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Kapil Sibal Raises Curtain over Aakash 2 Tablet PC

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As a measure of outstanding achievement by the Indian Government, Union Minister Kapil Sibal has finally unveiled the superbly affordable Aakash 2 Tablet PC at the IIT Mumbai campus. An improved version of the Aakash Tablet PC, the Aakash 2 tablet has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the next generation. A faster processor, capacitive touch screen and higher batter life are some of the changes that have been incorporated into the new avatar of the Aakash Tab.

Aakash 2 comes with an 800 MHz processor that is far more powerful than the 366 MHz processer used in the first version of the tablet. Some of the other notable changes that have been incorporated in the new version are a capacitive screen that replaces the erstwhile resistive touch screen, a 3,200 mAh battery in place of the previous 2,000mAh has, and not to forget the fact that the new version is expected to provide a minimum three hours of battery backup.

The biggest highlight of the new tablet is its low price. The Aakash 2 Tablet has been priced at just Rs. 2,263. This is again a lesser price from the original Aakash which was priced at Rs. 2,276. If the price attracts you and you wish grab one right away, then here’s some news you would care about–Aakash 2 Tablets are only available for engineering students across the country after the first stage of its launch.

The project for launching Aakash 2 was taken away from IIT-Jodhpur and given to IIT-Bombay three months back. The reason? The public spat between IIT-Jodhpur and Datawind, following which the project was handed over to IIT-B by the Indian government.

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As per reports, IIT-B has already developed apps for the ultra low-cost tablet and is more likely to add some more within a short span of time. IIT-B has also been given responsibility for procuring and distributing the Aakash tablets. Therefore, if all goes as per plan, the first batch of Aakash 2 tablet shall be handed over to engineering students by December end. However, only as many as 250 engineering students can have access to these low cost PCs for now.


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