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Yahoo Editor-in-Chief Jai Singh Quits, Restructuring On The Way?

marissa_mayer_yahoo restructuring

A lot has happened at Yahoo over the last two days. After Henrique De Castro was fired as COO at Yahoo, resources suggest that Editor-in-chief Jai Singh has also quit the company. As Castro was fired by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, it is being said that there is a restructuring going on within the company and both acquittals are a result of that. Singh’s exit could be a part of the same move. According to a memo sent out by Mayer to her office, Yahoo’s head of marketing Kathy Savitt is likely to take over the editorial position.  These developments come close on the next Yahoo earnings call. While analysts are hopeful that search revenues will increase with Mayer at the helm, one doesn’t know how the recent developments in management turmoil will bode for her.

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Netflix Gears Up For Glory With Original Marco Polo Series By Weinstein Co

Latest buzz reveals that a Netflix original drama would be produced by the Weinstein Company with The Adventures of Marco Polo. The new drama assures to unveil with a different genre of martial arts, sexual conspiracies and impressive battles in the drama. The Adventures of Marco Polo would be retold and enacted in the drama. The latest Netflix drama series would have Harvey Weinstein as the producer and Joachim Ronning, Espen Sandberg and Dan Minahan as the directors. The Netflix drama series is yet to be titled and it would be released across all Netflix’s international territories later in this year. The drama would be set during the time of 13th Century with a Chinese backdrop in the middle of a brutal war. The war will double as a hotbed oodles of martial arts, political conspiracies, betrayal and much more. Ronning and Sandberg would also be directing the show with [+more]

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Google Buys Nest For Smart Thermostat Home Solutions At $3.2 billion

google buys nest thermostat

Search giant Google has acquired Nest, which is a smart thermostat company founded by Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers. The company develops solutions that make life easier at home. They have successfully developed thermostats that have the ability to save energy. They are also already offering smoke/CO alarms.  Interestingly, Fadell is a former employee of Apple and currently works for Google. The duo founded Nest in 2010 and they will work with Google post the acquisition as well. In a statement, Google CEO Larry Page has said, “Nest’s founders, Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, have built a tremendous team that we are excited to welcome into the Google family.” 

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One Photo Leak And Google Nexus 4 Price Slash Later, Google Nexus 5 To Release On October 15

Samsung Galaxy S5 Vs LG G2 Vs Google Nexus 5: The Better Choice

As weeks pass by, prices of Google Nexus are scaling down. Prices of the LG-made Nexus 4 smartphone went down on Google Play some time back. Now, prices of Nexus 4 16 GB have also come down to 250$. The Google Nexus 5 is now expected to release soon with October 15 as its launch date. Purported to release on October 15, Google Nexus 5 has generated a lot of interest among users. Said to be a next generation phone, Nexus 5 smartphone is likely to come with an Android 4.4 KitKat along with latest notification widgets. Images of the phone were leaked online recently on PhoneScoop. With so much interest being shown in the phone, the price of GOogle Nexus 5 is sure to be interest. A simultaneous fall in prices of Google Nexus 4 would help to make way for the launch of this new phone. In fact, [+more]

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Google’s Sergey Brin Involved In A Love Life: What’s In Store?

Sergey Brin affair, amanda rosenberg affair

Popular Google co-founder Sergey Brin is well known as a philanthropist along with his wife of the past 6 years, Amanda Rosenberg. However, recent events have cast a dark cloud over the couple that looked ready to take the mantel from erstwhile tech lords of the world, Bill and his wife Melinda Gates. Sergey Brin has reportedly been involved in an extra marital affair with an employee 13 years his junior. Reports state that Brin and his wife have split and they had been growing apart for weeks. Consider this though – Wojiciki’s sister Susan first introduced Brin to her. Also, she rented out her garage to Brin and the co-founder of Google Larry Page and was the 16th employee of the company that now has thousands. She is now the Senior VP of Product Management and Engineering. Due to the nature of work at Google, employees work, eat and [+more]

