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Marissa Mayer Hires Ken Goldman As The Company’s Chief Financial Officer


Trying to keep its struggling business together, Yahoo! Inc made an announcement of appointing Ken Goldman as the company’s new Chief Financial Officer. Marissa Mayer hired Goldman to replace Tim Morse, who joined the firm in 2009. Morse will depart from the company later this fall. However, details or reasons regarding his departure remain undisclosed. Starting in effect October 22, Goldman will take over the responsibility for global finance functions including financial planning and analysis, controllership, tax, treasury, and investor relations. His appointment with Yahoo! marks the first time he has joined a publicly traded company since the 1990s. According to a statement by Goldman, he said, “Yahoo is an iconic brand with an incredibly strong business model and balance sheet.” Earlier, Goldman held the post of chief financial officer at Fortinet Inc, which deals in offering computer-network security. Before that, he was the senior vice president of finance and administration and [+more]

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“The Fight Broke Out Due To Personal Disputes In Dormitory of Foxconn”: Xinhua News Agency

Foxconn 2

Around 2,000 workers at the employee dormitory of Foxconn Technology went into a brawl, forcing the company to shut down its operations in the northern Chinese city of Taiyuan. Foxconn deals in assembling electronics for some of the top electronics companies including Apple. Following the fight, around 40 people were admitted to the hospital. As reported in Xinhua News Agency, the fight broke out due to the personal dispute between workers from the Shandong province and those from the Henan province. The authorities at the Taiyuan sent around 5,000 police personnel to restore the order. The fight started at 11 p.m. and was brought under control by 3 a.m by the police officials. The plant stayed closed for investigation on Monday. Some reports also indicate that the workers were fighting with factory guards, who had beaten one or more workers; however, that is not confirmed as yet. On being asked to comment, [+more]

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Sony Turns to Playstation 3 Sales for Profits

Sony PS3

After a weak sale of their handhelds, Sony is now depending on their PlayStation 3 game consoles to make money for its game unit in the year to March. The company is worried because they were depending on the sale of handhelds to return the company to profitability. Sony’s new CEO Kazuo Hirai has said that growing sales in games, digital cameras, smartphones and tablets, along with new businesses such as medical equipment, will help the consumer electronics company return to profit as it draws back from money-losing TVs. “I think we will be profitable this year,” Andrew House, the executive in charge of Sony’s gaming unit told Reuters in an interview on the sidelines of the Tokyo Game Show on Thursday. “We have a growing installed base, growing connectivity of the PS3.” He did not comment when asked if his division will be able to enhance on the 29 billion [+more]

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Wi-Fi Bug in Apple iOS 6 Displeases Users

iOS 6

Apple is again in news, but this time it’s not hullabaloo about its latest iPhone 5, but about some reportedly Wi-Fi bug in the latest software by the firm iOS 6. As Apple customers all over the world upgraded their devices to iOS 6, they got a mixed taste of pleasure with displeasure. There have been lots of complaints going around on the web, saying that once users launched and installed the latest iOS 6 on their devices, it refused to connect to the Wi-Fi. There is a long thread of complaints on the discussion board at the Apple site, where users have grumbled about the failed system. Here is the link- The basic pattern of complaints seems to be simple. Once users install the software on their devices, the Wi-Fi works all right at first, but then eventually it gets disabled. Users tried to get it connected again, but then [+more]

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What a Cool Boss! Marissa Mayer Giving iPhone5 and Nokia Lumia 920 to All Yahoo! Employees

marissa mayer

Showing how much creating a cool professional environment is important to her, Marissa Mayer, CEO, Yahoo!, along with free lunch and an office makeover has now announced giving each and every employee a choice of picking up either an iPhone 5, or Android smartphone including Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X, HTC EVO 4G LTE or Windows Phone 8- a Nokia Lumia 920. As a part of the ‘Yahoo! Smart Phones, Smart Fun!’ program, Mayer clearly is hitting at making Yahoo! the most enjoyable place to work. Don’t we all wish we were at Yahoo!. Making her staff happy and giving them a morale boost, Mayer initiated this program only for employees based in the US. Not only making these latest handsets up for grabs, Mayer also said that their bills would be footed by Yahoo!. With this plan, Mayer wants her employees to better focus on the company’s efforts on [+more]

