JLab Audio Flex Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


“Champions keep playing until they get it right”, Billie Jean King is absolutely right. And champions also keep playing their favorite track while doing right.

JLab Audio introduced an amazing pair of wireless headphones. Purchasing headphones isn’t a big deal but when it comes to JLab Audio Flex Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones,  you want to re-think. According to JLab Audio, the headphones are made with an athleticviewpoint and blessed with 20-hour battery life.

If you’re a gymaholicpersonor into some running sport then these headphones are the suitable option for you.

Flex Sport Wireless Headphones give 20 hours of listening time and comes in custom fit adjustable tension headband. There are three fitting preferences in it — loose, normal and tight. The headphones not only provide you quality output but also take care of your comfort. You can twist the headband 180 degrees without fear of breaking. There are three different equalizer settings in the headphone, signature, balance, and bass boost modes. You can operate them without installing an individual app.

JLab Audio has also added a security feature in it. The feature is known as ‘Be Aware Audio’, which allows your ears to catch your favorite track and natural ambient noise at the similar time. The headphones control your sounds volume so you can hear things around you such as traffic noise and car horns etc. You can also turn off this feature at the gym or while running. With the help of built-in controls and integrated microphone, you can also attend your calls.

Why get JLabFlex Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones?

  • Headphones’ microphoneis capable of activating the digital assistants of Google and Apple
  • Contains feature called ‘Be Aware Audio’
  • Universal controls for volume
  • Bluetooth 4.2, 40 mm drivers with built-in microphone.

JLab Audio Flex Sport wireless Bluetooth headphones grip two-year warranty. If you want to experience the sound quality and features of these amazing pair, navigate to the official website of JLab.