Resident Evil 6 Crossplay – Revelations in the Making!

One of the most anticipated zombie annihilation projects of 2012, Resident Evil 6 has garnered a wide amount of curiosity over a short period of time. With its latest crossplay details revealed, the game could head into a new direction…

When I first played the Resident Evil games, I couldn’t stop imagining the zombies getting at me from all sides even during the time when I was asleep. But over the years, I have put a number of zombies to ‘rest’ – pun intended but I am feeling restless myself. Now we see the arrival of another edition of the Resident Evil and this time around the hazards would be enhanced to whet the appetite of the modern gamer who has seen a lot of its older versions. So what does Capcom ensure for us now? How about crossplay for the uninitiated? Although, it has been present in modern gaming its full potential is yet to be explored and now Capcom expects to make it integral to the edition. Some of the details of the co-op play include – Two different players, despite their physical location have to be at the same point in the game to participate in a co-op play. In case, you wish to share the spoils with your own friend or group of friends, then one can opt for the choice prior to it. And the partnership can only prove fruitful if both of you choose the same chapter at the beginning and in case you have more than 1 PSN friend, then chances are that you may be playing with different friends if they choose to play the same chapter. The pairing can be opted by you but may differ upon the number of online friends at that time as well. There would be three pairs of players to choose from with each having their own storylines. For a chance to play next to your friend, one can choose the same pair and then end up in a confrontation with a common nemesis where you may encounter another pair in real time. These confrontations are planned in the storyline where the pairs come across each other and the stories overlap each other. One can say the only advantage of playing with a friend is that you know each other’s gaming styles and can tackle the opponent accordingly. As the players would begin with limited ammunition and attack options, it is always good to have a ‘friend’ at the side. But on the other hand, a random pairing does ensure a challenging duel for the players. Something which cannot be ‘designed’ beforehand.

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