Internet security is crucially important. With the world turning digital and all communications happening over the internet, it is of prime importance that we take our internet security seriously. Without secure internet protection, you leave yourself open to be a victim of fraud, theft and even property damage. It gives hackers a chance to phish through your system and steal credible data. Thus, there is a need to safeguard your privacy and protect your system against any threat.

Online market is flooded with several internet security packs to make sure you are able to protect your internet and your system from potential theft. To help you make the right choice, we will compare the two best trusted Internet security – Kaspersky Internet Security vs. Quick Heal Internet Security

Which is Better: – Kaspersky Internet Security vs. Quick Heal Internet Security

To decide which internet security is best, it is important to understand the features of both – Kaspersky Internet Security and Quick Heal Internet Security. 

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Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security works with three-layer defense engine to not only guard your data but also your device. This internet security pack not only blocks common threats like viruses and malware, but is also efficient in safeguarding your system from spy apps, crypto lockers& XSS attacks.

The three main features of Kaspersky Internet Security:

  • Proactive detection –  It instantly works to identify and locate a device’s vulnerabilities & threats
  • Real-time protection –Kaspersky instantly blocks cyber threats
  • Instant neutralization –It is known to isolate& remove potential dangers to make sureconfidential data doesn’t land in the wrong hands

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Kaspersky internet security is super reliable. It is a three-in-one protection, i.e., anti-hacking, anti-malware and antivirus. The multi-level protection system is built to prevent hackers from scrambling into your devices & exploiting your data for unethical gain. Not only that, it also offers Safe Money Browser to encrypt your online payments & transactions along with:

When it comes to Kaspersky Internet Security vs. Quick Heal Internet Security, installation and the ease in usage is also an important criterion. Kaspersky serves as one license that covers all your devices, including laptop, tablet and desktop. The easy to install system can easily protect up to 10 of your Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices in any combination.

Get your hands on complete protection Kaspersky Total Security.

Quick Heal Internet Security

Quick Heal Internet Security

Quick Heal is another reputed internet security system used by people from all across the globe.  It is trusted for offering robust identity protection for your PC along with internet security and secure online banking as well.  Backed up by Behaviour Detection Technology, Quick Heal is designed to not only provides protection against critical attacks, but also instantly block unknown ransomware attacks in real time.  It works 24X7 to scan your files, documents, and system folders for malware or virus.

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Features of Quick Heal Internet Security

  • Privacy protection – Cutting edge security solutions against privacy breaches
  • Protection tools – Tailor made security tools to track stolen PC
  • PC performance – Enhanced PC performance and faster system processes
  • Browser sandbox – Serves as a shield between your PC’s operating system and malicious download

Along with Safe mode protection, unlike the Kaspersky Internet Security, Quick Heal provides PC2MMobile Scan. It allows users to scan and clean their mobile device using their PC. All you have to do is, connect your device to your PC, search for it, and successfully clean detected malware infections. PC2Mobile Scan works well on Windows, Android, iOS and Symbian devices. It also provides USB protection and Smart Scan Engine to ensure no malware is able to make its way in to your PC.

Download Quick Heal Software here.

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The main difference between Kaspersky Internet Security vs. Quick Heal Internet Security is that the latter allows you to monitor Internet browsing of your children and restrict them from visiting unwanted websites.  It also protects your financial data during online banking and shopping. At the end, it is a personal choice as both are equally good with several amazing features and its own advantages. Both internet security system -Kaspersky Internet Security and Quick Heal offer free trials for you to test the software before purchasing. Do try them and then make the final choice.