Facebook to Introduce ‘Dislike’ Button?

Facebook Dislike buttonMark Zuckerberg has said that when people share sad moments on Facebook, the “Like” button is not a comfortable choice. So the social networking site is all set to introduce the much requested “dislike” button that would allow users to express their opinions better. On Tuesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that after receiving innumerable requests from users, the company has started to work on a “dislike” button, which will be more than just a thumbs down sign.

Express your empathy

Although users have been seeking a “dislike” button for years, programmers worried it would make Facebook a less friendly place. Zuckerberg said, “Not every moment is a good moment, and if you are sharing something that is sad, whether it’s something in current events, like the refugees crisis that touches you, or if a family member passed away, then it may not feel comfortable to like that post.” In all likelihood, he was referring to the heart-wrenching images of an infant Aylan Kurdi, who was washed away by the Aegean Sea earlier this month.

Zuckerberg said with the new button, people will be able to express their empathy instead of just clicking a thumbs up or thumbs down button.

Disapproving your friend’s post?

While Zuckerberg is planning to introduce the “dislike” button to support social causes, there are chances that the new button could lead to increased hatred on the social platform. With the new button, now people would be able to disapprove posts from their friends, resulting in taunts, disapproval and brow beating.

It’s good then if Facebook takes their time to devise a button that does not say “dislike”. Tell us what do you think of having a dislike button? Would you like to have that option?… Read the rest

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Facebook Pays Up For Under-Age Gaffe

Following complaints from a father about his daughter being exposed to “sexual predators at the age of 11”, Facebook has agreed to pay an undisclosed sum. This is an out-of-court settlement as the hearing was due next week. With this, Facebook has had to pay because of their inability to restrict under-aged users from accessing the site.

According to reports, the man has accused the site of exposing his 11-year-old daughter to sexual predators as she uploaded explicit images of herself to contact men from different accounts. The lawyer of the family has accused Facebook of neglecting its “duty of care” whereby they should ensure the age of users before signing them up.

However, the spokesman for Facebook has said that they do not allow users below 13 years to open an account. In case somebody under aged tries to open an account, they remove it as soon as it comes to notice. He did not mention any details related to the case because all parties are bound to maintain confidentiality.

Social networking platforms like LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tumblr and Instagram have also restricted the minimum age of users to 13 years to ensure healthy interactions. However, it is not uncommon to see young users online faking their age. As online companies grow, it should be considered how they can keep the private lives of their users safe.

The father who has sued Facebook is from Ireland. He has preferred to remain anonymous.

 … Read the rest

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Fit Hai Boss! Indian Govt. Launches Own OS

BOSS Indian OSThe Indian government is set to release a new and improved version of BOSS (Bharat Operating System Solutions), a home-grown operating system for use in offices.

Developed by C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing), it has a Linux distribution. Set to be launched this month, the OS was developed in association with Gujarat Technical University, DRDO and some private players.

Indian government portals have faced attacks in the past and this OS is expected to prevent such occurrences. It’s believed that BOSS will be able to overcome vulnerabilities currently present in the government’s cyberspace. The new OS will be able to prevent the exposure of government systems and software to outside parties.

BOSS was initially developed by the National Resource Centre for Free/Open Source Software in 2007. It is a free and open source OS that is expected to replace Microsoft Windows in future. The software was last updated in 2013. However, reports suggest that it has undergone many changes this time round.… Read the rest

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Uber Technologies To Expand To 100 Chinese Cities- Doubles Goal In Three Months Time

Uber Technologies is all set make another expansion in the coming days by entering another 100 cities in China in the coming year. The new announcement on Tuesday, is a clear indication of the fact that the company is doubling their previous goal they had s et three months ago, said Travis Kalanick, the Chief Executive of the U.S. ride-hailing service.

Uber Technologies to expand to 100 Chinese citiesUber claims 30-35 percent market share

According to the reports, presently China unit of the company, which functions in around 20 cities has raised $1.2 billion in the current fund-raising while Didi Kuaidi, the local rival of the company grossed $3 billion. Both the companies are giving tough competition to increase their hold in the market and Uber, which is new entrant in the field already has 30% to 35% of the market share.

During his speech, Kalanick even said that Uber has also adopted the new set of regulations that governs ride-hailing service in the country. Kalanick even highlighted the benefits of the relation between Chinese Internet search leader Baidu and Uber.

During his speech, Kalanick also focused on how their expansion to new Chinese cities can increase job scope or help in building better infrastructure and check pollution or congestion in the roads, which the government always aims at.… Read the rest

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Apple iPad Pro And Apple iPad Mini 4 Set To Unveil On September 9 In San Francisco

Apple’s big event, where they launch new products on an yearly basis, will be held on September 9 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. This event is expected to showcase the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Also on the cards are the new generation Apple TV, Apple iPad Pro and Apple iPad Mini 4.

Apple Set To Unveil iPad Pro And iPad Mini 4 On September 9 What’s Up With The iPad Pro?

In the news since 2014, the iPad Pro should be making its debut at the Apple event on 9 September. It is a 12-inch tablet that will run on the OS X. Latest reports even suggest it will come equipped with Force Touch that began with the Apple Watch. A probable split-screen feature could make way with this new tablet. The iPad Pro is expected to be available for shipping from November against October pre orders.

Looking Into The iPad Mini 4

As for the iPad Mini 4 we have heard that it will enjoy a huge hardware leap from what we saw on the iPad Mini 2. Physically, it will be sleeker than the iPad Mini 3 and will come built in with an A-series chip. We also expect a couple of camera sensors and to support split-screen.… Read the rest

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IFA 2015: Lenovo Launches Yoga Tab 3, Idea Centre, IdeaPad And ThinkPad

Berlin is experiencing some grand moments at the IFA 2015 as tech-giants are unveiling new devices for their fans. After Motorola, another reputed brand, Lenovo launched Yoga Tab 3 devices, Idea Centre, IdeaPad and ThinkPad at the event. Though these formed the major attraction, the Vibe smartphones, viz. Vibe P1m, Vibe P1 and Vibe S1 was also unveiled during the event. This is also not all, Phab series smartphones were also announced by the company during this event.

