YouTube Says Don’t Eat the Detergent, Takes Down “The Tide Pod Challenge”

A dangerous stunt called the “Tide Pod Challenge” has gained wide traction on YouTube and other social media platforms.  This has given the detergent manufacturer a bad name. More than 25,000 videos related to the Tide Pod Challenge are available in YouTube. However, the online streaming channel is set to … Read the rest

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Internet Saathi Joins Tata Trusts To Help Rural Indian Women Find Employment Via Internet

In rural India, there is lack of digital access due high level of digital illiteracy. Google led digital initiative called Internet Saathi has expanded after partnering with Tata Trusts. The partnership was dubbed Internet Saathi 2.0 during a recent event held at New Delhi, India. The aim is to support … Read the rest

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Is AI the Cause of Google’s Optimism?

Google Inc. is breaking into the world of hardware manufacturing. The search giant is adopting an approach similar to the likes of Apple and Samsung. Hence Google is now investing in the three biggies of information technology–software, hardware and AI endeavors. With the launch of Pixel 2 mobiles and
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