Women in Tech Week At New York City Celebrates Women In Tech Roles

Financial technology company CommonBond is launching a ‘Women in Tech’ week in New York City on 10 October, 2017 to celebrate women who take up technology-based job roles. The idea is to “encourage women to pursue technology careers”. According to the National Centre for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT), 26% of the computing jobs available in the US in 2016, were held by women. About 20% women held Fortune 100 Chief Information Officer (CIO) positions at the same time.
Clearly, a lot needs to be done if we want to have more women in the technological workspace. CommonBond is taking one step towards that goal with the Women in Tech Week, which will be on till October 15. They will recognize the contributions of women in technology and create ways to provide support to create a generation of women leaders in technology.
Speaking of the event, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said, “Women in Tech Week will ensure attendees can access valuable information to help advance their careers while also encouraging the next generation of women leaders to pursue careers in the industry.”

women in technology

The Women in Tech Week is structured with three key elements.

1. Whitepaper on what women want in the tech workplace

A survey of more than 600 women working in tech roles was conducted. The aim of this survey was to identify how companies can attract and retain women in their workplace. The research found that for technology-based companies to attract more women, they need to have more women in leadership roles, enable long-term career planning processes, provide appropriate training and offer more opportunities for professional growth.

2. Create social media campaign to create future women leaders

CommonBond partnered with Girls Who Code to help fund the next generation of women technologists. The fintech company is running a competition on the Girls Who Code social media pages with the hashtag #2017WITW. Proceeds generated as a result of these social media posts will be used to provide scholarships to school girls who want pursue a career in technology.

3. Hosting a female founders event

The aim of this event would be to encourage women in tech. This would be conducted on 10 October, which is Ada Lovelace Day. This holiday celebrates the achievements of women in STEM. Women who have founded tech-based companies would share their stories with students and professionals.


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Why Do You Need to Shop on Black Friday?

This year, Black Friday falls on 24th November 2017. Most of us like this day because it is the best day to shop. It’s the best holiday if you like to shop. Let’s trace back to the origin of this holiday that is celebrated in many countries today and the number is on the rise. The day is considered as the busiest shopping day of the year. Stores open as early as 4 AM. Some even open at midnight to offer promotional sales.

So why is the day called ‘Black Friday’, why not Red or Blue? Well the term was coined by Philadelphia police or bus drivers to describe the traffic observed a day after Thanksgiving. Streets were clogged with traffic caused by people heading to shopping stores. However, businesses did not like this negative explanation to the term and later, a new explanation came to be.

Sale day in other words, Black Friday is followed every year with multiple controversies. Most of them associated with lack of staff in stores, exposing them to over shifts, and rise in visitors’ violence. The day comes after Thanksgiving Day which is celebrated every fourth Thursday of November in the United States. Though not an official holiday, California and few other states in the US observe Black Friday as a holiday, which is followed by two weekends offs leading to a four-day shopping weekend.

The approaching Monday is coined as Cyber Monday. It is another shopping day for those who still wants to shop or didn’t find what they were looking for over the weekend. However, on Cyber Monday people shop online. This means people can make purchases from their offices and homes. Cyber Monday was the busiest day of 2014 with $2 billion sales in desktop online spending which was higher by 17% from the previous year.

Black Friday indicates the beginning of Christmas shopping season. During the 19th and 20th Century, stores would advertise Christmas shopping on the occasion of Thanksgiving. Back then, Thanksgiving parades sponsored by shopping stores were used to advertise Christmas shopping. Many people view this practice as inappropriate and it became socially unacceptable. But soon, people came up with the idea to start advertising Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving Day. It is now fashionable ‘not’ to advertise Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving.

The story has a capitalist angle too. Many believe that stores wanted the Christmas shopping season to stay on for longer. To offer a solution to this, in 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt announced that Thanksgiving would be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November instead of the last Thursday. This extended the shopping season by a week. Later, an act of Congress reinforced this change.

Are you up for some Black Friday sales online now? Watch this space to stay tuned for some great Black Friday deals in the coming weeks.

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OnePlus Event Held in Bangalore; Smartphone Assembling to Begin Soon

OnePlus Bengaluru EventOnePlus announced new plans at an event in Bengaluru today and said they would be assembling smartphones in India. The Chinese startup is partnering with Foxconn to start assembling from the latter’s manufacturing unit located in Andhra Pradesh.

“Today is a big day for us. Producing smartphones in India is one of the most important decisions that we have made so far at OnePlus. India being one of our biggest markets worldwide, we are committed to a long term sustainable growth path,” OnePlus CEO and Founder Pete Lau said at the event.

The company has already sold 250,000 units of OnePlus One and 15,000 units for OnePlus Two in India. The latter had its first-ever open sale on Amazon.in today. It will continue tomorrow as well.

OnePlus General Manager-India Vikash Agarwal said, “Ever since OnePlus debuted in India, we have been deluged with requests for invites to buy our products, with more than 5 million registrations worldwide for our latest release – the OnePlus 2 – alone! With the best of our intentions of fastening up the availability process, we have been constrained by a few supply chain related challenges in meeting consumer demands. The local production will help to address this issue and better cater to the fast growing demands for OnePlus products in India.”

