When it comes to the management of device launches and revelation of awaited information –Apple certainly scores over Samsung.

Lack of in depth information regarding the much awaited features and attributes of the recently released Samsung Galaxy S4, has failed to satiate the curiosity of media watchers and users waiting to get their hand on this widely acclaimed smart phone. Well, we really do not want to get you talking about the features of your favorite brands or undertake their comparative study. We simply want to bring the limelight on the effective way in which Apple Inc. handles its product launches.

Well, Apple certain goes all out for the kill in its device releases. Right from oozing out minor details about the product in the initial phase to letting go of more refined and mainstream information in the next stage—Apple manages to build up the much needed hype around its gadget, which continues until the day of the launch. Leaving you wanting for more.

It goes without saying that Samsung has disappointed many of its fans in the US with its new Galaxy S phone launch affair in New York. Despite best efforts, the company left behind several questions in the minds of those waiting for more information on the product.

Be it the release date for the Galaxy 4 or its price—we are still guessing.