In a spin over fidget spinners

Till sometime back, you would have been reprimanded for being fidgety.Currently, a restless nature is trending and help is available at your fingertips. Or that’s how the marketers of fidget spinners would like us to believe.

It’s unlikely you haven’t heard of fidget spinners until now. It is has been reported as the biggest gadget trend of 2017 and we are just half way through the year.In fact, Amazon has listed it as one of the top-selling products under its ‘Toys & Games’ category.

For the uninitiated, a fidget spinner is essentially a toy/gadget that doesn’t require technology or batteries to run. It has three spokes along with an inline skate and ball bearings that make it a spin. Extremely popular across age groups –school children form a major chunk of users – it’s easy to use, cheap to buy and portable. Promoted as a fun way to beat stress and restlessness, fidget spinners have gained a steady fan following. There’s even a Fidget Spinner Association that is looking to host a championship in September.YouTube has enough videos gone viral that prove the gadget’s popularity.

Take a look at this:

Now here’s the not so good part about what seems like a harmless toy. Parents across the world and health experts are raising concerns about the safety of fidget spinners and its repercussions on mental health. New videos about children taking the spinners to school and cases of addiction of the gadget have surfaced. Some schools have even banned the toy.

In some cases, new versions of the spinner have caused injury. The spinners with lithium button batteries also have small parts which pose a choking hazard. The toys are now being called ‘dodgy’. So can fidget spinners help with attention and anxiety, as claimed by those who make them?

“The jury is still out on whether a fidget spinner is simply a toy or a gadget that can eliminate anxiety in children and adults, and even help those with ADD or ADHD focus,” Claudia Swartzberg, chief executive of Top Dog Education was quoted in a news report. “While many are claiming they aid mental focus, there’s no science that supports the notion they have therapeutic properties. However, even though there is no data to show that fidget spinners are beneficial rather than being fun, teachers, many parents, and learners claim they’re helping their mental focus in and outside the classroom,” Swartzberg was stated as saying. In an interview that appeared on, Dr. John L. Bender, a member of the board of directors of the American Academy of Family Physicians says, “It would not be proper to claim that there was a level of evidence comparable to a full scientific study to base such a claim.”… Read the rest

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Lego Dimensions To FIFA 16—Top 3 Games To Enjoy Before The Year Ends

Gaming geeks familiar with Skylanders will find comfort with the “toys to life” format for Lego Dimensions. The real-world Lego models can now be placed on a pedestal and instantly appear as interactive characters in the form of vehicles. Developer TT Games chooses to stress on puzzle solving and light combat in a world built from Lego plastic bricks.

In fact, this time the game places importance on merging existing licensed worlds with characters from The Simpsons, Batman and The Wizard of Oz. However, the point at which Dimensions scores a six is when it plays to Lego’s strengths. Lego sets can also be rebuilt to showcase alterations and progress in the game. More sets can also add classy new models and interactive gaming content. While these sound like a piece of cake, do remember that Lego keeps getting newer models, which can leave you with an unquenchable thirst for more. 

Lego Dimensions To FIFA 16What’s hot with The Anki Overdrive?

After a superb debut game last year, gear up to get hands on the Anki Overdrive that swishes from the maiden concept to a new snap-together track, latest characters and game modes wherein real-life vehicles automatically move themselves around the given slot-less track.

Players can use the application to reach the perfect racing line, while controlling speeds and triggering virtual laser fires or drop mines. The gaming features enable cars to see personalization and upgradation while also allowing gamers to try a variety of gaming modes such Hill of the Hill, Battle and Time Trial. The basic game starter kit is priced at £149.99 for eight tracks and a couple of cars. More cars can be added to the race at £49.99

Warm up to FIFA 2016

Taking off from the Pro Evolution Soccer’s warm-up we saw last week, FIFA 16 is finally here and we are sure this version is the toughest one on the block till date.  We spotted incremental improvements and interfacial changes such as the addition of superficial endures and the warm up to the match reminds us of Sky Sports.

There is also extra player physicality. This allows defenders more options. In fact, even cerebral passing is encouraged. The next big improvement is the presence of draft mode for the Ultimate Team. Instead of spending a lot of time making a squad, you can start off with a drafted list.… Read the rest

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Beta Version Of Rainbow Six Siege Continues With Glitches

Ubisoft has extended the date of Rainbow Six Siege’s closed beta till October 1. Given that the beta version of the game has received popularity and server stability, this is a good move.

Chase Straight Community Developer stated on Ubisoft forums that there have been few issues reported but they are working to do away with these as soon as possible.

