One of the most useful functions of a tablet is that you can use it as an e-book reader and carry around a virtual library with you, wherever you go. If you’re browsing the stores looking for a decent tablet that can double up as your e-book reader, read on to know if the Kindle Fire HD or the Kobo Arc are worth investing in.

Both these tablets are quite affordable and give you a decent display, WiFi connectivity and a nice amount of storage space. So you can browse the net, play games, watch videos and do more with either of these devices, in addition to using it to read your e-books.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD has a 7-inch screen with an HD LCD having a resolution of 1280X800 pixels and lets you videos at 720p resolution. There’s a 16 GB and a 32 GB model available and there’s free cloud storage from Amazon also with the Kindle Fire HD. The tablet is powered by a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM and runs on Android 4.0. A 1.3 MP front-facing camera lets you make video calls, while the battery promises a life of at least 11 hours on a single charge.

Kobo’s Arc has a slightly better 1.5 GHz dual-core processor with 1 GB of RAM, and also runs on Android 4.0. In terms of resolution, it’s similar to the Kindle Fire HD’s 1280X800 pixel one, but it comes with 3 storage options – 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB. And you can view videos at resolution up to 1280X800 pixels too. The battery offers 10 hours of continuous usage.

Both these tablets start at around $199 for the 16 GB model, and Kobo’s got over 2.5 million e-books, newspapers and magazines to offer, while Amazon’s got just over 1.2 million e-books on offer.