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AOL’s Armstrong Issues Apology for Firing Patch Employee Lenz

aol chief tim armstrong

AOL chief executive Tim Armstrong apologized to his entire staff for firing an employee in public. He sent out a letter to the employees, which was obtained by a leading newspaper. In this letter, the executive “I am writing you to acknowledge the mistake I made last Friday during the Patch all-hands meeting when I publicly fired Abel Lenz. It was an emotional response at the start of a difficult discussion dealing with many people’s careers and livelihoods.” He was speaking to employees regarding one of AOL’s news services Patch and preparing them for the imminent troubles and layoffs facing the company. He is heard to have reprimanded Abel Lenz, Patch’s creative director and told him “you’re fired”. This entire event has been recorded and circulated in the media  The company is expected to announce their layoffs some time this week.

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Google has found the Easiest to Use Internet TV, Chromecast.

Easter Eggs: What is Google Planning, Google Doodle on Easter Monday

Google has been trying to get into TVs for years and has come up with seemingly the most elegant and the easiest to use internet TV, Chromecast . Instead of going the smart TV way, think Apple TV or Roku – Google has decided to use the TV as just a display screen, not a computer. Chromecast at a glance: A USB sized wireless receiver, all Chromecast does is pull video from the internet or even content from a laptop or PC – and then displays it on HDTVs. What this means for a consumer is that they don’t need to splurge on a smart TV because all the computing is done on the network cloud or by external devices. A smart phone, tablet or laptop acts the remote control, another elegant solution! This has two major benefits – Firstly, Chromecast is cheap because it doesn’t require any extra processing [+more]

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Is Microsoft Dead? Even Microsoft Surface Pro Could Not Save its Face…

Microsoft’s stocks hit a new low this Friday after the unimpressive quarterly earnings reported by the company spokesmen. Microsoft announced a write-off of almost $1 billion (USD) for all units that remained unsold, particularly the Surface RT tablets. Critics have already started speculating that  Microsoft is heading towards a complete shutdown and that the tech giant will slowly be a victim of obsolete technology and slow growth. In the year’s quarter, net income of Microsoft plummeted by almost a third. The 2013 fiscal year for Microsoft ended with $77 billion in liquid cash. Keeping aside the debt of the tech company, Microsoft still has around $60 billion in its cash reserves. Experts claim that there is no reason to panic as Microsoft stocks have been closing at higher points for many months. However, the warning signals are clearly evident. Dipping sales of the PC computers, harsh criticism for its Windows [+more]

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Microsoft Surface RT vs Apple iPad 4 Trailer : The Loss of $900 Million Can Take Microsoft To Any Extent,

For years, big firms in the tech world are aiming at one another with commercials that compare the devices. From 2006-2009, Apple ran a trailer under ‘Get a Mac’ campaign, highlighting why Mac was superior to Microsoft’s Windows PCs. In reply, Microsoft also ran anti-iPad commercials, focusing on iPad’s shortcomings. However, following a loss of whooping $900 million, Microsoft has now rolled out a latest Surface RT vs. iPad commercial, with focus on its Surface RT’s features and low price. Using Siri to point out things it can’t do, the ad kick starts with the Surface RT’s built-in stand, which iPad doesn’t have. It follows showing the USB port in the Surface RT, which lacks in iPad. The ad also shows Microsoft’s device getting into the Surface Touch Cover, with Siri acting in response saying, “Oh snap, you have a real keyboard too?” However, Microsoft hasn’t pointed at the keyboard’s [+more]

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Going forward: Will Apple make way for a cost effective iPhone 6

Apple being a leading manufacturer of classy smartphones, iPads and many more gadgets, always remains under the limelight. Speculations are high until the day of time about what and when regarding the next. Now, the rumors are again soaring for the looks of the next iPhone. The new iPhone 5S with plastic backs, gold trim and a possible redesign cannot be denied as Apple is expected to follow the success of colorful iPod for its cheaper versions too. The leaked pictures online also confirm the reports of curved plastic back with gold trimmed buttons for the iPhone mini. While most signs indicate about a release of cheaper colorful iPhone, there are hopes that Apple might come out with a bigger phablet-sized iPhone 6 along with the cheap iPhone 5s. Apple is quite optimistic on minimizing fragmentation, and a knock at screen size a single year after the introduction of the [+more]

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