Flappy Birds Removed From The App Store: Here is How Can Download Flappy Birds From Other Sites

Here is good news for Flappy birds fans. For those who are looking to download the game in spite of its removal from Android and iOS app stores, here is how you can do it.

For those who are using Apple device, the game can be downloading from the purchased app section of the store. For Android and other phone users Flappy Birds is available on file sharing basis on torrent sites like Pirate Bay and Kickass torrents. However, before you download flappy birds from the torrent sites, you should know that it is illegal to access apps and files from such sites. So if you want to download the app via torrent than do it on your own risk.

People are also selling their smartphones, which already have Flappy birds installed on them. But these phones are selling for unexpectedly higher price at ebay, some are even selling their phones at $1000.

Reportedly, developer of the game Dong Nugyen removed the game from iOS and Apple iOS stores citing stress as the reason.

Nguyen tweeted, “I cannot take this anymore.”

He also mentioned on his Twitter page that he would not sell his app to anyone and rather remove it from the face of this earth. … Read the rest

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Pokemon X and Y: Pokebank Released Online for European, Australian Gamers; US Release To Follow Soon!


Gamers can look forward to a fun time with the arrival of Pokebank which was delayed due to a network error.

It seems that the fans of Pokemon X and Y have a good reason to smile from ear to ear. The game’s unique feature Pokebank has finally gone live after much speculations regarding the previous network failure.

Pokebank is accessible to gamers from Australia and Europe through the Nintendo 3DS eshop. The launch has begun with a 30-day trial period extending upto March 14, following which gamers would have to pay a sum of $5 annually to access it.

Through this application, about 3000 pocket monsters can be stored in Pokemon X & Y. Gamers can also import rosters from other versions of the game through the ‘Poke Transporter’ feature. With its immediate launch in the two sectors, it is expected that the US release wouldn’t be far behind and one could expect a launch in the coming few weeks. And for gamers who download the Pokemon Bank before September 30 this year, may win a free Pokemon in the form of Pokemon Celebi.… Read the rest

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Xbox Fitness vs Wii Fit U Review: Is The Gamepad Better Than The Kinect Sensor?

Nintendo was a major playing in the launch of fitness games way back in 2008 with its ‘Wii Fit’. Now, they have also launched an upgraded version of Wii U system functioning in collaboration with the previous Wii Balance Board as well as the new Fit Meter, which is a round shaped doodad that tracks real world activities like elevation changes and steps taken.

The Wii U GamePad is a portable one and eliminates the hassle of having to look at the TV screen every time. However, apart from a handful of games utilizing controller as well as a newly launched dance mode, the available content is usually the same as the outgoing ‘Wii Fit’ version. Yet, the newer accessories itself make the ‘Wii Fit U’ a good substitute to all other high priced fitness gadgets.

Enhancements done in motion tracking with the new Kinect senor of Xbox One notwithstanding, the Xbox Fitness, which is more like an app than a game, presents like a pounce backward from previous year’s ‘Nike + Kinect Training’. This functioned as an integral part of Nike+ system and deployed the Xbox 360’s edition of Kinect.

‘Xbox Fitness’ is essentially a series of some great workout videos promoted by celebrity trainers like Tracy Anderson, Jillian Michaels and Tony Horton.… Read the rest

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Death Hoax: ‘Flappy Birds’ Owner Dong Nguyen Dies, Creates Twitter Rage

“Flappy Birds” may have seen its end; the maker of the popular game has not. There have been rumors, which suggest that the maker of “Flappy Birds” Dong Nguyen committed suicide after the app was taken down from the Android and iOS stores.

On Sunday morning Nguyen tweeted that he is taking down the games due to “stress” reasons. However, other reports suggest that the reason for sudden shutdown of “Flappy Birds” is not Nguyen’s stress but the games’ eerie similarity to other games on Android and iOS.

The hoax of Nguyen’s death started doing round of the Internet as soon as the game was taken down from the app stores. The cruel reports suggested that Nguyen was found dead at his home in Vietnam and apparently he shot himself to death. The report further suggested that the authorities are claiming that Nugyen committed suicide with an aid of a pistol.

Nguyen’s suicide rumor went rampant went an alleged tweet surfaced from his side.

The faux Twitter posts read:

“I can call ‘Flappy Bird’ is a success of mine. But it also ruins my simple life. So now I hate it.”

“Press people are overrating the success of my games. It is something I never want. Please give me peace.”… Read the rest

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PS4 Bugs Update, No Fix: Games Getting Deleted Automatically

PS4 coming this holidays

PS4 users have been left in a distraught state by the various game bugs. Reportedly, the popular game console has become a breeding house of bugs and the PS4 virus is affecting the games stored inside the consoles.

 What is really frustrating the users are the fact that bugs are deleting the stored games automatically. According to reports by Gamingbolt, a reddit user whose “Killzone” game was deleted automatically from PS4 first noticed the problem.

 Moreover, the bug does not notify the users that something is wrong with console or the games are going to be deleted automatically.  According to the website Thereddit users remarked that he played the game two days before it deleted without any notification.

 “After initializing the console last month I thought it had fixed the issue but it seems not. There are no error messages or anything to suggest there is a problem with the console,” said the Redditor as stated byGamingbolt.

 Sony has not rolled out any solution for the bug and this is adding more to the woes of the users. Hopefully, soon a bug fix for PS4 will be rolled out .

