Though with great reviews, amazing value, high on specifications, and the latest version of Android without bloating- Nexus 5 is rising high the success.

Nexus 5 is prone to Google testing for almost everything. The most recent is the Google Experience Launcher, which was formerly a bugged variant of Android 4.4.0 as well as 4.4.1. This reportedly means that it will feature several issues and problems more often, while Google will fix them.

Nexus 5 bug explained

Recently, Reddit discovered a bug that occurs while playing a video when you record it on Nexus 5. As per the picture, the bug was first found in November, but not much has been said about it.

It appears that when you record a video on the Nexus 5,  it gets noisy and the users hear a hissing background noise when it is completely silent. Some believe that this could be due to the noise cancelling microphone attachment of the device. Some others blame the codes used in the device to suppress already recorded videos.

Some people rumoured that the volume of the noise was affected by the environment, which renders credibility to noise cancellation bug theory. If this is the problem, then it will get fixed via OTA Google update.

The Google quality control has another bug and this proves to be a big dent in the marketing of the device.