Saturday, December 2, 2023

The Secret Of HTC Bringing Up Its Signature Phone HTC One Against Samsung Galaxy S4

They say if you don’t have a winning strategy, learn what your competition is doing right and tweak yours that way. Looks like that is going to be HTC’s plan for 2013. HTC didn’t manage to make too much of an impression in the Android market last year with its One X and One X+ handsets, which eventually just ended up confusing the consumers.

It started 2012 with the launch of its first flagship, the One X, which didn’t end up gaining much popularity mostly due to its inadequate 1800 mAh battery and dual-core processor. And shortly after its launch, HTC followed it up with an upgraded flagship, the One X+, which launched about 8 months later. The One X+ with its quad-core processor and bigger battery surely had good specs, but HTC loyalists who picked up the One X ended up feeling letdown, stuck with a more obsolete flagship.

Fortunately, HTC has realized the wisdom of its ways and decided to keep just one flagship for this year. So those of you who find the HTC One appealing enough can go ahead and pick it up without worrying about being shortchanged. It’s what Samsung did with the Galaxy S3 and look how well that worked out for the company. But will the HTC One do the same for HTC, especially with the like of Sony Xperia Z and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4?

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