Twitter Could Have New Platform For Longer Notes

Twitter users often struggle because there are some things that cannot be said in 140 characters. Knowing this need, the social media giant is supposedly designing a new platform that would let people write longer tweets, reports Re/code.

Twitter Rumored to Launch a New Product Allowing Users to Tweet LongerPlans to  increase character count

It seems Twitter executives are busy discussing how the character limit would be measured. They would probably stop considering user handles or links as characters. It will be interesting to see how they even come up with ideas to allow a higher character count without spoiling Twitter’s original feel.

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Why Instagram Took Over Twitter? People Talk
Why Instagram Took Over Twitter? People Talk

Struggling with competition

Twitter is trying hard to keep up with stiff competition and bring in a new user base. This move is probably one of the ways to fight with the situation. Reports suggest that Twitter’s second-quarter average monthly users grew in the most sluggish manner since it went public in 2013.

Nobody is sure how the new product would look like but to keep up with the growing struggle, Twitter must reconsider its character limit strategy.

New ways to develop interest

Twitter has been working on new ways to increase the interest of their users for quite some time now. They want people to spend more time tweeting and even engage in commercial activities.

The micro-blogging site has already removed the limit of 140 characters from its direct messages. It has also declared plans to have people make political donations and buy goods through their tweets. Business pages are being encouraged to advertise on Twitter.

While so many things are being discussed, a spokeswoman of the company declined to comment on any of these.


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GoIbibo Launches GoStays For Budget Accommodations has launched GoStays to list non-branded budget accommodations available in India. They have identified 862 properties in 72 cities, which means about 10,000 rooms will be available everyday across the nation through GoStays.

The company fondly recollected that when it was first launched about 88 hotels were listed on the website for Bengaluru, starting from Rs. 630 to Rs. 3,300.

Standard budget rooms identified by GoStays are free breakfast, Wi-Fi, TV, AC and clean washrooms. Not only that, all bookings would come with a money-back guarantee.

GoStays, A Goibibo InitiativeUsers will be able to rate and review accommodations on the GoStays website. They can also book travel tickets via SeatSeller and redBus. These are sister concerns of Goibibo.

The company is eyeing to create a business model like the Amazon marketplace and hence it would allow other branded budget service providers to enlist themselves here.

More than 7 million people have already downloaded the Goibibo mobile app and the numbers are growing at a pace of 1 million per month. The company proclaims it is the largest hotel listing site in India with a 5x growth in the past year itself.   

A South African media conglomerate company Naspers invested $10 billion in GoIbibo and is a primary owner.


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YouTube Set to Launch Subscription-Based Service

YouTube is all set to launch its subscription-based Video-On-Demand (VoD) service. The company has already emailed all YouTube content owners about their plans, requesting them to acknowledge their agreement by 22 October. For those who do not give their approval, their content would be deleted from YouTube.

YouTube Set to Launch Subscription Based ServiceThe email was first released by Re/code which stated, “To give fans more choice we will be launching a new ads-free version of YouTube, available to fans for a monthly fee. This service will create a new source of revenue over time that supplements your advertising revenue.”

The email also stated, “As you heard in our previous emails, we want to ensure that fans who choose to pay for an ads-free experience can watch all the same videos that are available on the ads-supported experience. That’s why we’re asking you to update your agreement to reflect the updated terms for the ads-free service.”

Sources revealed that the service is expected to start at the end of October. It is also being said that they might bundle two services together in one offer–to upgrade an account to YouTube’s Music Key service launched as beta in 2014 and to watch ads-free videos.

Google is now planning to charge a $10 subscription fee per month to provide both these services, which was the suggested cost of the Music Key service only. However, details regarding how Google is actually planning to make money through this offer is unknown for now.