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Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Confesses Hacking a Firm’s Email Server for Job

Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter had a confession to make on the stage at the Techonomy Detroit. Dorsey surprised everyone when he revealed hacking into the email system of the world’s largest dispatch company to get a job. The 35-year old entrepreneur said, “I was in college, and I really wanted to go into the dispatch industry.” Dorsey said he grew up loving cities and loving maps, which converted into a fascination with dispatch software. He also said that some of his open source software for taxi companies is still in use. As he found no contact information on the website of a dispatch company in New York, where he wanted to get a job, he said he hacked into it. “So I found a hole in their web server and found their corporate emails. I emailed their chairman, told him there was a security hole, and said here’s how to fix [+more]

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An Anonymous Hacker Group’s Claim: “GoDaddy’s Service Outage Was Our Doing”

godaddy1, one of the largest web hosting service providers in the world, experienced an outage in services for nearly six hours on Monday, affecting a section of its over 10 million customers. Its customers experienced frequent outages, which the hosting company claims was caused by an internal network error. Even as hacker group Anonymous claimed that this disruption in GoDaddy’s services was its doing, the company’s spokesperson maintained that this was only due to a technical glitch, and was not due to a hacking attack. A supporter of Anonymous had claimed via Twitter that he was responsible for GoDaddy’s services being affected, as a result of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. This hacker even posted the supposed source code of a website called Pastebin, from GoDaddy. However, this was proven to be incorrect as that code was identified as having appeared on an online software forum sometime back. [+more]

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China Mobile Won’t Carry Apple’s iPhone 5


Earlier there were speculations that Apple’s next-gen iPhone or iPhone 5 will be launched with support for China Mobile. China Mobile is the world’s largest mobile carrier. But now there are rumors that it is not likely that China Mobile will support it. As per a report by The Next Web: Employees at China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile operator, have indicated that the carrier is unlikely to sell Apple’s upcoming iPhone, Sina Tech reports. The publication spoke to a number of workers at the provincial and city level who said they had heard nothing about Apple’s next-generation iPhone being released on China Mobile. China Mobile currently serves more than 650 million mobile subscribers. And if rumors are to be true, China Mobile will be the only telco in China, which will officially not carry the iPhone. It is believed that this decision was taken due to the iPhone’s lack [+more]

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VirusTotal: Google’s Latest Acquisition


Looks like Google is finally waking up to the increasing concern that is security. VirusTotal, a firm that deals with security, happens to be Google’s latest buy in the market, according to a blog announcement. VirusTotal is a free service that lets users scan their computers for malware without going through the hassle of installing a tool into their system. All a user need to do is to feed in the URL or share the file on the company website and “Scan it” to assess how secure the content is. Sounds simple, but is a big help to users online, especially as more and more online threats come to light. This acquisition may have cost millions of dollars to Google, but gives them a foot in the door into the field of web security. It also helps that these companies were already partners before the formal acquisition. Even though Google [+more]

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Does Microsoft Service Agreement Update Bother You?


In a new service agreement sent by Microsoft to users via e-mail, the company, it seems can now share a user’s data with all of its cloud-based services. According to this latest update, users now have no choice to decide how their data is used for each service. This latest change by Microsoft is somewhat same as Google+, which treats all Google services as one. The agreement is quite easy to read. See and read what Microsoft has upgraded and written here: So will this change impact user’s privacy rights? Yes, quite possibly. This revamped service agreement means that Microsoft can now apply data from user’s Outlook or Hotmail, SkyDrive, or Office account and use it in combination with other online service such as the Bing search engine. It seems that this change can offer a better and improved usage experience to users as it takes the guess-work away [+more]

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