The Apple has ripened earlier than you thought. We have news from reliable sources that the iPad 5 is set to arrive in all grandeur this June 18. And come June 27—you could get to visualize the iPad 5 releasing for the consumer market.

To add fuel to this rumor is a set of internet images of iPad 5 cases in pastel shades doing the rounds. At a time when I almost forget to bite on the Apple with Samsung Galaxy Grand and Sony Xperia Z cajoling me to double date, the iPad 5 might just make me go back to my first love Apple. With a super large screen in 9.7 inches and a tines and trim look, the iPad 5 could be the winning card to enhance Apple’s stakes. The sheen I catch emanating from the upcoming iPad hints at aluminum on its rear.

The blog post that leaked the June date goes, “The upcoming iPad 5 (green mould) which won’t even be announced until a media event on the 18th June.  If you’re wondering when the iPad 5 is also set for sale, then you’ve visited the right place. The iPad 5 is set to go on sale on the 27th June, just 9 days after the big media event.”