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Apple CEO Tim Cook Visits Georgetown Store

Apple CEO Tim Cook makes surprise visit to Georgetown storeApple iPhone 6s is out in the stores. To raise cheer, CEO of the company Tim Cook made a surprise visit to the Apple store in Georgetown. Visitors who were at the store at that time say store employees were busy alerting each other. “Focus! Focus! Focus!”, they said. Meanwhile, customers queued outside were busy clicking pictures with Cook.

Although the CEO’s visit to the store came as a surprise for everyone present there, this is not the first time he has done something like that. Apple’s chief executives often make surprise visits to the stores, especially on the day a new phone is launched.

Cook last visited an Apple store in December 2014.

Expect Apple iPhones to sell in millions

This weekend is special for Apple as the company is expecting to sell over one million pieces of iPhone 6s and and iPhone 6s Plus and Cook’s surprise visit may boost the sales further.

While there has been an initial disappointment regarding the high price of the iPhone, it might not affect sales adversely. On day one, most Apple stores stocking the phone saw people lining up in large numbers.

Many users were there to move to an iPhone from Android phones. Apple iPhones have a great hold in the US market and the release of the latest range would establish them further. … Read the rest

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Hit Or Miss: Google Keep Now On iOS App Store

google keep on Apple iOSGoogle has now introduced note taking app Google Keep for the Apple iOS. The app was first introduced way back in March 2013 for web and Android users. It was then brought to Android Wear in 2014. All this while, it was not available for iOS users.

Now, the v1.0.4 version of Google Keep is available for download from the iOS App Store as well. It is compatible with the iOS 8 version and onward. With a size of 28MB, the app doesn’t occupy a lot of space. The only major turn off about this app is that it comes with the Material Design theme of Google, which may not be liked by ardent Apple fans.

One can make notes, lists and record voice reminders using Google Keep. They can even be categorized using labels, types and colors. This app also allows people set reminders based on date and location.

Another interesting feature of this app is that it allows users to share notes with other users in real time. Google Keep for iOS can transliterate voice memos and read the text from a picture to enable people find a note quickly by searching.

Though everything is pretty good about this app, the fact that iOS App Store already has EverNote and OneNote, will pose as a stiff competition for this late arrival. Moreover, the pre-instaled Notes app in iOS also got a major update recently.

We sure hope Google has thought through all the pros and cons of introducing this app on iOS and would have a vision for the prospect of this app on iOS platform that prompted its launch.… Read the rest

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US-Based Accessories Manufacturer Zagg Enters India With Brilyant

US-based mobile accessories manufacturer Zagg has entered the Indian market in association with Brilyant and Croma. Brilyant works with manufacturers to provide country-wide distribution of consumer electronics.

With the help of its new partners in India, Zagg will be introducing a host of products such as audio accessories, power banks, bases, keyboards and screen guards for buyers. These accessories will be available within a price range of Rs. 699 to Rs. 9999. Their products cover a number of phones and tablets.

Strong collaborations

As of now, the company will have 18,000 sale points and their products would be sold by Croma. This association has also come through Brilyant.

Zagg managing director Chris Ahern has great hopes from this venture and said that the company will make a constant endeavor to enhance and elevate the standard of mobile available in India.

Speaking about the success of the deal, Brilyant CEO Suresh Reddy said that they are confident of delivering Zagg products across the country so that it becomes a popular choice in a short span of time.

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Uber Set To Roll Out UberPool For Bengaluru, Other Cities

Uber Taxi Services IndiaUber has announced that they will be launching a carpool service for the Indian market. Named UberPool, a beta testing of this service will be available in Bengaluru in the coming weeks. The cab-hailing company also confirmed that apart from Bengaluru, it will introduce the service to a select number of cities. Globally, UberPool services exist in Paris, Austin, Boston, New York and San Francisco. 

Details Of The Service

With UberPool, commuters will get to share rides to cut down on the cost. The company stated, “Move past car ownership, as taking Uber becomes less expensive than using and maintaining a personal vehicle.”

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Uber in India

Since India is a huge marketplace for Uber, it is focusing on further developments in the country. UberPool works as means to solve commutation issues such as congested road networks and traffic logs that urban cities are prone to.

