final fantasy XivBelow we have the Top 10 tips for the latest Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. These tips are from professional gamers & their experiences while playing both the early access and the beta and hope that they can give you an edge and answer some of your questions from the game.

  1. Don’t walk to a FATE that is too far away, it’ll be completed by the time you get there. If it isn’t completed, then odds are there won’t be enough people around for it go fast. Only run to a FATE if you know that you’ll get there in time to participate, especially around launch
  2. Upgrade your gear from vendors at lower levels. The quests will even force you to
  3. The settings menu can really help improve the experience of the game if you’re lagging. The default for me was “Laptop High” which was good for our basic system. You might want to fiddle with it if the game is jumpy.
  4. Yeah you’ll be in town for the first bit; the real fun happens after all of the intro quests
  5. One can’t skip the opening cut-scene right now, but you shouldn’t have to remake your character much. Feel free to alt-tab out, it’ll run in the background.
  6. Avoid biting off more than you can chew. Too many enemies will spell certain doom outside of a group
  7. The game works with a PS3 controller, but you have to use third-party software to get it to work. We don’t personally think it’s worth it.
  8. You can equip skills from other classes; you gain one cross-class skill slot every 5 levels (for a total of 10). You can equip any skill you’ve learned from another class that isn’t specifically cross-class restricted.
  9. You get your Chocobo around level 20. The quest “Buried Truth” the objects are on top of the bone structure and the other two are down the bone ramp on top of the hill
  10. Strength is melee damage and block / parry amount; Dexterity is block / party chance and ranged damage; Vitality is health; Intelligence is attack magic and Mind is healing magic & Piety is maximum MP.

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