The MakeInIndia move would give full time employment to more than 1000 people at the Foxconn’s facility spread across 30,000 s.ft., where the manufacturing of OnePlus devices would start before the end of 2015.

Locally produced OnePlus smartphones will hit the market as early as the end of this year. Foxconn has the ability to manufacture about 500,000 units at its facility per month, which is further scalable according to the demand.


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Speculations Run Amok On OnePlus Event in Bengaluru Today

OnePlus Bengaluru EventChinese start-up company OnePlus is going to host a special event in Bengaluru today where we are likely to see Pete Lau, the CEO and founder of the company. The company has sent signals that this would be a corporate announcement, which leads us to believe it could be about a diversion from the company or maybe their plans to move some manufacturing to India.

While 9to5Google reported that the company is going to announce #MakeInIndia, Android Central quoted the invite by OnePlus’ General Manager in India, Vikas Agarwal and Pete Lau that they will “reiterate the relevance of Indian market in the OnePlus growth story and announce The Next Big Step.”

On the other hand, a tweet from the company’s India Twitter handle said, ‘Time to look at things a little differently’ supported by an “X” in a photo. Should we expect a OnePlus X launching soon? Let us remind you, this one would be a cheaper smartphone. Speculations about the OnePlus X grew stronger when Pete Lau posted a message “Dissatisfied run a X,” on his officla Weibo account.

Though the company confirmed that OnePlus 2 will be the one and only flagship phone for 2015, recent leaks have suggested that there could be an OnePlus X coming soon. It would come with a 5-inch screen along with fingerprint sensor in the rear panel and powered by a Snapdragon 801 processor.

It should also to be noted that the OnePlus 2 would go on sale between 12 pm and 1 pm only on Amazon India today. So, hurry and grab the latest smartphone on the block.


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Microsoft NY Event to Release Lumia 950 Phones With Surface Pro 4?

Word is out that Microsoft has started sending out invites for its Windows 10 event slated for October 6, at Moynihan Station in New York. The event will see high profile launches for the Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL and the Surface Pro 4 tab. In addition, the event will also see release of the much-anticipated Microsoft Band.

About The Launches

Microsoft pro new york eventThe Invite reads: “We have some exciting news to share about Windows 10 devices…” Microsoft is trying to wipe away the poor turnout memories that it saw at IFA Berlin last month. It is now placing all its bets on the Surface Pro 4, given that the preceding model had been a stellar success.

We do not expect the Surface Pro 4 to be hugely different from the Surface Pro 3. From the reports we have gathered so far, it’s also possible that Microsoft will retain the same form factor and charging system as the Pro 3. However, it could enhance the display resolution and start working on a sleeker build. Rumors suggest Microsoft will include an all-new fingerprint scanner on the device. This is something to look forward to.

Microsoft has already declared that the Surface Pro is a hit with buyers. According to fresh buzz, it is expected that Microsoft could release a 14-inch variant of the Surface device as well. Perhaps this is a bid to compete with the iPad Pro from Apple.

The Windows 10 Story

Windows 10 saw a launch two months back and despite roadblocks is steadily climbing popularity charts. The new testing and software runs suggest that Windows 10 has a much better built than the debacle Microsoft 8. It is also working decently across the mobile and tablet platforms besides the standard computer. 

Expect the unexpected

One bouncer that Microsoft could throw at the event is the launch of its Holo Lens that was showcased at the E3 Conference back in June.… Read the rest

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Porsche Showcases Mission E Concept Car

porsche E MissionPorsche released its latest Mission E concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. This vehicle, which is expected to outrun the Tesla, comprises two electric motors and generates 600 horsepower. Porsche has said that this concept render could be available for sale in another 5 years.

Mission E Specifications

This concept car has been designed as a sedan, complete with four seats and four doors. The all-electric car will probably come with 600 HP system power and can zoom from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds.

The battery soaks up 80 percent power within 15 minutes of charge time. With this charge, it would be able to drive for around 400 km, a company release suggests. With a 800 volt drive infrastructure, this car is expected to have a futuristic performance.

Looking Deeper

The cabin in this concept car comes with high-end features such as an eye-tracker and an OLED-curved dashboard display. It also allows the display to adjust depending on the position of the driver’s seat. Better still, the car can even understand the driver’s mood thanks to a camera provided on the rear-view mirror.

What Porsche Says?

Porsche global head of research and development Wolfgang Hatz has admitted that they have been asked why there has been no effort to make an electric car for so long now. As of now, there is no news about the plausible pricing ofthe car. Hatz signed off saying, “The Porsche is always worth its price”.… Read the rest

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Apple iPad Pro And Apple iPad Mini 4 Set To Unveil On September 9 In San Francisco

Apple’s big event, where they launch new products on an yearly basis, will be held on September 9 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. This event is expected to showcase the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Also on the cards are the new generation Apple TV, Apple iPad Pro and Apple iPad Mini 4.

