Exclusive: TT Tries to See How Rootin Will Help Commuters

rootin train travel appNo more sweating in the Mumbai sun while waiting for your train. Mumbaikars can now know the real-time location of a train using the Rootin app.

Rootin product head Akshat Bansal tells us how Rootin will make the life of daily commuters easy.

How did the idea of Rootin come up?

Bansal: It was while waiting for a train at a station I realized, I wish there was something to tell me where the train has reached. Honestly, no one likes standing at the station for hours without any valid information. For how long will we depend on the announcements made at stations? They are passé.

 How will this app aid Mumbai travelers?

Bansal: It shows real-time schedules for all the trains. Not only does it help to find out when the train will reach you, you can also keep track of the locations as you travel. Check into the train you want to board and it will tell you all the destinations you stop at.

Even if you sleep during the journey, the app will wake you up when your destination arrives.

So no more missing out on the station if you fall asleep in the train?

Bansal: Yes! Absolutely. Rootin alarm will slap the sleep out of your system (laughs).

How many people have downloaded the app so far?

Bansal: 9000 and yes there is a lot of excitement about it as there is no app for local transport in Mumbai.

A peek into the future…

Bansal: We are planning to bring a gamefication feature where people will get points for checking in. They will also earn points for suggesting the apps to their fellow travelers.

And local trains is not the only avenue Bansal plans to explore. Local buses will soon come under the Rootin umbrella.… Read the rest

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John McAfee Points Ashley Madison Hacking Was An Insider Job And It Was A Woman

Ashley Madison HackingTechnology pioneer John McAfee is a cyber security mastermind even though he does not own McAfee company any  more. As a cyber security expert, he has recently pointed out in a post on the International Business Times that the Ashley Madison hacking was the job of an employee. In fact, he goes on to elaborate that it was a lone woman employee.

In the post, he says that the data was stolen by a woman who was working on her own. He elaborates that it was am ex-employee of Avid Life Media that runs extramarital dating website www.ashleymadison.com.The website was open to security breach and 33 million accounts were stolen from the website.

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McAfee has been reading the data released by Ashley Madison so far and has come to the conclusion that it was a single person’s job; that it was an insider’s job; and he says it was a ‘woman’.

Apart from his expertise, he has based these conclusions on the wording of the manifestos and the hacker’s knowledge of how the data was stored.

You can read what he thinks here.… Read the rest

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Why Windows 10 Will Mean More To Business Users

Business owners are going to get lucky with the Windows 10 set to release on July 29, 2015. Windows 10 is designed in a way that its system requirements are only as much as Windows 8.1 needed. Therefore, by the next half this year, you may expect all new PCs and convertibles/tabs from Microsoft to come pre-loaded with the new OS. This is part of the strategy to spread Windows 10 among a maximum number of people.Windows 10 Set to Arrive; Expectations Soar

What’s In For Business Users?

Microsoft vouches to provide more security with Windows 10. This will give users a push to install latest updates as soon as they are available. In case you are a business user, then the Windows Update For Business feature on Windows 10 can help manage your installations at a time when it is not inconvenient.

Be ready for an exciting and easy-to-use version of Microsoft Office on the latest OS as well as the OneDrive app. The latter is set to make file syncing with OneDrive easier, which would enable a faster working environment. However, sad news is that the OneDrive spec will be available only by the later part of this year.

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 … Read the rest

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The Net Neutrality Debate: Larger Than You Thought

By Prajakt Raut

Sure, we are all in favor of Net Neutrality and agree that it needs to be maintained. However, like all big issues, this debate also has many aspects that need to be examined. Net Neutrality will help startups and entrepreneurs who want to get their software products out to consumers. However, much like DTH operators can charge a premium for some channels and keep some free, perhaps telcos too have a point when they argue that the way they monetize their packages is their right.

Preferential access will certainly be a challenge for startups. But it is like saying, ‘If newspaper ads were free, it will benefit startups as they would be able to market their products to consumers’. On the other hand, telcos complain of losing money. However, one wonders what stops them from raising prices of bandwidth.

@ Sign net neutrality in IndiaSo far, they have entered into a price war as an industry, something no one has forced them to. As a private operator, they have every right to increase the price of bandwith and no one should have any argument against that. The market forces will then determine what price who wants to operate at. There could be premium service providers, and there could be service providers who offer cheaper bandwidth. Let the consumer decide.

Overall, in the interest of fostering entrepreneurship, keeping the net neutral should be supported by telcos too. Given the backlash, it will be prudent if they accept this argument. The concept needs to be addressed at a policy level by taking all sides into consideration.

