Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen to be Released for PC Soon

Capcom has announced that they will be launching the Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen game on PC from January 15, 2016. Along with the obvious option to play with a mouse and keyboard, it will also work with Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers.

Few gamers know that Capcom, known for the Resident Evil and Street Fighter franchises, had introduced Dragon’s Dogma in 2012. Introduced for the Xbox 360 and PS3, it is a role-playing game for the open world and deals with slick combat as well as shrewd usage of AI companions termed as pawns to help players take on an epic adventure.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen to be Released for PC SoonThis game was re-released a year later with fresh updates and launched with the name Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. This game had the original plot along with a completely new quest and region called “Bitterblack Isle”. It also contained the original DLC content along with additional monsters, skill upgrades, armor and weapons.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen will come with full Stream support, along with achievements and high resolution graphics. It will be available for purchase at $ 29.99 globally on digital PC platforms and retail outlets across Europe, a company press release said.

Although the company is yet to announce a distributor for India, sources suggest that there would be one by the end of this year. Currently, Europe’s only-PC games physical editions like Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Final Fantasy XIII have made to India. So we can expect Dragon Dogma: Dark Arisen for PC to release in India as well. … Read the rest

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Ryuta Brings Starcraft Game Online On The Browser- Blizzard May Take A Legal Action

Starcraft has enjoyed an unputdownable popularity among gamers and its availability on the browser is welcoming news. Ryuta “gloomyson”, a GitHub user, has successfully uploaded Starcraft’s original version on the browser, which means the game can now be played from any device and at any time.

Though this is a great news for gamers, it might not last too long as they have used the original game assets without Blizzard’s permission, reported The Next Web.

 Ryuta brings Starcraft game online on the browserPlaying Starcraft is easy now

Playing the game on your browser is simple as you do not need to free a lot of space on your device to install the game. All you need is a strong internet connection and updated graphics to enjoy the animations.

To enjoy the game, one needs updated hardware. The game is currently in demo mode but could be pulled down soon.

At the same time, cheat codes meant for the original game can be used on the browser as well, which means more fun for gamers.

However, there is still a doubt regarding the availability of the game on browser as Blizzard may lodge a legal case against Ryuta for using their assets illegally. … Read the rest

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Arkham Knight Dampens Gamer Spirits With Poor Interface And Unavailability On Steam

Some games can cause a stir but only end up falling flat when handled on PC. Batman: Arkham Knight is one such game that was a pleasure to get hands on but the basic interface issues and graphics resembling an early generation PS3 feature, makes it a dissappointment for PC users. What was worse was right as gamers got their system notched up higher, Steam made the game unavailable for sale. As if the issues such as that Batman fails to unlock on Steam earlier was not demoralising enough!

Better News Revealed

While the bad news has poured in, Kotaku reveals that game players who have selectedArkham Knight Dampens Gamer Spirits With Poor Interface And Unavailability On Steam to receive the beta updates for Steam can actually lay hands on Arkham Knight and even play it seamlessly. Few gamers say on forums that post this update, the frames reached past 60/second with 1080p resolution. In fact, the issues over viewing angles and interface too straightened up post this update.

The Single Patch

While this is just because of a single patch, we will have to wait and see if this is finalised for being permanently placed later. With new saucy games set to strike us this year, we guess the Arkham Knight maker needs to hurry up if at all it wants to appease Batman fans.Read the rest

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Tim Browne Joins Candy Crush Saga Studio As Game Studio Design Director, Quits Ubisoft

Tim Browne, the much acclaimed game designer of Ubisoft Annecy has quit his job to take over as director of game studio design at Candy Crush Saga Studio in Sweden. The former company is based in France while Browne will now join his office at Stockholm. The news has been official since Browne announced the same on his Twitter account. Candy Crush Saga is one of the leading revenue rakers for the Stockholm Company.

Tim Browne Joins Candy Crush Saga Studio As Game Studio Tweet From The Man Himself

Browne even expressed satisfaction with his new office by a tweet that read- “First day completed as Game Studio Design Director for @King Games in Stockholm. Everyone super welcoming and a very cool office:D” on 31 August.

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Browne’s Career Progression

He had been with Ubisoft for about four years and has been famous for designing games such as Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Earlier, he had been associated with Codemasters as a senior game designer and later main game designer for half a decade. Even before this stint, the much loved designer was part of UK based studio Eurocom.… Read the rest

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Razer Releases Wildcat Xbox Controller At Pax Prime

Razer launched its third gen Wildcat controller at Pax Prime, the widely acclaimed gaming festival. You could get hands on the device this October. The controller is compatible with the Xbox One that belongs to the tournament grade genre besides being equipped with multi-functional buttons.

Razer Releases Wildcat Xbox Controller At Pax PrimeRazer To Create Ripples

Razer is targeting great market viability with its Wildcat given that the latter is user friendly and comes with enhanced responsiveness. Moreover, the Razer product is easily lighter than most such consoles in the market. The ergonomic design is the USP of this controller.

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The Specs Revealed

The official line from the maker states that the device has been made after a number of prototypes were tested.  Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and the CEO of Razer says, “The lightest tournament-grade controller in its class with additional re-mappable buttons gives gamers an incredible edge.” The top specifications of the Razer console controller are as follows-

·         High carbon steel analogue stick removable aluminium triggers

·         Palm grips 

·         Stick grip caps

·         3.5 mm audio port 
Additional carrying case

Razer also announced the price for Wildcat to be around $150.Read the rest

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Boss Key Productions Reveals LawBreakers– Full Game Play Slated For Friday Release

The first game from Arjan Brussee and Cliff Bleszinski ‘s Boss Key Productions, LawBreakers has been revealed. The game was teased as Project BlueStreak for long time.