More scoop on the beta version

Access The Closed Beta Version For Rainbow Six SiegeLaunched over the weekend, the beta run did see gamers complaining because they did not get access codes despite pre-ordering this game. Straight recently said that this has also been resolved.

For those who had ordered the game digitally, the beta version is now available via download from Uplay, Stream, PlayStation and Xbox Live. Some players are still on the waiting list to receive access. Once distribution is complete, the maker will send out relevant invites.

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Say No To Solo

More scoop from Rainbow Six News has revealed that this game will no longer have a solo player mode. Art director Scott Michell has said that the game will not have a story mode in the real sense of the term. He has further clarified that players will receive training where they can experience various operators with their devices.

You may choose to play against Al, the enemy in co-op mode across the maps or even personalize matches. The Star, Renown and similarly laced point system will still be relevant.

Rainbow Six Siege’s beta version has some loopholes such as crashing and connectivity issues as well. But given its strong popularity at Gamescom 2015, we sure are not giving up on it.


 … Read the rest

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Bad News Gamers: No Single Player Mode on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Bad news for those planning to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 all by themselves. It doesn’t come with a single player mode. However, the zombie and multiplayer modes will be supported on these last gen consoles. 

A  post on the Call Of Duty website notes, “The ambitious scope of the 1-4 player coop Campaign design of the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions could not be faithfully recreated on old generation hardware.”

No Single Player  Mode For Call of Duty

Criticism pours in

This announcement comes too late in the day because pre-orders have already begun as people from all over the globe want to own the latest Call of Duty.

Critics have been panning the makers for such a delayed announcement. Some have even called their behavior indifferent to the consumers. They believe that simply putting up old Black Ops for download is lax and too light headed to please avid gamers.

There is a consolation

In order to make up for this lag, the game will come $10 cheaper than its original price, Activison confirmed. In addition, it will put up the maiden series Call of Duty: Black Ops for digital download on last generation consoles.

The PS3 and the Xbox 360 versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will now be available for about $49.99. For some regions, this includes cost of the additional download as well.

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Pre-Order The Oculus Rift This Year; Delivery Next Year

Oculus Rift will be available for pre-order by the end of this year. However, it will only reach buyers by early 2016. This has been confirmed on a blog post by Oculus. While Oculus hosted the Oculus Rift June Live event sometime back, details about the new releases and availability was made public only now.

The blog posted today mentioned that Oculus Rift will be based on the comfort, immersion and presence of the prototype Crescent Bay. It will also come laced with an improvised tracking mechanism as well as support for standing and sitting experiences. The June event did highlight that physicality will be revamped.

What’s Up With Oculus Rift?

Oculus Rift is highly anticipated because it will be able to stream games from the XboxGet Set To Pre-Order The Oculus Rift From End Of 2015 One and allow gamers to enjoy their own virtual playground. This idea appeals to many.

Compatibility with Windows 10 adds to the benefits of the Oculus Rift. It will also be compatible with a lot of games by next year, the company has said. Oculus will be pumping in $10 million for new games for the VR headset.

The Surprises In Store

It was announced that the Oculus Rift will not have its own controller. However, it will come with the hyped Xbox One Wireless Controller following a partnership with Microsoft.

This is just the beginning of more good things, including the arrival of Oculus Touch sometime in the future. Meanwhile, the controller will work on a matrix of sensors and haptic feedback.


 … Read the rest

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EA’s FIFA 16 Launch Delay in India Agitates Gamers

FIFA 16 Amazon IndiaAmazon was roped in as the exclusive partner for sale of EA’s FIFA 16 in India. However, some recent developments have disappointed gamers. To start with, people who had pre-ordered this game received an email on Tuesday stating that the game will only come on or after September 30.

The delay is not the only problem here. Rumor also has it that the game would be available to offline retailers in the gray markets in cities like Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi.

A source close to Amazon told NDTV that the orders were placed only five days back. The source also said that the company probably wanted to see how many pre-orders they get because they confirm to EA.

With everything taken into account, it is quite upsetting to see how the e-commerce giant is handling the release of one of the most anticipated games of 2015.

FIFA 16 would be available on Amazon India at a price of Rs. 3,999. However, it would be available everywhere else at a cheaper price. While this is good news for many gamers, this has irked all those fans who pre-ordered the game.

There is no news from Amazon yet on their plans for launch of the game in India.… Read the rest

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Mad Catz Ready To Ship Rat Pro X And Launch Rat Pro S

Mad Catz has made two major announcements recently–that they will now be shipping the Rat Pro X and they have released the Rat Pro S. These are adjustable gaming mice that resemble the Transformers and also double up as accessories. You can also customize the Pro X with more features than the preceding versions.  