Prajakt is co-founder of The Hub for Startups and ApplyifiRead the rest

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Apple Might Release iPhone 7 In 2016; Some Probable Phone Specs

Apple has always enjoyed popularity due to its ability to roll out iPhone versions from time to time. While there have been goof ups, lurches and not so good gestures on each of these iPhones over the years, we still await a new model with bated breath.Ever since tech giant Apple launched the iOs 7, there have been many speculations about its jailbreak release.

The Apple iPhone 7, for instance, reinstates this claim. Industry insiders are pointing to a 2016 release for the iPhone 7, while this year might see tweaked versions of the iPhone 6 and  iPhone 6 Plus.

If job advertisements are anything to go by, Apple is looking for engineers who can work on the batteries for its line of gadgets. This means that Apple iPhone 7 could come with a beefed up and more efficient battery. We don’t believe this points to bigger battery size but it is expected that Apple will pump in a key software suite upgrade with its iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 expected specifications

Buzz makers are touting that the iPhone 7 will pack in 256 GB storage capacity. If this is true, it will make iPhone 7 the first smartphone to have such capacity. Newer ways of syncing the iPhone with other Apple smartdevices such as the Apple Watch will be in the making until 2016. This automatically creates scope for the iPhone 7 to have newer and more interesting ways of cross-gadget interactions.

If Apple chooses to work around public opinion, then we may expect a waterproof handset. As per latest news, Apple is already working on a patent called  Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition (PACVD) that can make the internal parts of the iPhone moisture resistant.

Image stabilization and a newer design are other features rumored to make it to the iPhone 7. As of now, this is all we can feed on, until the real iPhone7 manifests in 2016.… Read the rest

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Infosys To Evaluate Employees To Stay Valued Employer

Staff appraisal practice is soon to begin in Infosys. The company is likely to follow the trend set by Google and Facebook and will start evaluating its employees by October next, in order to select the best of the lot.

After Google and Facebook, it’s time for Infosys employees to be evaluated
Wikipedia Commons

Infosys, if able to do the process correctly will be able to retain the tag of preferred employer in India. In order to evaluate its 160,000 strong workforce, Infosys is likely to take assistance from its 900 clients in form of their feedback.

Individual performance will also be judged on basis of ratings given by team members and other subordinates in the team. Google and Facebook have been using this tactic of employee evaluation since long and though details are always kept secret, yet some information does come in the public preview.

The urge to control the attrition rate might be one of the reasons that Infosys is resorting to such practices. In the second quarter that ended in September, Infosys showed an attrition rate of 20 percent while its rival Wipro had an attrition rate close to around 17 percent.

By implementing these practices of employee evaluation, Infosys desires to bring down the attrition rate to around 13-15%.… Read the rest

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Constraints Of Cost, Features Could Cost Wearable Technology Dearly

The battle in the wearable technology market is warming up. Samsung has taken a lead in this league with its Galaxy Gear smart watch. Following closely are other tech giants as LG, Apple and Qualcomm all of whom are working on their range of wearable technology devices.

arrow smartwatchWhile LG is slated to soon launch the LG 3G smartwatch, Apple Watch and Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch are already in the market. Sony is also working on the 2nd variant of its smartwatch after the initial success of its wearable tech device.

It might sound enthusiastic in the first instance but wearable tech devices do have their limitations. Let’s get an overview of the technology behind these devices to understand things in a better perspective.

Battery life of the smartwatch

Limited battery life is one of the biggest concerns in wearable technology devices. The Galaxy Gear smartwatch from Samsung will last a day with regular use. If used frequently, the same might run out soon enough. Google Glass battery can run down in 1.5-2 hours if video shooting is done. Removing a wearable device frequently for charging can be irritating lot and can take away the charm soon enough.

Size matters

Size is another concern which wearable tech devise manufacturers have to address. A normal sized device will be difficult to operate as numerous applications exist on the same. Increasing the size can make the average user turn away as it gives a bulkier appearance. A thin line between aesthetic designing and technological compatibility needs to be drawn to address this issue effectively.

Value addition a far cry

Smaller screen, poor resolution and frequent recharging are only some of the evident drawbacks present in wearable tech devices. Price is another constrain as a smartphone with bigger screen size and enhanced resolution can be bought for the cost of a wearable tech device.

Undoubtedly, the future belongs to technology and with innovative products as wearable tech devices becoming a reality, the prospects are improving. However, it is still a mixed bag and tech device manufacturers will have to work overtime to get rid of the shortcomings.… Read the rest

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Snapchat Update To Bring In News Content And Sell Ads

Snapchat, the mobile app for vanishing messages, is scheduled to soon start a service Snapchat To Soon Bring In News Content And Sell Adsthat will feature disappearing TV and movie clips, news articles and advertisements.