Apple Set To Unveil iPad Pro And iPad Mini 4 On September 9 What’s Up With The iPad Pro?

In the news since 2014, the iPad Pro should be making its debut at the Apple event on 9 September. It is a 12-inch tablet that will run on the OS X. Latest reports even suggest it will come equipped with Force Touch that began with the Apple Watch. A probable split-screen feature could make way with this new tablet. The iPad Pro is expected to be available for shipping from November against October pre orders.

Looking Into The iPad Mini 4

As for the iPad Mini 4 we have heard that it will enjoy a huge hardware leap from what we saw on the iPad Mini 2. Physically, it will be sleeker than the iPad Mini 3 and will come built in with an A-series chip. We also expect a couple of camera sensors and to support split-screen.… Read the rest

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Here’s The Scoop From Samsung’s Unpacked Event: Note 5, Edge+ And Samsung Pay Steal The Show

Samsung has geared up tight against Apple by launching the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 at the Unpacked event in New York. While Samsung has hit bull’s eye with its gigantic phones, Apple is also heading that way. Therefore, Samsung needs to grab all the limelight before Apple does in September with the next iPhone. Unpacked did not just reveal the new flagships but also revealed a new mobile payment system from Samsung, besides a new hardware keyboard add on.

Here’s The Scoop From Samsung’s Unpacked EventThe Note 5 Story

With the new Galaxy Note 5, Samsung dumped its premium leather and polycarbonate at last. The tacky design interface of the previous Note variants is now replaced by glass and metal. The Edge+ reminds us of the Galaxy S6 and comes with a 5.7-inch Quad HD display and the classic Note stylus. The software has received a new update as well, but the Note 5 makes the stylus more interesting. Wait until 21 August, 2015 to get your hands on the handset.

Edge+ Gets Edgier

With the Galaxy Edge+, Samsung offers a biggie version of S6 Edge and packs in a 5.7-inch display. It is done up in glass and metal but the Edge factor has been spruced up. You can use the Edge to access the most popular contacts and recently used applications. This accounts for quicker navigation. The handset will be on the racks starting 21 August, 2015.

Of note is the fact that while the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ have camera specs similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6, users can now stream videos live from camera to YouTube on the new handsets. The streaming speed is expected to be 1080p at 60fps and videos will be eligible for being pushed immediately live.

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Pay With Samsung Now

The biggest surprise was perhaps the release of Samsung Pay that the maker vouches to offer as a way more accessible option than Apple Pay. Samsung Pay makes use of MST and NFC that help beam out a magnetic code, which will function like the magnetic stripe we swipe on all credit or debit cards. Samsung Pay will be compatible with most card readers and for now will be available in USA on Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 from September.

What we can assure you is that Samsung is taking Apple’s iPhone threat seriously enough to dole out innovations on its products never before expected.


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Best Tech Gear Under $100 For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is almost here and you might just be wondering what to get dad for under $100! Well with the rocker techie things available today, why worry much?  Check out these ultra cool gifts under your budget line that will make daddy happy and beaming.

Best Tech Gear Under $100 For Father's DayBose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker- One of the bestest Bluetooth speakers you can get hands on, this model is compact and portable too. More so, it comes from Bose. Run it on battery for close to 8 hours or snip in and drive via its micro- USB.

Fire TV- If daddy is a movie buff, then this device to watch out great Amazon instant movies could fit into your budget and Father’s Day easily.

Seagate Seven Portable Drive- Let your dad store all his movies, music and more! The design is sleek and your dad can carry it easily without ado too.

Sony MDR-7506 Headphones– A wow option for those daddies who like to plug in to movies or con calls. Well under your budget, the sound quality is amazing to say the least.

Logitech Harmony 650– easy on the pocket and easily pocketable too, this remote is inbuilt with macro support. Compact and easy to hook up, dad will love this gift no doubt.

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Why Microsoft Surface 3 should land at Indian shores

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Technical Preview Reveals Spartan And IE 11 Browser, Maker Currently Working On Bugs




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WWDC 2015: How Apple Could Have Up The Game With iOS 9

The hype and craze around Apple’s annual event WWDC 2015 left us with a nice aftertaste. We loved the heightened interface of Siri, the intuitive maps as well as the launch of a steaming music service. It is time to critique what was missing from the developers’ conference. 

iOS 9 features that Apple forgot to mentionFirstly, the new iOS 9 features could have given us better battery life. While Apple did announce a Low Power mode, but it did not tell us that putting the iPhone with the screen down over a surface will save battery as it will not activate the screen despite a notification.

Another cool feature that iOS 9 is set to launch an  app ‘called Move to iOS’ that helps smooth migration from Android to Apple OS. This will mean ease of transferring all stored data such as contacts, messages and all your files.

We also loved the iCloud Drive app that helps you access all stored files from a single place. Apple has come a long way from where it started ages back and now has underlined each of its wares and technology with superb innovations that can prove to be game changers in their own right.

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