A Blessing in Device!

What is Google Family Link?

If there was anything online companies should have learnt in 2018, it is that security of the society should come first. We’re hoping that 2019 sees a lot of changes amidst online giants and their ecosystems because the end user continues to blindly rely on … Read the rest

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6 Ways in Which Technology Has Changed the Way We Travel

The world is on the move….and more than ever and unlike before! People are not just travelling to holiday, but flying continents to explore work opportunities as well.

A latest report from WORLD TOURISM ORAGANISATION states that by 2030 more than 8.5 billion people across the globe will be taking … Read the rest

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JLab Audio Flex Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

“Champions keep playing until they get it right”, Billie Jean King is absolutely right. And champions also keep playing their favorite track while doing right.

JLab Audio introduced an amazing pair of wireless headphones. Purchasing headphones isn’t a big deal but when it comes to JLab Audio Flex Sport Wireless … Read the rest

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