Mad Catz Ready To Ship Rat Pro X  And Launch Rat Pro SWhat’s New With Pro X?

With the Pro X, you get hands on a huge number of modular parts that allow you to choose between laser and optical sensors. These sensors come with in-built memory that let you to store up to nine profiles.

The Details And Pricing

The Pro X offers a rest area for your pinkie, apart from a swappable thumb design. There is also an adjustable pivoting palm rest and a number of different materials and textures for its feet. Mad Catz have also stated that the mouse is future proof.

Coming to the Pro S, buyers can get a cheaper mouse but without modular capabilities. At the same time, the Pro S retains some essential features from Pro X. Users can get a 5,000 DPI optical sensor and support for up to three profiles. The Rat Pro X will cost $200, while the Rat Pro S is priced at $70.

The Indian audience will have to wait for these devices before they make their way into India.… Read the rest

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Playstation 4 To Slash Prices In India, 1 TB Version Soon

According to reports confirmed by Gadgets 360, Sony is expected to cut the price of their PlayStation 4 for India. Expected to happen sometime in the middle of October, the price drop is expected to be at around Rs. 5,000. At present, the 500GB variant of PS4 stands at Rs. 39,990. If the price slash applies, the new price will stand at Rs. 34,990.

Playstation 4 To See Slashed PricesWhat Sony Is Planning?

Now before you get so excited, do note that Playstation will soon launch a new 1 TB variant in India as well as see limited supply on its 500 GB variant. The new 1TB model will come with a price tag Rs. 39,990. Sony will offer a bundle of games on the 1TB PS4. PS4 has been seeing heavy sales ever since its release in January last year but Sony seems to be working on newer and heftier versions.

Upgrade To The 1 TB Model

For shoppers looking to pocket the PS 4 500 GB version, you can easily add a laptop drive of 2 TB by throwing in about Rs. 8000. Therefore, for so little, you can actually upgrade to a 2 TB model without much ado.… Read the rest

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As Super Mario Turns 30, Celebrate With Your Own Plot

Mario BrosIf one of your first introductions to video games was Mario Super Bros, it’s time to celebrate. Nintendo’s classic game with a plumber in blue overalls turned 30 this weekend and it’s a great time to go back to the game. To help you celebrate, Nintendo has launched a new title called “Super Mario Maker”. Infused with ample nostalgia, this game also allows players to design and share different levels.  

The levels in this game are reminiscent of Mario Bros as it appeared in the 80s and 90s. So you get the fun knocking sounds, repetitive levels that are so easy to scrape through and finding magical hidden treasures. It was a simple game that didn’t need an instruction booklet. Instead, it challenged players to find hidden tricks and cheats on their own.

An eventful celebration

Nintendo also organized an event where several artists dressed up as the hyperactive plumber while the theme music was played for fans. Mario’s creator Shigeru Miyamoto was also present during the event felt quite emotional while singing the birthday song with the audiences.

Fans Stay Glued

Fans of the game, most of whom grew up with the game, are ga-ga about the game till today. Most of them associate the game with many childhood memories and their introduction to video games. Some even dedicate their glasses at an early age to the game. Many fans have taken to the social media to say that Super Mario was their hero. For some, it was their way of exploring something new.

Super Mario was introduced as a console game way back in September 13, 1985. Ever since, it has undergone several technological developments from time to time. Though all Super Mario series have received love of the fans, the adventure of plucky plumber to rescue Princess Peach got maximum affection as it sold over 310 million units. … Read the rest

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Pokemon GO For iOS, Android In 2016; Augmented Reality-Based Game In The Making

The Pokemon Company has announced that Pokemon GO will be available for iOS and Android from 2016. Nintendo Co., The Pokemon Co. and Niantic announced that they will be launching the augmented reality-based game for smartphones. The Pokemon Company is the brand behind licensing and marketing of all Pokemon gaming franchise. Software development firm Niantic is best known for Ingress. 

Pokemon GO was initially launched for the Nintendo 3DS but there were complaints about poor interface and low speeds. It is an augmented reality game where players have to locate and fight out Pokemon in the real world. Pokemon Company 

All About Pokemon GO

Niantic Labs is a Google spin-off company that offers real-time locations for games. This way, players can engage in the game. Like most mobile-based games, Pokemon GO will have a free-to-play version, while being equipped with a vast array of in-app purchases. 

Nintendo is also expected to release a special device that will be paired with smartphones via Bluetooth to add to the real-life feel of Pokemon GO. Called Pokémon GO Plus, the device will notify people about other virtual Pokémons if they are closeby. This will work like a smartwatch and users can catch a Pokémon easily with this device. 

It will be a game to look forward to.… Read the rest

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