Lenovo launches  Yoga Tab 3, Idea Centre, IdeaPad and ThinkPad New devices at a glance

 Even though the company unveiled some of its trendiest devices, Lenovo fans will have to wait for some more time to get these on stores. According to the reports, Lenovo Vibe P1m priced at $159 will be available in sale from mid-september, while Lenovo P1 will be on sale from $279 and is priced at $279. Lenovo Vibe S1, which is priced $299 will be on sale from November. However, it will not be made available in North America.

The company also mentioned that the Vibe-series smartphones will be launched only in the countries, where the company has its smartphone market. Smartphones of the Lenovo Phab and Lenovo Phab Plus also would be available in selected countries. Lenovo is known for manufacturing sleek and trendy devices without making quality compromise and the recently unveiled devices are also expected to keep the same trend alive. … Read the rest

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LinkedIn Revamps Messaging And Invitation Feature To Stay Ahead In The Competition

LinkedIn is all set to make a remarkable graphical modification on its site. The business-oriented platform for social-networking, which is often criticized for its limited features has now announced some changes in their messaging service. According to the reports, the inbox will not have a look much similar to instant messaging service rather than email.

 LinkedIn revamps messaging and invitation feature to stay ahead in the competitionImprovisations at a glance

LinkedIn Product Management director, Mark Hull said that they have done everything required from the ground so that users can experience a much streamlined and cleaner appearance of the portal.


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In his blog post, Hull even mentioned about adding “chat-style interface” to allow users in accessing messages at ease. The portal, which was earlier criticized for borrowing features from Twitter and Facebook has now got their desktop interface much similar to the popular messaging app, WhatsApp web.

They have even introduced gif images, stickers and emoji characters for allowing users to carry on their conversations at ease. In an attempt to retain its popularity among the users, the portal has also improved their email and push notifications, as these features are quite useful. The portal has also made some changes in the invitations feature. Now, it will appear within the People you may know tab, making it easier to access. The new features are introduced for desktop as well as mobile users so that there is no hassles in connecting. … Read the rest

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Cisco And Apple Etch A Deal To Ensure Higher iDevice Inception Into Business Mainstream

Cisco and Apple have finally etched a historic partnership in a bid to bring more iPads and iPhones into the business mainstream. Apple is already a well known market leader in the world of gadgets while Cisco is a computer network giant with global popularity. In a joint statement from both titans, we read that Cisco will work towards providing a “fast lane” for apps or devices that run on iOS from Apple.

Cisco and Apple Etch Deal To Ensure Higher iDevice Inception Into Business MainstreamWhat The Deal Could Do?

Apple believes that along with Cisco it could boost businesses using tools equipped with its operating system. This could be a perfect time for such a step since long-dominant Microsoft has been facing threats to its position given that consumers have made their preference for Android and iOS very clear. Cisco has officially said that its networks will see changes for allowing more efficient working. This could contribute to better performance levels.

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What Cisco Says?

John Chambers, executive chairman of Cisco said, “Ninety-five percent of companies in the Fortune 500 count on Cisco collaboration and Cisco networks to help their teams be more productive.”Read the rest

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Google Inc Rejects Allegations Leveled By European Commission; Submits Counter-Statement

After the European Commission alleged charges of antitrust against Google Inc in April, the company has gone ahead and rejected all charges that claim how the latter has been abusing market power. The charges leveled against Google exposed it to the risk of coughing up a heavy fine unless it changed the way it does business.

What Are The Allegations?

To begin with the Commission alleged that Google played up with its search results so asGoogle Inc Rejects Allegations Leveled By European Commission to benefit its own shopping service while causing losses for competitors and customers. However, Kent Walker, the general counsel of Google has blogged that economic data for the last ten years and related documentation prove the competitiveness of Google search. He went on to write, “We believe that the statement of objection’s preliminary conclusions is wrong as a matter of fact, law, and economics.” These comments came at a time when Google submitted a 150-pager report as a counter statement to the charges leveled by the Commission.

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The Penalty Involved

Ricardo Cardoso, spokesperson for the Commission has said that they have received the counter response and has stated that the former will consider the same carefully.   If found guilty Google might have to forego up to 10 per cent of its annual global turnover as penalty to the Commission. … Read the rest

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Faasos Confirms Its Shift To Mobile App-Only, Plans Expansion Across Tier II Cities

Faasos, the popular feast on the run provider is going app only. The online food ordering service claims that its mobile app has resulted in 800,000 downloads already and it is now expecting the figure to touch 1 million in a fortnight.

Faasos has been performing well in its niche and is currently available across 10 major Indian cities. The app alone accounts for 97 per cent of all delivery orders—even in Tier II cities, says Revant Bhate, the company’s marketing head.

The Big Advantages Of App-Only

There are many advantages of the app only model since it adjusts well to the changing menu items as well as speeds up delivery times for orders across its locations. Recently, Faasos has added new items as well as expanded its breakfast delivery services. Lately, it also initiated tea and snack deliveries in Mumbai. This part of the service will soon roll out in Bangalore and Pune.

Reaching Out To More People

As far as spreading its wings to Tier II cites is concerned, Faasos is already targeting Baroda and Indore. Thanks to a solid supply chain model in place coupled with strong distribution and technology, Faasos has hit bull’s eye in terms of revenue earnings. Going app-only is another step to strengthen Faasos’s success story.

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