Use of Laptop Leads to Chronic Physical Problems- Survey

Use of Laptop Leads to Chronic Physical Problems

It seems that the most essential thing for today’s youth is the biggest cause of their pain. Yes! You guessed it right, Laptop it is. Doctors are implying that the main reason behind neck and lower back pain suffered by youngsters and professionals these days is the use of laptop for long hours on a regular basis. Dr. H.S. Chhabra of Indian Spinal Injuries Center said, “Unlike desktops, the laptops have both the keyboard and the monitor attached to each other. You have to slouch to use it while sitting on bed. Many people keep it on the lap but even that causes lower back pain.” He also said that about 15% of the total patients visiting their center in a month are students or young professionals suffering from chronic neck or lower back pain due to poor posture. A survey conducted by Dr. Shankar Acharya, co-chairman of spinal surgery [+more]

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Microsoft Announces Latest Skype Beta That Comes With Windows 10 Mobile Compatibility


As a surprise, Microsoft has launched a beta version for the new messaging application for Skype on Windows 10 Mobile devices. The latest app is directed towards replacement of the stock messaging client that is currently available on handsets running on Windows 10 Mobile. It will offer both video call and messaging features to users. The new universal Skype app is significant of the new route Microsoft is treading as well as Skype’s new approach. This is seen as justified given that it now wants to rank among the topmost texting and IP calling services on a global scale. What’s New With Skype Now? Skype now offers texting, IM, emoticon as well as call support all at once to users. Of course, you need to be signed in using a Microsoft account.  The latest Skype Messaging, Calling and Video ‘Preview’ integrates specific features of Skype into your Phone apps to ensure [+more]

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Dell Plans To Lend Support For Start Ups In India; Also Plans Expansion In Indian Market

Dell Plans To Lend Support For Start Ups In India

Dell, has gone on air stating that it will now extend support to new Indian startups since the latter have begun to offer ideas that are innovative and can change the way the world is today. Dell has proposed to offer technological support and also assistance across the avenues of scaling, capital as well as seeding according to the needs of the entrepreneurial venture, confirmed Michael Dell, its chief executive. He also praised the variety in the startup scene in India while also mentioning how the climate in this niche has changed over the last half decade.  Dell’s Start Up Inclination  The chief executive recently met few Bengaluru startups such as InMobi and has already appreciated these firms for the “amazing work.” Dell has also stated that while it could invest in start-ups in the coming years, it will not venture into manufacturing smartphones anytime soon. When quizzed why, Dell [+more]

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IFA 2015: Lenovo Launches ThinkPad Yoga 260

Lenovo Launches ThinkPad Yoga 260 At IFA

Windows devices are finally coming into the big league thanks to Lenovo. The maker announced launch of its latest array of Windows 10 based laptops as well as desktops for the B, E, M and S series at IFA, Berlin in Germany on Wednesday. The laptop variants that saw revelation are ThinkPad Yoga 260, IdeaPad 100S, the IdeaPad 300,  IdeaPad 500,  Idea IdeaPad 300, IdeaPad 500 and Lenovo’s Miix 700 devices. Also, up for availability in the retail marts soon are the IdeaCentre desktops and the Yoga Tab 3 Android tab. Dissecting The ThinkPad Yoga 260             We chose to dissect the ThinkPad Yoga 260 that is causing buzz with its LTE capability. The classic stand, tend and normal modes are still available on this Yoga baby.   Read More: With a 12.5-incher display, users can choose a full HD or a FHD option when it comes to screen res. Powering the entrails of the [+more]

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India To Get 10 Green Supercomputers


India is all set to get a great boost in the field of technology as 10 green supercomputers would be installed in the country in a course of 3 years. The new computers will not only give a significant boost to the computing performance but also will make a sharp reduction on the power consumption, said a Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) scientist. Computers to be launched in phases Confirming the news to IANS, the  associate director and head of the High Performance Computing, C-DAC, Pune, Sanjay Wandhekar said that they have plans for installing at least five to ten supercomputers in this year and the rest would be introduced in phases in the the coming three years. According to the reports, the supercomputer machines planned for installation in the coming days are developed under the National Supercomputing Mission worth Rs. 4,500 crores. Being a crucial mission for [+more]

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Windows 10 Secret Start Menu Enhances User Friendliness

Windows 10 Secret menu to enhance user-friendliness and reduce time

Windows 10 is now out in the market and has successfully retained its pre-launch hype. The new operating system of Microsoft has earned positive response from users, thanks to its unique Start Menu. The new Start Menu is not just convenient to find and use, it offer several hidden functions for enhanced user-friendliness. Secret Start Menu at a glance By now, many of you know that the new operating system can be used in touchscreen mode as well. Users who want to operate the device in touchscreen mode just need to tap and hold the Start button for one or two seconds to make it functional. Apart from the touchscreen mode, the shortcut menu also has some secrets that comes handy for many of the users. By using this menu, users can directly go to the tool they want without going through multiple menus. Whether you want to access the [+more]

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