CES 2014: Google Glass, Apple iWatch, Drive Automation And Contextual Computing

The CES 2014 could have some great tech with business implications due to the tech adoption in the business culture of today. The show will display some great developing technologies taking the tech industry ahead. The four biggest trends of CES 2014 is mentioned here. Take a look:

  1. Wearables

While Google Glass set the tech world on fire in 2013, anticipations for Apple iWatch is the most expected product of 2014. Thus, we see that the wearable technology is what’s next in the etch world. At CES, fanatics will see watches, wearable glasses and cameras and health trackers that can fit on the body. The wearable premise will slide smoothly in daily life of businessmen. Don’t underestimate the calibre of this segment in the year 2014.

CES 20142.     The Internet of Things

The Internet of things will contribute to the highest show at the CES 2014. You can connect them to cars, homes, lifestyles and appliances. Sensors and huge data contribute to drive automation. it restricts cluttering of time, putting info to work.

  1. Contextual Computing

This can be referred to as predictive computing. It is the same thing done by Google Now. It collects rough data and then uses it in the useful to help you forget about the roughness. It considers your location, preferences and history and transforms it to the present info as you need it

4.     Consumerization of business tech

The concluding trend to look out for is dot dotdot. It is continuance from previous year and will carried to next year. It is becoming more effective and productive with innovative tools rather than being stuck with traditional tools.

It was a smartphone and tablet tale, but now it is a computer story and CES is a perfect platform to display computer hardware and latest smartphones. CES is the stage to display next generation devices that corporates use in everyday work

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CES 2014 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Release: Nexus 10 2, Apple iPad Air Enemy


If this is true then, this range of tablets will feature AMOLED screens and will challenge thr iPad and iPad Mini from Apple. The manifest also shows that this tablet will be designed to be a variant of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. Other rumors circle around Samsung is that it is manufacturing a tablet in both the ten inch and eight inch variants and both will sport AMOLED screens.

Despite the earlier updates from Chatter, the tablet will not be launched along with the Galaxy S5. The AMOLED screens have been featured on other devices like the Galaxy Tab 7.7, which surprisingly, was not all that popular on the tablet market.

If these rumors are true, then we can expect Samsung to ring in the New Year with a bang. Apart from the expected AMOLED tabs, they are also expected to release up to five new smart phones in early 2014.

Samsung plans to launch these new products at the CES 2014 that will take place in Las Vegas. 


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Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date After CES 2014: What to Expect From Sony Xperia Z2 Rival?

As per the Korean Herald, the limitations on the production prevent the GS5 feature of curved display. The production volume for the 5 inch Samsung flexible display is 30% of the complete production for the components of the display. Those who are looking forward for the release of Samsung Galaxy S5 with a curved display, it could be disappointing as the specs are yet not ready to support the device.

As per the Korean Herald, the limitations on the production prevent the GS5 feature of curved display. The production volume for the 5 inch Samsung flexible display is 30% of the complete production for the components of the display. The flagship series like Note 3 and GS4 have sold over 10 million handsets in the first few months of its sale and more, but it’s safe to stay with the same production as it may exceed the flexible display produced. Thus, GS5 needs more screens that might not be supplied for the curved displays.

Samsung launched the first Galaxy Round smartphone curved display in October. It was released for demo but it could only gross 50000 handset sales in Southern Korea. Galaxy Round was the curved version of Note 3. As the Korean company’s curved display technology is still in its initial development stage, Samsung still needs to get settled for some appealing action

The Samsung’s flexible display development commenced in January with the revelation of Youm technology at CES 2013! Reports still suggest that GS5 will feature flexible or curved display. However, Samsung seemed to deny this issue. The April reports indicated that Samsung will go with OLED flexible display. When Galaxy Round was launched, the OLED experts reported that Round did not make use of Samsung Youm Technique.

What’s In Store For Samsung’s Flexible Display Technology?

