comes to wearable technology, we’re always looking for something interesting. This time round, it’s going to be a ring that allows you to manage you phone! Use the hand to make certain gestures and allow your phone to do its job.

XYZ 3D printer CES 2015XYZ 3D Food printer: There is going to be a food printer that allows you to enjoy three-dimensional design for icing and to make cookies.

Read What Happened at CES 2014 here.

Drone cameras: We are set to see Drone cameras making an impressive appearance at CES 2015. They are going to get smarter and more interesting.

Smartbelt: Perhaps the most intriguing of all launches will be a smart belt. Yes that’s right. Belty (as the gadget is being called) works to monitor your fitness and changes size when you are sitting down or standing upright.… Read the rest

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Best Gadgets of 2014: It’s a Smartphones vs Laptops War

The year 2014 saw the release of different new gadgets along with updates on several existing models. While some of them took away the market like storm, there were others, which failed to create any hype. When the year is coming to a close, it’s time to take a look at some of the best gadgets of 2014.

Best gadgets released in 2014
Wikipedia Commons

LG G Flex deserves first mention not just for its price but also for the flexibility of the screen and self-healing back panel. This is the world’s first smartphone handset that can repair minor cuts and scratches on its own. It was one of the best smartphones of 2014.

The year 2014 has been quite significant for Oppo as the company entered the Indian market with its smartphone N1. The rotating camera with 13MP capacity makes it a good choice for taking selfies as well as for making video calls.

Sony Vaoi Flip 13 hybrid laptop is worth mentioning when talking about the best gadgets released this year. One of the best laptops of 2014, it has a hinge mechanism that makes this convertible laptop highly useful for users on the go. It allows you to flip the touchscreen and turn it into a tab. The mechanism can also be used to use the device as kickstand.

When talking of the best gadgets of the year, Apple’s Macbook Air deserves mention for its unputdownable mobility, batter life and speed. Its updated version features Intel 4th generation (Haswell) processor, improvising its performance further.

The list can never be complete without Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch. The leather strap watch has features like wireless charging dock and heart rate sensor, making it a worthy possession for any gadget lover. Though it has some great features, it is the look that attracts buyers. A round form factor gives it a real watch look and adding towards its popularity.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Alpha Not to be Sold Online in India

Samsung has decided it in principle not to sell any of its phone models including the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Alpha not to be sold online in Indiaupcoming Galaxy Note 4 and Alpha through the online mode. In this intense age of cut throat competition, this move by Samsung might look surprising at the first glance.

Other brands like Motorola, Asus and Xiaomi have been making considerable profits by selling mobile phones through online mode. However, by deciding to sell its products only through the retail outlets, Samsung has tried to send a message to its business partners that it cares for them.

However, by this move of Samsung a notion has gone down to the customers that the products will be priced on the higher side. The customers will have to wait more for any official price reduction whenever Samsung does so, especially for the Galaxy Note 4 and Alpha series.

The better option would have been to follow a combination of online and offline modes of business operation. This way, both the customers and the retailers would have been happy. Galaxy Note 4 is all set to be launched either by end of September or October beginning. It waits to be seen as to how do customers take this new initiative from Samsung as countdown to launch of Galaxy Note 4 nears.

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