The company has engaged in discussions with advertisers and media companies in the last few weeks in relation to start a new service called Snapchat Discovery, which would show content and ads to the users, according to people familiar with the matter.

A source revealed that Snapchat Discovery is likely to start in November 2014. The source also claimed that at least a dozen media companies, including newspapers, magazines and television networks, have been roped in to provide content for this Snapchat update.

The new service by the company could result in its first revenue and show its potential value to investors. The start-up managed to raise an amount worth more than USD2 billion in 2013 and also rejected an acquisition offer of nearly USD3 billion by Facebook. The company since then is looking to generate money from investors at increasingly high valuations.

The company has not yet officially revealed its number of users, but researcher comScore has claimed that it is estimated to have 27 million people who used the app on iPhones and Android phones in June, compared to 11 million a year ago.

David Berkowitz, Chief Marketing Officer at ad agency MRY, has been quoted saying that “Snapchat has been laying a lot of groundwork for making it a place that is safer for brands.” … Read the rest

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Google Adds New Feature to Its Kitty: To Notify of Product Availability You Searched Online

Google has expanded its offering with the addition of another feature related to the product searches you do online. The feature enables Google to remember what you have searched online and will notifying you when a product is available nearby.google nexus 10 release date

The search giant has been improving its services on a regular interval, with Google Now receiving a neat treatment recently. The company recently updated its Search app for Android devices with the addition of new abilities, such as working while offline or finding your car if you forgot where you parked it.

You search for ample of products online and generally forget about majority of those. But Google Now will not forget about the product you searched for and will notify as soon as you pass by a store that has said product in stock.

The new feature can only be accessed through the Android version of Google Now at this point of time, and it is also likely available only for users in the US, with a potential expansion to follow later on. Very limited information about the feature is available currently as the company has not yet made any official announcement about the same.

The new feature by Google is likely to receive mixed reactions from the users as there are people who don’t mind sharing everything with Google’s personal digital assistant, but there are also people who are likely to feel embarrassed by notifications regarding their recent product searches.  There is a high probability that the users will have the option to to turn off this functionality if they so prefer.

Google Now was initially launched on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and it was termed as one of the most valuable features of that OS version. The latest update can now be downloaded from the Google Play store that will assist you in shopping by keeping track of your product searches.

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Prominent iPhone 5 Unlock Company Warns Against Scam Artists

With iPhone 5 sales there has been a corresponding increase in the number of consumers who are seeking an unlock for the iPhone 5/5s/5c.

Unlocking an iPhone has become big business especially with online companies as most of the time the actual device does not need to be handed over physically for the process to be completed. However, a prominent online unlocking company iUnlock Pro have warned consumers of various scams that are in operation.

These scam artists target those who are wondering how to unlock the iPhone 5 and usually their process and website seems very legit. However the unlock itself doesn’t actually work nor do they offer a customer service option – rather the software is bogus and is only designed to appear as though it is unlocking the iPhone.

“We have noticed a sharp rise in the number of scammers who are targeting gullible consumer in the past year,” said iUnlock Pro. “The fact is that these fake iPhone unlocking companies can be difficult to spot however there are some tell-tale signs that can help you to avoid being scammed.”

The company insists that any unlocking service that doesn’t offer a working customer service email or phone number should be disregarded completely. Also any unlocking company that insist you pay for the unlock out with major payment methods such as credit card or PayPal should be avoided given the decrease in protection that you as the consumer will have.

iUnlock Pro have been warning consumers about these scams for months now and the well-known iPhone 5 unlocking service went onto say that: “we know it is difficult for those who are new to the concept of unlocking to know what is legit and what isn’t. The fact is that websites that sell you software are highly unlikely to be genuine and on the off chance that it might be using this kind of software will probably cause other issues such as privacy and data breaches.”

Unlocking an iPhone 5 has propelled in popularity as people are quickly finding out that the high data charges and costs associated with the network that they purchased the iPhone with can be avoided. Unlocking can open up a lot of potential for customers to save money elsewhere and also use their iPhone 5 in a different country if need be.

While there are various scams operating online the fact is that companies such as iUnlock Pro are trying to distinguish themselves from the scam artists and instead offer a legit service for consumers who just want some freedom with their iPhone.

As with everything online approach it with a healthy dose of skepticism and if you want to find out more about iUnlock Pro and unlocks for the iPhone 5/5s/c then visit http://iunlockpro.com/ for more information.


iUnlock Pro specializes in unlocking any iPhone model running on the latest iOS 7.0.4. Offering an easy, step-by-step easy process, the company is now trusted by thousands of frustrated iPhone users get the freedom to use their iPhone on any network they want.

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