 Though Samsung Galaxy S5 may not come with curved display, but most of the people expect that the Korean producer will feature flexible display and use in the coming devices. Samsung may release the technology in small volumes.

 One idea is to release the GS5 with curved display. Often Samsung launched its flagship versions with specs that differ from the main source. While GS4 was released with Exynos 5 Octa CPU for 3G version with Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 CPU and later it released GS4 LTE with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU.

Rumours state that it could be released in two designs, metallic exterior with curved OLED screen or plastic body with OLED display.


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CES 2014: Asus Windows, Android Hybrid to Take on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and 3?

Asus may release a dual boot Android and windows tablet or a hybrid laptop at CES 14. According to a recent teaser released by the giant, it is quite a possibility that soon we may get our hands on a hybrid offering from Asus, which could prove a tough competitor to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or HP Split Hybrid laptop.

A new teaser released by Asus shows a liberty of statue holding two tablet one blue and green and then suddenly the tablet, which is green in color, turns into blue.  The video is followed by the caption, “”Green or Blue? One or Two?”

According to reports by techradar.com , “It1391443_235090669989878_814512276_n be that Asus is planning to release a dual-boot Android (green) and Windows (blue). Or a laptop/tablet hybrid. Or a PadFone/FonePad successor. Or a combination of the three.”

Asus is a key changer in the gadget industry and knowing about its proficiency we are expecting a unique gadget CES 2014. If speculations are anything to go by then Asus may baffle the technology world with a rare combination of windows and Android tablet or a phablet.  Being the first of its kind it may generate immense curiosity amongst the users and may take over Samsung’s popular phablet Galaxy  Note 3.

Let us know what do you think about Asus new gadget.

What will it be?

Stay tuned for further CES 2014 updates.



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CES 2014: Will Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Beat Sony Xperia Z2, LG Flex And iPhone 6?


The CES 2014 will be bringing us the latest in tech. Amid much tech talk and viral brouhaha, here are three of the phones that are expected to be hot this year at CES:

Samsung: The biggest contender and show stealer of 2013 will be present at the CES 2014 and will be showcasing their latest Galaxy range. Last year they had unveiled the prototype of the Youm that had a flexible display. This year, two things that are expected are the Samsung Galaxy S5 (a possible Sony Xperia Z2 contender) and the Samsung Galaxy Round.  The S5 might sport a 16MP camera, 64 bit chip and a metal exterior while the Round may be a prototype that will be flexible.

LG: LG is set to be at the heels of Samsung with their new LG Flex. This too has a flexible display that is only available in South Korea. This is a successful step that includes a daring design with a massive display but its features seem to be pretty standard at 720p-so while LG has surfaced to the top, it is yet to beat Samsung.

ASUS: The company will be launching a new range of Chromebooks and also a five incher MeMO phone. Their launch plan also includes a wearable kit that may be showcased at Computex first. … Read the rest

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Ring Into New Year WithGoogle Nexus 10 2 Release Date : Ahead of CES 2014?

The rumours of Google Nexus 10 2 doesn’t seem to stop. The much awaited tablet now comes with a new rumour that it will be available after the New Year’s Eve and exactly before the Consumer Electronics Show of 2014.

The images released of the device from http://developer.android.com/about/versions/jelly-bean.html, which has been launched under CC 2.5 Designation. Part of the page are regenerated from the work done and shared by the Android Open Source Project and as per the terms mentioned in Creative Commons 2.5 Attribution Licence

The former rumours stated that Google Nexus 10 2 will be launched at the Consumer Electronics Show of 2014. It looks like that Google will go for a separate launch for the 10inches release from its shed before the tech event

Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is a yearly global consumer electronics and hi-tech trading show. As per the official website of the event, it is the global platform where the new generation inventions are released at the international marketplace. This year, it will be held at Les Vegas, Nevada from the 7th to the 10th of January. Thus, the release of the tablet may occur in between 1st of Jan to 6th of Jan.

