So here’s something to cheer about, for all e-bookworms. Kobo’s Instant Reader is a great app that lets you browse, shop and read e-books on your Google Chrome browser. Available for download on the Chrome Web Store, it gives you direct access to your Kobo account through the browser and even lets you read your favorite e-books when you are offline or have no internet connectivity. It’s like having a virtual library available to you on your PC which you can go to whenever you wish to read, no matter where you are.

Kobo Instant Reader gives you access to millions of books in the Kobo Store collection, including new releases and bestsellers at great prices and even numerous free books for your reading pleasure. With Kobo Store, you no longer need to spend time waiting in long queues to bill out your books – just pick up a new book online as soon as you are done with one, in just a few seconds, and continue your reading spree. Another great feature of the Kobo Instant Reader is that it even offers previews of first chapters for select books, letting you try out books to see if you might get hooked on to a book before you make the investment. After all, it’s just money down the drain if judge the book only by its cover and get shortchanged after a purchase.

With Kobo’s Instant Reader, pick up books from the Kobo Store and store them on your device so that you can read them offline too, as per your convenience. No longer do you need to worry about losing connectivity, especially when traveling, and having that interrupt your page-turning experience. The best part about Kobo Instant Reader is that it lets you synchronize your library across all your Kobo apps that you have installed on your various devices. So pick up from where you left off, as you switch between devices, and carry your bookmarks and books wherever you go.

Highly customizable, Kobo’s Instant Reader lets you choose the size and style of text that you find convenient to read, and even has the option of switching to Night Mode that lets you read effortlessly even in low light conditions. You no longer need to worry about keeping your partner awake by leaving the reading lamps on when in bed.

Three simple steps to getting Kobo Instant Reader on your Google Chrome browser:

  1. Find Kobo Instant Reader app on the Chrome Web Store
  2. Launch the app by clicking on the icon
  3. After launching, the Kobo Instant Reader app will automatically feature in your Google Chrome tabs

And now, your virtual library is all set and only a click away. So install it on your Chrome and escape into the world of books.