Both The Chips Are Here: iPhone 5’s A6 and iPod’s A5X: Which is better?


The cat is finally out of the bag after Apple’s announcement about the latest iPhone 5 and the new iPod Touch. But the next big question on everyone’s minds is what difference would it make from a gaming perspective, now that Apple has announced that both these devices will feature different chipsets? Now the A5X chip of the iPod Touch isn’t anything new, and has been around since the past six months. It is basically an updated version of the previous A5 dual-core chip with an enhanced graphics processing unit or GPU. The A5X was designed to have twice the power of the A5, with a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 system-on-a-chip with a clock speed of 1GHz, giving out a quad-core GPU. Also see Asphalt 7 proves A6 has blistering speed: In the iPod Touch, the A5X would probably be downsized a bit, not just in terms of dimensions, but also [+more]

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After Polish Leak, Capcom Returns With Resident Evil 6 Demo!

Resident Evil

A recent discovery of theft and controversies regarding the piracy of its latest Resident Evil edition, Capcom recovers to come up with a pre-release demo slated for release on September 18…   Capcom has recently faced a lot of troubles owing to its most popular game, the Resident Evil with reports surfacing that RE6 was being sold in a store inPoland. Now, the gaming company has done a sweet move of launching the demo version of its latest game across various gaming platforms. This move is a timely effort as the company is at the risk of losing some major moolah over the leak. The news of the leak was reported by a website, which also posted the packages related to Capcom with the company being kept in the dark about this pre-date release. All the more, the effects of the leak were compounded when a buyer posted the game [+more]

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Halo 4 Multiplayer Will Have Grifball!


343 Industries reveal more about the latest Halo 4, which is going to reprise the famous Grifball for its multiplayer format. Discover what the game is all about and what kind of weapons are available this time around… In a big plus to Halo gamers, it has been announced that 343 Industries would be bringing back the Grifball. The game mode, which was seen in Halo 3 and Halo: Reach is going to reprise in the new edition as well. The players would be combating with a Aptly termed as Death Rugby, it has rules similar to the sport with some cool weaponry attached to the game play. The players would have to work as a team of 3 to 4 people and would have to encounter an opposing team for a round bomb, which is placed at the center of the arena. The battle would include conflicts with rival [+more]

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Capcom Discovers Theft Behind Leaked Resident Evil 6 Versions!


Recently it was discovered that buyers in Poland could get their hands on the latest edition of Resident Evil franchise. Now, it has been revealed that the games were actually ‘stolen’ from Capcom… Gaming is a very tough business especially with the number of pirated copies floating around. And the latest victim of this nasty crime is Capcom, which has discovered copies of its latest game ‘Resident Evil 6’ being sold in Poland. The company was completely oblivious to the fact and the matter came to light when it was reported by Polish website Neo Plus that it was able to get its hand on the game even before its release date. Now, the information has startled the company, which did not release any copies before October 2. Meanwhile, Capcom COO Christian Svensson mentioned a couple of days back that they are ‘investigating’ the matter. NeoGo, the site on which [+more]

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Spy vs. Spy Would be a Riot!


After making its debut in the MAD magazine, the famous spies now return to the small screen with their app, which will make all the people ROFL… Will the game version stand up to the original? Find out… Nobody can really forget the memories of the white and black spies, which could tickle the most hard faced man on this planet. The original spies, who made their debut in the MAD magazine, have gone on to product commercials, video games, and even TV shows as well. And now, they have come in a new avatar as the Spy vs. Spy app released on the iPhone and iPad as well. And what’s more, it is a game designed for two! A multiplayer format released by the developer Robots and Pencils Inc. is the most wonderful addition to this game as its success lies in two gamers battling each other as the [+more]

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Guild Wars 2 Hopes to Evolve MMO Games Business!

Fans of multiplayer online hit Guild Wars have some good news. The developers have now upgraded the game to Guild Wars 2, which is made with several noteworthy changes to game play that makes the sequel handy to the average video gamer. The massively multiplayer online (MMO) game has evolved, offering gamers a breath of fresh air. The unique approach to the game includes the developers’ decision to keep Guild Wars free-to-play that means that gamers won’t have to pay any monthly subscription fees now, which sounds fun. Users can simply buy Guild Wars 2 with a starting price of $59.99, which depends on the version they want. But, what’s good is that there will be no regular bill, just micro-transactions in the game that players can use to enhance their characters. Free-to-play service grows as the subscriptions of a game go down. With this decision, the developers seek to [+more]

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Rockstar Games and GTA 5 Finally Reveals New Information; 3 New Screenshots Exposed!


Rockstar Games finally reveals more information about its hit franchise GTA 5. It reveals a series of screenshots showing possible vehicles in the game play… After a long gap, Rockstar Games has finally revealed a set of three screenshots regarding their hit franchise, GTA series. The latest edition, GTA 5 is expected to have a series of some cool vehicles to support the ‘purposeful’ escape in the game. The largest and most detailed of it all is the Hydra jet which makes a comeback in GTA 5. You can pick up the jet and zoom away to glory and park it wherever you want. It has four jet outtakes, which can be directed using directional controls to land at a specific position as per the gamer’s preference. And if you are wondering about the firepower, the Hydra comes equipped with lock-on missiles and manual-aimed versions as well. It can also [+more]

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Borderlands 2 is Loaded with Weapons; New Gun Trailer Reveals More!


Gearbox software is garnering more adulations for its new innovations for the second edition of its hit game, Borderlands. More trailers cloud the World Wide Web as open challenges are thrown in by game characters… Just like bullets, missiles and explosives dominate the battle scene, the arrival of Borderlands 2 is getting packed with more firepower provided with new trailers revealed by Gearbox. The Tediore weapons trailer really shows just one of the many weapons, which are dotting the armory of the new game. Selling it like a Baked Beans commercial shot in the 50s, the trailer shows a couple of characters, one of whom wants to secure his family and requires protection. In comes the Tediore Corporation to his rescue with a fast loading and speedy firing weapon for his safety, which he can utilize even without having thumbs! Now that is tad bit too much to ‘grapple’ but [+more]

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Battle of Games: Will GTA 5 Emerge as the Winner?

GTA 5 vs Call of Duty

There are spates of new games, which have been introduced in recent times. Many of them bear resemblance to the ever popular GTA franchise. Will they succeed in upsetting the leader? The competition between games is heating up and now more and more launches are crowding the dais of modern gaming. Of course, Rockstar Games’ GTA franchise has been able to rule the roost owing to its unique content and ever growing fan base. Besides an exploratory script penned by Dan Houser, the game’s open world offers new avenues to explore shades of a character, who can execute a variety of actions in a fantastical world, which bears resemblance to the gamers’ neighborhood. Now the game’s unique USP is slowly turning into poison for itself. There have been a couple of games, which have been announced in recent times that take on this franchise in a big manner. The first [+more]

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New Game on the Anvil: Sleeping Dogs Are in Town!


There is a new game in town. Sleeping Dogs launch trailer is being previewed. Is it something that challenges the cerebral, but to what extent? One finds out… The Orient seems mysterious to many and it is not surprising. The context with its rich and diverse cultural backdrop proves to be an aura, unmatched by no other. A game which has been in the making for over three years now, finally hits the stands. Sleeping Dogs, as the title refers, to has exchanged many hands and is now being prepped by Square Enix, Namco Bandai Games and United Front Games for release on August 14, 2012. The trailer for the game was released recently and showed its unique setting, the streets of Hong Kong. Termed as an ‘open world crime drama’, the game’s protagonist is Wei Shen, a cop with Chinese-American descent, who is given the responsibility of working undercover [+more]

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