CES 2013 Mania: Sony Xperia Z Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs iPhone5: The Water Resistant Quotient


    The most impressive feature of Sony Xperia z is its water and dust resistant capability. The feature has astonished people around the world and it is so mind boggling that you may ignore other interesting feature of the device.  None other phones including the bestsellers of 2013 Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone5 have the capability of surviving in water and they never even thought about it until now. In the halls of CES Sony showed the onlookers how the phone survived the dip of water. Sony set up simple experiment where the phone was half dipped in water and as shock the IP57 certified Sony Xperia Z came out of water damage free. Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 would have thought twice before taking a dive in water but this beauty from Sony rose out beautifully from water. So may this year you would be able to [+more]

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CES 2013 Mania:Analyse New Phrase And Real-time Word Prediction for Swype Living Language


We always agreed that crowdsourcing was the way forward and Nuance Communications Inc., the creators of Swype, have proven just that. Taking a cue from Hotwords, Swype Living Language analyses new phrases and words in real-time through crowdsourcing technology and constantly updates its language dictionaries. The latest installment of Swype also has a voice recognition feature and provides personalized dictionaries that include the most commonly used phrases and words of users. Users can also opt-in to share and receive trending words and phrases in real-time on Swype Living Language. It’s now more predictive than ever, making typing a lot faster and more intuitive for the users. Smart Editor, another interesting feature on Swype Living Language, looks at whole sentences to identify any potential errors that require fixing. It also suggests likely alternatives by analyzing the context of what’s written. Dictation support has also expanded and new languages like Croatian, Turkish, [+more]

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Or Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD, A Phone To Stupefy You In 2013


Alcatel isn’t usually known as a premium smartphone maker, but 2013 is when it reinvents itself with its lineup of three new high end smartphones under the One Touch brand. At CES 2013, Alcatel showcased these devices – One Touch Idol, One Touch Idol Ultra, and One Touch Scribe HD which are ready to compete with big screen Samsung flagship phones, especially the much hyped Samsung Galaxy S4. One Touch Scribe HD: This is Alcatel’s flagship smartphone and features a 5-inch display. It is powered by MediaTek’s brand new quad-core processor, the MT6589. It will have 4G LTE connectivity. The Scribe HD has an 8 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front-facing one, and will run on Android Jelly Bean. This device will be available in multiple color options, including black, white, yellow and red. One Touch Idol Ultra: With a thickness of less than 6.54mm, this is the world’s thinnest smartphone yet. [+more]

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Samsung Steals The Show At CES 2013: Showcases Mind Boggling Series 7 Ultrabooks


We told you CES 2013 was going to be the best way to start this year, and we assure you we stand by that statement still. One of the most anticipated companies this year was Samsung, and there’s so much happening there we don’t even know where to start. The CES event saw the Korean electronics manufacturer showcase two new Series 7 Ultrabooks – the Chronos 770Z5E and the Ultra 730U3E. Series 7 Chronos: This one’s for the mobile professional – with higher processing power and a special RAM accelerator, which promises up to 150 percent higher speed when browsing or running apps on the system. Weighing around 5.2 pounds and just 0.82 inches thick, it may be on the heavier side, but is loaded with features. The high resolution full HD screen can support up to 10-finger multi-touch function. The Chronos is powered by a quad-core Intel processor, up [+more]

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Samsung Generates More Heat At CES 2013 With Its ‘Timeless Gallery’ S9 85-inch Television Wonder

samsun s9

      The television world gets a bigger and better entrant with the unveiling of Samsung 85-inch ultra HDTV called S9 at CES 2013. The design of the TV is being referred as ‘Timeless Gallery’. Samsung said that with this television set Samsung has up the ante as it provides with best picture quality sans video source. The television houses an enhancing engine that converts HD or Full HD to UHD quality so that the pictures look close to real life. This exclusive TV uses Precision Black Pro’ to deliver colour precise display, “deep, real blacks as well as pure vivacious whites,” says the press release. Other things which S9 has in store are high contrast ratio and superb diming control functionality. Hunderds ofLEDs work in unison to give sharp and precise color and resolution which as per Samsung has never been seen in Television. S9 has 3-way 2.2 [+more]

