google maps pokemon april foo's dayGoogle could not wait to pull a prank till the Fool’s Day on 1st April this year and started a bit early with its plan. On 31st March itself, the maps division of the company has announced a new job opening through a video, which is of the Pokémon master.

Google has developed “the most rigorous test known to man”, Pokémon Challenge, to find out the best Pokémon master on the face of the earth. The challenge is to catch all the hidden Pokémon in different locations of Google Maps added in the latest version. Thus, you ought to have the newest version of this application. There is a total of 150 Pokémon to be found out within 2 P.M. PDT of 2 April 2014.

As shown in the video, people who can uncover all the Pokémon before the deadline would be invited to participate in the last round of hiring to Googleplex. The lucky winner would be offered to join the job on 1st September, 2014 as Pokémon Master.

This is an offer that anybody and everybody would be interested in. But sadly enough this is definitely a prank as it seems Pokémon Master is too good to be a job position. If you still want proof, check the heartbreaking disclaimer of the video that says, “the role of Pokémon master is not yet available”.

Even though it is supposedly a hoax, you will definitely enjoy hunting Pokémon. Google’s idea of letting you catch up with your lighter side surely calls for appreciation towards it.