Google fanatics await the release of the second generation of Nexus 10 since the first generation was released in October 2012. Primarily, rumours stated that it will be seen in the Cyber Monday and Black Friday festive celebrations. But now, news suggests that the release has shifted to another year.

Google will unveil this amazing device at competitive rates. But, nothing official has been confirmed by the Korean company. Rumours state that Google Nexus 10 2 will feature 10 inches display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. The tablet will either feature Tegra  chip CPU or Qualcomm Snapdragon 800chipset. It may feature a RAM of 2GB for multi- tasking and rear camera of 8MP. The device will run on Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system

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Sony Xperia Z Vs Nokia Lumia 720 Vs LG Optimus Pro Vs HTC One: The Gadget Which Swept You Off Your Feet At MWC 2013

After an action packed start to the year with CES 2013 in January, February saw the world headed to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress 2013, and it was anything but disappointing. So here’s a summary of some of the best highlights of the event, news that made a lot of us very excited and happy. What can we say; we’ve been drooling ever since the MWC 2013 gave us a peek into these upcoming gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

This one’s aimed directly at the Apple iPad Mini and it definitely made us look twice. The Galaxy Note 8.0 was the only Android device that Samsung showcased at the event, but it’s definitely worth noticing. With an 8.0-inch screen, quad-core processor and S-Pen functionality, it makes for a good alternative to the iPad Mini.

HTC’s flagship: the HTC One

After much speculation and rumors, we finally got to see the flagship HTC One at this event. And yes, we were blown away by the terrific screen with its 468 ppi resolution. The quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, its Ultrapixels camera and stereo sound all sound amazing, and we can’t wait to get our hands on this one and try it out for ourselves.

LG’s flagship, the LG Optimus G Pro

Looks like LG’s all set to take on the likes of Samsung with its brand new flagship, the Optimus G Pro. With its gigantic 5.5-inch screen and powerful specs, it is by far one of the finest gadgets we’ve seen the company unveil. We also got a peek into new handsets in the more affordable price bracket, both in the existing L-series as well as a brand new F-series of phones.

Sony Xperia Z tablet

Much like its flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z, the tablet version also boasts of being dust and water resistant. But that’s not the only reason for us falling in love with Sony’s latest tablet – it also happens to be the thinnest tablet out in the market currently and at just about 1 pound, is also extremely lightweight.

Nokia’s affordable Windows-based phones

Buoyed by the success of the Lumia 920, Nokia unveiled a few more reasonably priced Windows-based smartphone options at the MWC 2013. We quite liked what we saw in the Lumia 720 and Lumia 520, and even though they may not sound as terrific as the Lumia 920, for their price-tags, they do have a lot to offer.… Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy Young Vs Samsung Galaxy Fame: The Two Scintillating Samsung Mid- Range Beauties Entangle


Three whistles for Samsung for bringing out two impressive mid-range smart phones, the Galaxy Young and the Galaxy Fame, at MWC 2013. Both the beauties from Samsung have Jelly Bean forming their backbone and as far as specifications of the phone are concerned, they won’t sent a fiery lightening shot  through your mind. And we can’t complain either as the price points of these phones have been kept real low.

Samsung Galaxy Young sports a 3.27-inch display with a decent pixel density of 480 X 320. The camera has a 3 MP camera and is driven by 1 GHz processor coupled with 768 GB RAM. A micro SD slot can always be used to expand the memory of the phone. The phone comes equipped with almost all connectivity options including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. What really wows us about this Galaxy young chap is that it comes with Jelly Bean but what makes us snooze is its 1300mAh battery which barely lasts a day.

Now going to Samsung Galaxy Fame, the phone comes with a 3.5 –inch display and a resolution of 480 x 320, which unfortunately makes for an average viewing experience. With a 5 MP camera to shoot, it corners out Galaxy Young.