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CES 2013 Mania: Liquipel Is Here, Water Cannot Touch Your iPhone 5 And Samsung Galaxy S3


    Last year at CES 2013, a company called Liquipel awed you with its water resistant solution. This year at CES the company introduced Liquipel 2.0, a formula which will keep you phone  water safe for years together. The phone is kept in a chamber where air is sucked and then the formula is applied to it in vapor forms. A binding is created at the moleculer level which not only protects the phone from outside but also from  inside. Liquipel would be opening its outlets soon in the shopping malls and would be charging $60 to waterproof your phones like Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SIII and Motorola Razor HD.

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Huawei Ascend D2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Vs HTC X+: Is Bigger Really Better?


It does seem like an unusual combination of devices to compare, but what we’re trying to do here is to see how some of the latest devices launched figure when pitted against the already existing bestsellers. That’s why we’ve decided to compare the freshly announced Huawei Ascend D2 against the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and HTC X+. After all, in terms of size, it does fit in right in the middle of these two contenders. Huawei Ascend D2: This 5-inch phablet is literally a powerhouse, with its 1.4 GHz quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. Quite unlike the Huawei brand which is known primarily for its affordability, this one without a doubt is as premium as you can expect. The display is an IPS Super Retina display with full HD and a resolution of 443 ppi. And the best thing about it – the [+more]

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Samsung ATIV Odyssey Vs Nokia Lumia 822: Samsung Has Catapulted Its Windows Phone At CES 2013

samsung ATIV

    The Samsung ATIV Odyssey was finally catapulted at CES 2013. Amongst the important events happening at CES 2013 the Samsung Windows 8 entry level phone was not easy to ignore. Just like other Samsung phones the device has Super AMOLED display and is a delight to hold in hands, thanks to its feather like weight.  The phone has a 4-inch screen with a WVGA 480×800 resolution.  Under the hood there is a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and a 2,100 mAh battery. Odyssey is an out and out windows 8 phone with a 5 MP camera. It lacks NFC and wireless charging. The phone comes with some of the most interesting apps which will give you access to centralized weather, news and stocks app. It also comes equipped with Samsung Mini dairy. The release date of Samsung ATIV Odyssey is still not revealed but it will compete against Nokia Lumia [+more]

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Nikon J3 Vs Nikon S1: The Dramatic Interchangeable Lens Knock Around

Nokia J3 Price $600

Only six months after the launch of the Nikon J2, the camera manufacturer has launched two new models—the Nikon J3 and Nikon S1. These are compact system cameras (CSCs) come with intuitive features and they are available in five colors each. The Nikon J3 and Nikon S1 are interchangeable lens cameras and offer ease of operability. Nikon has said that the successor to Nikon J2, the Nikon J3 has the ‘world’s smallest body’ at 4.0 x 2.4 x 1.1 in. (excluding projections). It also has the ability to shoot at 15fps. Nikon, known for its user-friendly features, also offers the Slow View mode with the J3. This feature allows users to look at the moment in slow motion to be able to record the decisive moment. It also comes with Live Image Control to preview the effects of settings. This Nikon camera will be available in silver, red, white, black, [+more]

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CES 2013 Mania: Sony Xperia Z Hands On, To Go For Gold With 5-inch Screen, 13 MP Camera

sony xperia z

Sony has finally unveiled its most anticipated phone of 2013, Sony Xperia Z at CES 2013. The phone will join the likes of Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC Driod Razor and iPhone5. The device sports a 5-inch screen with 1080p resolution. The pixel resolution is 443 ppi which may affect the battery life of phone. The mouthwatering feature of the phone is its 13 megapixel camera which lets you experience HDR video.  It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor coupled with LTE capabilities. The phone would hit the stores this quarter. Here are some of the specifications of the Xperia Z: 5-inch screen with a 1080p resolution 4G LTE, EDGE, Wi-Fi, NFC GPS with A-GPS support Bluetooth 4.0 13 megapixel camera with HDR recording and 2 megapixel front-facing camera

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