Zynga Inc. Will Pay $23 Million To Settle Litigation Charges Against The Company

Zynga Inc. will pay $23 million to settle litigation charges against the company

Zynga Inc., the popular gaming company, which rose to fame with “Farmville” has finally decided to put an end to the litigation charges against it by settling at $23 million or Rs. 146 crore. The company was charged for making false statements to the shareholders about their business prospect during their initial public offering in December 2011, reports Thomson Reuters.  Zynga settles litigation charges  While releasing the quarterly report on Friday, the company said that they have reached the settlement through mediation this week. The company even mentioned that the settlement will not make any negative impact on the finances of the company as insurers would bear the entire responsibility of the payout. Zynga though initially gained immense success in the online gaming world started struggling after they failed to design games as popular as Farmville. According to the reports, the company did not mention on how the changes made [+more]

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The Biggest Scoops To Expect At Gamescom 2015- Games, Microsoft And More

The Biggest Scoops To Expect At Gamescom 2015

Move over the E3— a.k.a. the Electronic Entertainment Expo to give way to Gamescom. Slated between 6 and 9 August, this is the biggest trade fair in the world of video games. The media event is due today and we have been waiting to get hands on what’s new and hot at the event that saw footfall of 335,000 last year alone. Why it has managed to beat E3 is evident since the latter is meant only for insiders while Gamescom opens up for everyone right from Day 2. Why The Hype Around Gamescom? Gamescom is THE place to be since all announcements that interest me and you–consumers, take place here. More so, the event showcases all the upcoming game releases for the coming year. Last year, the event announced a drop in the console pricing as well as an announcement for Rise of the Tomb Raider release for Xbox [+more]

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Rare Games Celebrates The Classics With Anniversary Rare Replay Edition

Rare Games To Celebrate Its Classics With Anniversary Rare Replay Edition On August 4th

Gear up to celebrate the 30th anniversary of studio Rare on August 4 this year with an epic compilation of the top 30 games from the maker—called Rare Replay. You are sure to meet some of your long-lost heroes from its 2D era games as well as matching steps with swinging icons from the latest Xbox 360 games. The collection will be compatible with Xbox One and is indeed a must have for all fans of Rare games and gaming enthusiasts in general. Splatoon – Version 2.0 Update The updated version of Splatoon is set to arrive on August 5 this year and it will bring gamers a pair of latest matchmaking modes–Squad Battle and Private Battle. Add to this a couple of two new weapons, and we already know Splatoon has arrived back with a bang. Run Up To The Rare Replay What is getting us more excited is the [+more]

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Millenium Touch To Super Mario At Facebook Hackathon

Facebook Inc To Tie Up With Moat For New 100 Percent In

It was during the two-day hackathon at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park that Amanda Maler and her fellow teammates decided to participate in the challenge to create a Facebook infused level for Nintendo’s 30-years-old Super Mario. They named their team “Move Fast and Brick Things” based on the Facebook motto “move fast and break things” with the hacker mindset. “We are millennials and we grew up playing Mario,” said 23-year-old Maler, who is also an employee of Facebook. Her team thought, “Let’s bring Facebook to Nintendo. Be bold”. Nintendo invited Facebook to create a new level for the upcoming “Super Mario Maker” to be available on September 11. Facebook was given early access to the game to bring out a new level for the game to play and that is when more than 100 employees of the social networking company participated in the hackathon. This new game is going to [+more]

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Vote To Play- Sony Wants Users to Vote for the Games They Would Like To Play On PS4

Sony wants users to decide the games they want to have in Play Station 4. The members can vote for the free game they will like to see on the console.  Chris Howe,PS Plus and Store Content Manager of Sony Computer Entertainment, European region said in official statement “With this new feature, we’re asking PlayStation Plus members to vote on one of several great as-yet unreleased PlayStation 4 (PS4) games to be included in the upcoming month’s game line-up.”  The games that will earn the maximum number of votes will be seen in the future line-up and the rest would be available at discount for PlayStation Plus members.  This promotion is being called Vote to Play and  will take place all round the year at equal intervals. Sony has yet to reveal other details about voting like when and what titles would be up for vote. However, you may not have to [+more]

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Minecraft Set To See Major Revamps By Early Next Year-Says Mojan

Minecraft Set To See Major Revamps By Early Next Year

Minecraft is set to see major revamps by early next year given that Mojang, a Microsoft company, is striving to keep up its community. The developers from Mojang announced the news at Minecon 2015 in London. Wielding Using Shields In a major update, Minecraft players can now enable virtual characters. From a pickaxe to a torch, players can now flaunt anything on their hands, according to IGN notes. Add to this shields or even customized banners, and we are already excited. Fiercer Monsters On The Prowl Mojang has plans to toughen the character, Ender Dragon. As a player, you will have to defeat the dragon before wrapping the game up. The new bit here is that you could now be capable of respwaning the dragon. Get ready for a new mob, the Shulker will come across as a projectile shooter. Newer Arenas For The Game Mojang announced changes for the gaming [+more]

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DOTA 2 Updated Version Is The Boon For Gamers

DOTA 2 Reborn- A game of everyone

If you are a gaming nerd, then you would be very excited with DOTA 2 Reborn since the updated version of this game offer more thrills. For all avid game lovers it may not be as good as Half-life 3 but it has it moments of thrills. DOTA 2 popularity One of the major reasons is Valve, the company behind this game, which is leaving no stones unturned to make sure that it gets the entire spotlight it deserves. The platform is also being pushed to mainstream which will help it to gain more limelight. Though DOTA 2 is not the first game to offer such a vivid experience, it is a well-known fact that all FPS games have acted as building blocks for some of the most famous games in recent times. DOTA game in past According to Techradar, the original version of DOTA gained a lot of popularity mostly [+more]

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Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 DLC Set To Make A Mark In The Gaming World

Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 DLC Set To Scorch Gaming World Post Latest GTA 5 Update

Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 DLC has been whetting appetites of GTA 5 fans globally ever since it is rumored to see light of the day. This is a sequel release to the very recent Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 DLC update. What The Update Added? For those who are unaware, Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 DLC was important as an update that pumped in numerous fixes. Also, the update introduced Buckingham Swift Deluxe, Buckingham Luxor Deluxe, Albany Virgo Benefactor Stirling GT Enus Windsor and Pegassi Osiris over to the online version of GTA 5.  Unveiling The Mission  GTA 5 fans are scouring the web archives and sites for new information. NoobVaper, a user on Reddit claims that GTA 5 will now come laced with latent missions. Players can find a way to the missions via the hidden corona in the game. This is located on the game’s mini-map only at a particular [+more]

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Sony Unveils Preview of “The Last Guardian” At The Electronic Entertainment Expo

Vote to Play- Sony Wants Users to Vote for the Games They Would Like to Play in PS4

Sony popped a huge surprise at The Electronic Entertainment Expo or the E3 and finally announced launch of The Last Guardian. The event was held at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena and Sony did a wonder show that lasted 90 minutes. It also launched ‘Shenmue 3’ and ‘FFVII’. We were impressed by The Last Guardian thanks to the wonderful presentation, the sneak peek into the upcoming game’s interface and finally, by its premise. The game sees a young boy who covers a sprawling landscape with a griffin (at least, that is what we thought this creature looked like) that doubled as a babysitter. The celebrations for E3 begun with Bethedsa and lasted over the next morning with a preview (extended, of course) for Microsoft Xbox One Slate. The showcase section had a sneak peek into Tomb Raider, Beyond Eyes and Halo 5: Guardians as well. The Last Guardian is a much-anticipated pick from famous game designer Fumito Ueda (courtesy– [+more]

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