Let us know  about your thoughts on PS 4 bug issues. Are also suffering from it?… Read the rest

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Chicago Teen Kills Brother Over ‘Flappy Birds’ Scores: Hoax or True?

16 year old Gary Wright was engaged in a game of  ‘Flappy Bird’ with its 17-year old brother Jabari Wright. Jabari clocked a score of 17 and this  enraged his brother and soon, things got out of hand. Jabari started teasing his brother and bragged about his score. Gary had a score of 6. Furious and anger-struck Gary apparently stabbed his brother with a knife in his chest, 17 times and referred to the 17 high score score. Gary then called up the police himself after killing his sibling. The parents have refused to comment on this.

Flappy Bird is a much popular mobile game that was released in the previous year. In this game, the player is required to keep tapping the screen constantly to ensure the bird remains airborne and take it forward, crossing obstacles and without touching any of the pipes. Though the game was released recently, it has amassed a lot of popularity in the recent few weeks. This game is famed for its highly addictive nature.

Police authorities said that the killing was certainly a tragedy and that it happened all because of a silly game score. Gary is charged by the police for first degree murder and is presently in Juvenile Temporary Detention Center. … Read the rest

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Flappy Birds Cheats: Get A Higher Score With These Tips And Tricks

Flappy Birds game was released recently in the year 2013 and within a few months of its release, it has become quite popular. People playing this game on a regular basis look to find out cheats and other ways to get a high score in the game.

Indeed, Flappy Birds is an incredibly addictive online game but at the same time, it is also quite difficult to get a high score in the game. Indeed, you would like to know some Flappy Bird cheats as well as some tips that will enable you to progress and beat the top score since there is no such real end for the game. Highly addictive, this game is quite simple to play and is topping the free app listings on Android and iOs app stores. This game is so popular because it has a difficult to master gameplay style that drives the player to get a higher score.

For regular iPhone users, there are some cheats enabling them to get rid of the pipes.  The hack will change the game file and enables the player to flap effortlessly through by just the pipes’ opening edges that the player has to deal with. … Read the rest

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It’s Call of Duty: Ghosts vs Battlefield 4 As Both Struggle With Online Gaming

While gamers are caught in a tussle over choosing the king between Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4, here is what we know about the online gaming issues plaguing both of them. In terms of interface and actions, Call of Duty has always been a winner. However, when it comes to Battlefield 4, players have been miffed with the difficulties that crop up during online play.

When Patrick Soderlund, EA’s executive VP was questioned, he was prompt to admit that the gaming community has been complaining all too often. While he also admitted that a team had been deployed to tackle the same, we recall his confidence during the launch of the game.

To tickle your memories, here is an excerpt of what the VP said about the launch, “Based on our pre-launch testing and beta performance, we were confident the game was ready when it was launched.”

We do comprehend that Battlefield 4 is designed on complicated lines and that it delivers 60 frames each second of game play. However, no matter how well adaptable or connected it is to tabs or consoles, there can be no excuse for issues!

Coming back to Call of Duty: Ghosts, we did hear buzz about only play issues. However, this was only on a limited scale. With the dedicated Ghosts webpage allied to online play statuses for each mode of play, we could not expect any less. In fact, the site does claim that all services online were operational—without a hitch.… Read the rest

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Flappy Birds Hacking Tools to Score High For Android Users

Flappy birds has become a rage amongst Android users and with game riding the popularity charts, users are getting hungry to getting higher scores. However, if simple tips and tricks are not working in your favor then here is are Android tools which will definitely help you score high.

Though before we give you sneak peek in the hacking tools we must tell you that it is always better to use tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning the game.

Warning: We are not responsible for any damage, which may occur on your device due to hacking techniques. It is always advisable to learn the tactics of game so that you can enjoy the game while scoring good scores.

Here are hacking tools to score in Flappy Birds:

1. Install an app called Root explorer on you phone
2. Now install ES File explorer manager from Play Store
3. Uninstall Flappy Birds from your device
4. Enable Root Explorer app
5. Now go to ES File explorer app and go to Tool menu of your phone
6. In Tool menu look for Root file directory “device”
7. Go to data folder and search for Flappy birds
8. Now go to shared_prefs and then to Flapoy Bird.XML
9. You will be prompted with ES Note Editor. Click on Edit and change the score value as per your wish.… Read the rest

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Flappy Birds Hacking Tools to Score High For iOS Users

Flappy birds has become a rage amongst iOS users and with game riding the popularity charts, users are getting hungry to getting higher scores. However, if simple tips and tricks are not working in your favor then here is are iOS tools, which will definitely help you, scoring high.

Though before we give you sneak peek in the hacking tools we must tell you that it is always better to use tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning the game.

Warning: We are not responsible for any damage, which may occur on your device due to hacking techniques. It is always advisable to learn the tactics of game so that you can enjoy the game while scoring good scores.

1. Make sure that Flappy birds is not running in the background
2. Firstly you don’t need to jailbreak your iOS device for this.
3. Now download iExplorer on your device via your PC
4. Download the file called “atlas.txt”. For passing through pipes download http://cl.ly/TdsF/download/atlas.txt. For transforming pipes into little lines download http://cl.ly/TdJy/download/atlas.txt
5. Now go to your device and open iExplorer. Even demo version will do.
6. Plug in your iOS device to your PC and change the icon view to thumbnail
7. In iExplorer look for “flap.app” and open it
8. Now drop the “atalst.txt file which you downloaded earlier in the iExplorer screen with other thumbnails
9. You will prompted to replace the file. Do that and play the game.… Read the rest

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