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Microsoft NY Event to Release Lumia 950 Phones With Surface Pro 4?

Word is out that Microsoft has started sending out invites for its Windows 10 event slated for October 6, at Moynihan Station in New York. The event will see high profile launches for the Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL and the Surface Pro 4 tab. In addition, the event will also see release of the much-anticipated Microsoft Band.

About The Launches

Microsoft pro new york eventThe Invite reads: “We have some exciting news to share about Windows 10 devices…” Microsoft is trying to wipe away the poor turnout memories that it saw at IFA Berlin last month. It is now placing all its bets on the Surface Pro 4, given that the preceding model had been a stellar success.

We do not expect the Surface Pro 4 to be hugely different from the Surface Pro 3. From the reports we have gathered so far, it’s also possible that Microsoft will retain the same form factor and charging system as the Pro 3. However, it could enhance the display resolution and start working on a sleeker build. Rumors suggest Microsoft will include an all-new fingerprint scanner on the device. This is something to look forward to.

Microsoft has already declared that the Surface Pro is a hit with buyers. According to fresh buzz, it is expected that Microsoft could release a 14-inch variant of the Surface device as well. Perhaps this is a bid to compete with the iPad Pro from Apple.

The Windows 10 Story

Windows 10 saw a launch two months back and despite roadblocks is steadily climbing popularity charts. The new testing and software runs suggest that Windows 10 has a much better built than the debacle Microsoft 8. It is also working decently across the mobile and tablet platforms besides the standard computer. 

Expect the unexpected

One bouncer that Microsoft could throw at the event is the launch of its Holo Lens that was showcased at the E3 Conference back in June.… Read the rest

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Facebook Inc To Tie Up With Moat For New 100 Percent In-View Impressions Ad Service

Facebook Inc has announced that it will launch a new “100 percent in-view impressions” based advert service soon. With the new service, advertisers will have to pay once their adverts have been actually scrolled over from the top to the bottom on FB news feed. This service will also enable advertisers to include photos, text, links as well as video-based adverts, Facebook confirmed via a blog post on Thursday.

Facebook Inc To Tie Up With Moat For New 100 Percent InThe collab with moat

Facebook also specified that the service is being worked upon in collaboration with Moat, a company for ad analytics. Moat will help Facebook look into all video ad metrics on its social network. This, in turn, will allow Facebook to provide details on video performance metrics to their advertisers.

Moat to grow bigger

According to Facebook, Moat will also offer metric monitoring for all other ads on their news feed. It will also monitor ads on Instagram at a later stage. A week back, Instagram had allowed advertisers to post ads in a bid to compete with popular platforms such as Snapchat. Facebook had acquired Instagram in 2012 for about $1 billion.Read the rest

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Lenovo IdeaPad Y700-17ISK Comes to India With Gaming Features

Lenovo unveiled the high power IdeaPad Y700-17IS laptop at the Lenovo India Gaming Week in Mumbai for the Indian market. Some of the basic features of this laptop include a quad-core Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor, 1TB 5400rpm hard drive, 128GB solid state drive, 16GB of DDR4 RAM and 17-inch full HD display.

Lenovo  IdeaPad Y700Power packed performance

For an enhanced gaming experience, the laptop comes with an Nvidia GTX 960M video card and 4GB GDDR5 video RAM. This is one of the first laptops to operate on the all-new Windows 10. To justify the hefty price of Rs. 1,25,000, the company claims they want to focus on eSports activities with this laptop. However, the fact that they did a demo with basic games like Counter Strike and Dota 2 does not speak sufficiently about the capabilities of this game.

Average gaming device at a high price

Introducing a high-end laptop that doesn’t seem to have enough features will be a challenge for the company. However, National Product Manager for Consumer Notebooks at Lenovo Hiral Somaiya believes a device like this would improve the overall gaming experience of users and make them familiar with serious gaming.

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