Ashley Madison HackingTechnology pioneer John McAfee is a cyber security mastermind even though he does not own McAfee company any  more. As a cyber security expert, he has recently pointed out in a post on the International Business Times that the Ashley Madison hacking was the job of an employee. In fact, he goes on to elaborate that it was a lone woman employee.

In the post, he says that the data was stolen by a woman who was working on her own. He elaborates that it was am ex-employee of Avid Life Media that runs extramarital dating website website was open to security breach and 33 million accounts were stolen from the website.

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McAfee has been reading the data released by Ashley Madison so far and has come to the conclusion that it was a single person’s job; that it was an insider’s job; and he says it was a ‘woman’.

Apart from his expertise, he has based these conclusions on the wording of the manifestos and the hacker’s knowledge of how the data was stored.

You can read what he thinks here.