The Inner Story

The game is a five-on-five multiplayer mode version of a science fiction genre. The first person is a shooter. The back story of LawBreakers reveals that humans could manipulate the force of gravity following the “The Shattering” event.

As a result, the world sees two groups—one, a peacekeeper body that intends to keep the law intact while the other comprises members of a crime faction that wants to break the same. Game players will come laced with superhuman capacities as they face their opponents. As of now, LawBreakers belongs to the free-to-play category and Nexon will publish it.

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More Scoop

With the success of Nexon in the free-to-play circuit and the developmental edge Boss Key enjoys, LawBreakers could be an instant sensation.  A complete game play reveal is slated for Friday at 6:30pm IST.… Read the rest

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Sony Fixes ‘Until Dawn’ Errors on Pre-Orders; Twitch Archiving Issues Remain

Adventure survival horror video game “Until Dawn” has seen a worldwide release. However, users of the game who had pre-ordered the game faced issues downloading the same on the PS4. Sony is reportedly working on issues.Those who ordered the phone before its release are able to download the game. However, the game doesn’t start and gives an error report that says, “128 days until available”.

“Until Dawn” download issues

According to reports, a large number of angry posts started to pour in from thePlayers not happy with Sony PS4 as “Until Dawn” faces downloading issues disappointed players across public forums.

However, Sony came into action fixed the problem. They have restored the licenses to continue providing a hassle-free gaming experience.

While Sony is all set to promote a completely digital platform for its games, the download issue users faced with ‘Until Dawn’ has affected players’ confidence and it seems that the company has a long way to go before it can actually turn to an all-digital mode.

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Archiving feature disabled

Apart from the issues faced on downloading, it has also been reported that players cannot get the game on Twitch as the archiving feature has not been enabled by the makers. However, reports suggest that they are planning to get it done soon. Though there is no confirmed report on the reason behind disabling archiving, experts suggest could be an attempt to check spoilers. … Read the rest

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Rock Band 4 To Come Visiting On PS4 And Xbox One This October

Good news is here for Rock Band 4 fans. The music game is anticipated to be launched for Xbox One and PS4 on 6th October. Already open for pre-booking, the game will cost you $20 more for a standalone disc on Xbox One than what you pay for the PlayStation 4 version. This standalone game costs $60 on PS4, the extra bucks for the XBox version is because the older Xbox 360 stuff needs to be made workable on the new Xbox One.

Rock Band 4 To Come Visiting On PS4 And Xbox One This October Scoop From The Rock Band Release

There is a bundle pack for Xbox One gamers at $79.99, which comes inclusive of this game as well as a Legacy Game Controller Adapter.

The latter helps gamers use all past versions of XBox 360 Rock Band wireless drums and guitars. Game developer Harmonix blogged on Monday, “The adapter supports up to four wireless Rock Band controllers simultaneously as well as many third-party wireless instrument controllers for the Xbox 360.”

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More Details

The latest version of Rock Band 4 for the PS4 comes with support for all third party as well as legacy Rock Band and third party wireless drums and guitars. The version for PS4 and the Xbox One comes with a soundtrack that has 60 plus tracks featuring The Black Keys, Elvis Presley, Aerosmith, Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars, Van Halen and St. Vincent.

Users can also access 1,500 more songs using in-game Music Store and also import purchased Rock Band tracks without having to shell out money. You only need to make sure that the console family remains the same as the one you purchased initially.… Read the rest

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Xbox One At Microsoft Retail Store Soon: Amazon India No Longer Sole Seller

xbox one at retail storesFor those who have not been able to purchase the Xbox One from Amazon India, they can now get it at any Microsoft retail store. Starting next month, the popular game console will no longer be restricted to Amazon stores.

Xbox one now at brick & mortar stores

According to sources, the sub-distributors have sufficient stock of this product and have also started with a trial run. As of now, the company has not approached any other retail stores to avoid piling up of unsold inventory, which happened with Xbox 360.

Microsoft earlier had to face several issues with the excess production of Xbox 360 consoles and all their measures to sell the stocks did not give positive results. That is why, they do not want to take any chances. Instead of distributing stocks through different sellers, they have decided to offer decent discounts to attract buyers.

Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft India director Anshu Mor said that the Xbox One consoles, games and accessories will be available with their priority resellers.  While retailing on Amazon.in gave them scale, they will be selling at stores to give a world-class experience to customers.Read the rest

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5 Most Appealing Features of the Latest Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 is finally in the market and the game has received mixed reviews. The most appealing thing about this game is that it is free. It works pretty much like the previous version where you use a slingshot to take an aim at the birds. Animations in the game are interesting to watch with nuances that make it entertaining. What is troublesome is the limited number of lives you get, much like in Candy Crush Saga. Points and gems are mostly available when you pay, which makes this game really difficult to go through unless you pay up.

Interesting features at a glance

1. Although players won’t find significant changes in the core of the game, there is a new5 Most appealing features of Angry Birds 2 addition to the list of its existing set of birds. Silver is the latest bird introduced in Angry Birds 2. It has attracted attention not only for its shining look but also earned praises for its dive-bomb attack performance.

2. Leaderboard mode of playing the game is also quite attractive as one can play the game in an endless survival mode. This is even more interesting for new gamers.

3. Veterans of the game can find a significant variation in the structure of Angry Birds 2, as there are multiple screens. Players need to clear each screen to proceed to the next level. This works well for the serious players.

4. Graphics of the game are interesting as the game nicely redirects debris and birds. While portals are used to spit out debris elsewhere, plants gobble them and send them back to the game.

5. Birds are also not queued up in the new series. They just come as cards and three of them can be picked up at a time.

Angry Birds 2 has more graphic detailing than its previous version. Each level of the game is more intricate, which means gamers will have to play in a more dedicated way. … Read the rest

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