Just like Galaxy young the phone is powered by 1 GHz Processor though its 512 MB RAM makes it a tad bit slow. Just like… Read the rest

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Nokia Lumia 720 Vs Nokia Lumia 920: Lumia 720 Has A Charismatic And Classic Camera In Line With 920



So finally Nokia Lumia 720 is here, Nokia’s another mid range device. The phone comes in varied hues with a 4.3 inch Clear Black LCD display and unbelievable touch screen. The phone is designed like a pillow and bears 9 mm thickness with 128 gram weight.

The phone has an outstanding camera with aperture of f/1.9 that makes for great photos  even in low light. Nokia Lumia 720 comes with 6.7-megapixel built in Carl Zeiss lens, with backside-illumination and auto-focus.  The device also has a front facing 1.3 mp camera.

The device  would be released in  glossy white or matte red, yellow, cyan and black. The phone would be priced at $330 without contract and would hit the shelved in Q2 2013.

Would Lumia 720 be as popular amongst the customers as Lumia 920?… Read the rest

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Sony Xperia Z Vs Huawei Ascend D2 Vs Lenovo Idea Phone K900: What Bowled You Over At CES?

So CES 2013 finally drew to a close, and it sure was a fabulous way to start the year. From phones to tablets to flexible screens and what not, this event really did leave our hearts thumping. We’re desperately waiting for the gadgets showcased to hit the markets so we can get our hands on them. Here’s a list of what we think were the best gadgets we got to see during CEs 2013:


Sony Xperia Z and Xperia ZL: Yes, we know we’ve been talking a lot about it of late, but when you really take a look at it, it’s easy for you to see why. Sony’s 5-inch dust and water resistant phablet is definitely going to heat things up for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2, which has being doing pretty well. It’s the flagship device for Sony this year, and we know how badly you too want to get your hands on it. And of course, its more affordable version, the Xperia ZL too was showcased during CES 2013. Both phones have similar specs – the 5-inch screen, a quad core processor and a 13 MP camera, but the Xperia ZL’s screen has lower resolution, making it a tad cheaper.

Huawei Ascend D2: 2013 is the year when size is really going to matter. With almost every phone maker bringing out a 5-inch model, we’re excited to see the world moving beyond 3.5-inch and 4-inch something phones this year. The Ascend D2 from Huawei is yet another 5-inch masterpiece we came across during CES 2013, having similar specs like the Xperia Z – a 5-inch full HD display, 13 MP camera, and a quad-core processor.

Lenovo IdeaPhone K900: Now Lenovo’s entry into the smartphone market has been rather subdued, but we’re hoping this IdeaPhone could turn things around for the company. Powered by a snappy Intel Atom dual-core 2 GHz processor, it features a 5.5-inch display, and a 13 MP Sony camera. Galaxy Note 2, better watch out, we say!

ZTE Grand S: It’s not just Huawei that’s trying to rebrand itself as a premium phone maker. Also in the running is ZTE with its Grand S – probably one of the slimmest devices in the world currently equipped with a full HD display. The Grand S is powered by a quad-core 1.7 GHz processor, making it one of the more powerful phablets as well.

Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD: Like we said before, many companies are looking to break into the premium segment, and Alcatel seems to be getting it right with its flagship 5-inch device – powered by a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor, 12 MP camera and a sleek body. Now all we hope is that it’s priced competitively and will set the cash registers ringing.

Project Shield Game Console: Moving on from smartphone and phablets, another device that caught our eye during CES 2013 is this game console by NVIDIA. A powerful Tegra 4 processor within gives the Project Shield ample power for gaming as well as running other Android apps.

Vizio’s 10-inch tablet: Yet another device fitted with the Tegra 4 processor, this one’s got a powerful 10.1 inch display with a resolution of 2560X1600 pixels. Maybe this one would give some competition to the likes of the iPad, Galaxy Note 10.1, Google Nexus 10, et al.

Acer Iconia B1: Now, this tablet is quite affordable and is priced around $150. The reason we decided to feature it in our list is because with its specs, we’re hoping it would make things harder for the Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD, etc.

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